What Are Your Favorite Things to Do at Disney California Adventure Park?

Heather Hust Rivera

by , Vice President, Consumer Products

Since we launched the Blog, we’ve taken you behind the scenes to see what’s going on during the expansion at Disney California Adventure park. We’ve also shared a series of videos hosted by Eddie who shows us how these changes are bringing more Disney into the park and giving you even more ways to enjoy your visit.

Eddie is back today with another fun video. He’s joined by Mary Niven, Vice President of Disney California Adventure park. Together, they walk through the park and explore some of the exciting attractions that are keeping guests busy while we continue with the expansion.

What are your five favorite things to do at Disney California Adventure park?


  • My five favorite things to do at Disney California Adventure park are Tower of Terror, Soarin over California, California Screamin, Toy Story Mania and World of Color

  • My 5 favorite things to do at Disney California Adventure:

    1) Tower of Terror – One of the best themed rides and there are some fantastic cast members there that keep the creepiness of the atmosphere going!

    2) Watching the rafters on Grizzly River Run – While I love riding Grizzly River Run, I actually love watching the rafters and seeing the fun their having and listening to all the screams from unexpectedly getting wet by a rogue gyser. Plus, Grizzly Peak is one of my favorite Disney icons and I can’t get enough of looking at it!

    3) Getting my picture with Jessie in Paradise Pier – My first magical moment at Disney California Adventure involved a fun visit with Jessie and then going on Toy Story Midway Mania! and hearing Jessie’s theme song “When She Loved Me.” Everything just tied together so well and I even got weepy. Now, I make it a point to visit Jessie whenever I’m there.

    4) Breakfast at Pacific Wharf Cafe – I love walking in at opening and going directly to the Pacific Wharf Cafe where I can relaxingly sit and have a very reasonably priced breakfast and watch the guests come in.

    5) Listening to the new soundtrack of Paradise Pier – I love walking throughout Paradise Pier with its new soundtrack of 1920s swing and west coast ragtime. It used to be painful to endure the old soundtrack. This new soundtrack makes me feel like I’m in another place and another time!

  • Tower of Terror, California Screamin, It’s Tough to be a Bug, Toy Story Mania, and I cannot wait to see World of Color at DCA. I am also glad that the revamp of the park is happening!

  • It used to be watching my daughter play in the water when you first enter Bugs Land, but that area is gone 🙁
    So now it’s Turtle Talk, Playhouse Disney, Little Bear play area, Fliks wild ride, and Monsters, Inc.

  • Lets see. Top 5

    1. Heimlich’s Chew-Chew Train! It may be the shortest ride ever built but who doesn’t love little, or should i say big Heimlich?? I absolutely feel like a young child when ever i see him.
    2. GRR! Love getting wet, especially on days when people are too cold to do so! Easy on!
    3. Toy Story Mania! I always want to see if i can one up my relatives and heighten my score.
    4. Soarin! From the orange sent to the pines, its a marvelous ride that is surely not to miss status.
    5. Tower of Terror! Scary yet immersive at the same time. The attention to detail and added bonus of TZ allusions make it one of the coolest rides at the park.

  • Toy Story Midway Mania, Tower of Terror, Screamin, Blue Sky Cellar, Mission Tortilla Factory

  • My 5 favorites are easy. #1 Grizzly River Run, #2 California Screamin’, #3 Tower of Terror, #4 Toy Story, #5 World of Color…. California Adventure has quickly become a family favorite!!!!

  • Only 5? I have more than that on my list! Soarin’ over California, Toy Story Mania, California Screamin’, Tower of Terror, Grizzy River Run (when it is warm enough to want to get wet), and when we get a little tired of standing in line: Aladdin, Turtle Talk with Crush, Animation (learn to draw characters), Monsters, Inc., and Mickey’s Fun Wheel. To end the day World of Color. I do hope that eventually the Electrical Lights Parade will return! Either park would be nice. Maybe take it back to Disneyland!

  • We love Tower of Terror,the animation dept.,California Screamin for sure,The winery rest. is awesome on the way to see World of Color,and Alladin the musical!!Oh and my daughter Lindsey loves playing the games on the Boardwalk,as she always walks with an armful of stuffed animals!!

  • I love HTT Then out to Toy Story Mania over to Soarin’ Take the grand children to Redwood Trails then repeat.

  • Definitely World of Color, Toy Story Midway Mania, Tower of Terror, the Boudin Sourdough Bakery, and the Animation Studios

  • 1. Animation Building
    2. California Screamin’
    3. Toy Story Midway Mania
    4. World Of Color
    5. Monsters Inc.

  • Fun! We need more videos with Eddie, and it’s great to see Mary Niven out and about in the park.

    I have many favorite things I like to do at DCA. Hard to list just 5!

    I like catching a show at Aladdin. Walking through Paradise Pier and the new Silly Symphony Swings patio. The Winery and Pacific Wharf areas are great places to get something to eat. I enjoy the Blue Sky Cellar and looking at all the new additions coming soon… And of course, World of Color and elecTRONica are must-sees at night!

  • 1. World of Color
    2. Screamin
    3. Aladdin Musical
    4. Drawn to the magic (No Longer showing)
    5. grizzly rapids.

    I have a suggestion for Imagineers for Drawn to the magic, since I’ve heard many disneypark fans love Drawn…, I was wondering if the Imagineers could add the show to the Animation building in their own theater?

  • 1. World of Color
    2. California Screamin

  • Tough to just pick 5 because Disney California Adventure has so much to do! but if I must pick:

    1. Ride Toy Story
    2. Ride Tower of Terror
    3. Ride California Screamin
    4. Have lunch or dinner with the Princesses at Ariel’s Grotto
    5. Watch World of Color


  • 1) The Fact that it is not all based for little kids. This park offers way more fast attractions for me than Disneyland does. I also appreciated the fact that it felt like you were not at disney, while you were. It had the perfect blend of a non disney park and a disney park.
    2) World of Color. I actually saw it a couple weeks ago and going again on Sunday…. It is amazing! I had a great time and it fit Paradise Pier. Also, please do not move World of Color to other parks. It should be exclusive to DCA.
    3)California Scremain’….. it is the best roller coaster and has everything on it: loops, accelerated starts, and drops.
    4) Soarin…. No explanation needed.
    5) Eating clam chowder from Pacific Warf Cafe. Always hits the spot 🙂

  • #15 – Here’s my list of 5 favorites:

    1. Toy Story Midway Mania – I love beating my hubby’s score!!
    2. Monsters Inc. – More fun than the original Superstar Limo
    3. Mission Tortilla Factory – We enjoy a nice, warm, fresh tortilla!
    4. Soarin’ Over California
    5. Tower of Terror

    We always do #’s 1-3 and sometimes do 4 & 5, but they’re still my favorites.

    I really wish DCA still had the dining options they originally had, like the Vineyard Room by Mondavi, Avalon Cove by Wolfgang Puck and Soap Opera Bistro! We haven’t tried the re-vamped Wine Country Tratoria yet and we tried Ariel’s Grotto, when it was first changed from AC, but we weren’t excited by their food or their prices. We’re hoping the new restaurant in Cars Land will be good.

    And here’s one favorite that doesn’t happen very often, but we try to do it as often as we can (insert drum roll here!) – Meeting up with Heather and the Disney Blog people for the special events!! Thanks Heather!! You guys are doing a great job!!

  • Only one, because there are more than five. So I will choose the one I refused to go on for years. I have despised drop rides since the first one I went on. Do not drop me, I will not enjoy it. Malibu Boomer, parachute drops… forget it. So the Hollywood Hotel, Twilight Zone themed, Tower of Terror was a favorite of my wife and daughter, and while they went on it, I went to the Ink and Paint store.

    Then, we needed to visit guest services. While getting our issue resolved, the cast member began talking to us about the Tower of Terror. Somehow she knew I was a childhood fan of the original Twilight Zone. She spoke of the actual show props: the broken pair of glasses, the stopwatch, the devil-headed fortune telling machines, the spaceman puppets, the radio, the wall marked and sounding with the voice from Little Girl Lost… “go through the line, opt out at the elevator… see the real and replicated stuff.”

    So we went in, I looked around the lobby. I asked questions. Cast members were free enough to show me obscure stuff. I went through the line, and was in the upper cue that got to be next to the chalk-marked wall. We got to the elevator and I got on. I wrapped everything up, put a strap on my glasses like I wear on Space Mountain, and held on for dear life.

    It’s now my favorite ride at DCA.

  • 1.-Soarin’ the best!!!
    2- turtle talk
    3- tower of terror
    4- getting wet and everything bugs land.
    5- the electrical parade (no longer there)

    my hubby loves mullholand madness

  • 1.Grizzle River Run
    2.Soaring over California
    3.Toy Story
    4.Apple Pie Ala Mode Caramel Apples
    5.Tower of Terror

  • Top 5 for DCA in no particular order:
    -Tower of Terror
    -Midway Mania
    -World of Color

  • 1. Electronica! (huge TRON fan)
    2. World of Color (with TRON )
    3. Tower of Terror
    5. Cal. Screamin
    and yes there is a 6th!! The Food!!!

  • Hands down my favorite thing in DCA is the Animation Building lobby…I could spend hours on end just soaking it all in.

    [watches the video] HOLY SMOKES! Mickey climbed Grizzly Peak!!! When did that happen?!?!

  • 1. ElecTRONica
    2. ElecTRONica
    3. ElecTRONica
    4. ElecTRONica

    5. Mission Tortilla Factory

  • 1. Hearing the Miner ’49ers play anytime
    2. Aladdin, the Musical (sitting in the center rear of the Mezzanine because it provides the best view of the spectacle, great sound, and loge seating as well)
    3. Soaring over California (any seat except the ones on the farthest edges because of slight vertigo when watching the movie from there)
    4. Toy Story Midway Mania (single rider, when available)
    5. Grizzly River Run (fast pass, especially on a hot day)

  • 1. World of Color
    2. Screamin
    3. Aladdin the Musical
    4. Muppets 3D
    5. Tough to be a bug

  • wow!! my top 5 (well, 6) – are the exact same as mary’s. but i’d like to add a #7 – animation academy. i LOVE LOVE LOVE all of these rides and attractions. and the dining options are fantastic and world-class!

  • Our family favorites in order:

    Soaring Over California especially the view of the US Navy in San Diego!
    Toy Story Mania my wife’s absolute fav!!
    California Screamin which our daughters really love!!!
    Aladdin Musical which we all enjoy and will miss when it’s gone!!!!
    Tower of Terror which we all have to get our nerve up for!!!!!

    Finally, and I know this is number six, we all miss Golden Dreams and really hope a small venue can be found for it in Disneyland or DCA. It is a wonderful piece of California history and so well done!!

  • It’s been a few years since I was there, but here is my list from that time: Disney Animation, Twilight Zone: Tower of Terror, Disney’s Electrical Parade, and Muppet*Vision (yeah, it’s only four)

    Going over to the Disney Animation building is a perfect way to start a trip to the resort. Being surrounded by scenes and music from the films really gets me in an appreciative Disneyish headspace. And the Tower of Terror has such incredible theming that I don’t mind it being a drop ride, which I otherwise wouldn’t touch with a 100 metre pole. In fact it’s so good that it actually got me interested in the original Twilight Zone TV show!

    I think the thing I’m looking most forward to with all the rennovations is the new theming. I’m a sucker for good theming because I it’s the overarching experience that makes the Disney parks mroe than just a collection of rides. It’ll be great to have the park be a real microcosom of romantic Californiana.


  • California Adventure has been just that; a work in progress and getting better all the time. My 5 favorite things to do are: Soarin’over California, Toy Story Mania, The Aladdin Show, World of Color, and of course browsing the shops.

  • 1. Aladin
    2. Aladin
    3. Aladin
    4. Aladin
    5. Aladin
    6. Aladin

  • 1. Drawn to the Magic
    2. Aladdin
    3. Soaring
    4. Muppets
    5. HSM
    With Drawn to the Magic gone there are fewer places to listen to live performances of Disney music.

  • 1. Bringing new family/friends into the park. such as 2008 party of 8.
    2. Soaring (same party)
    3. Drawn to the magic
    4. California Screamin
    5. Hollywood tower

  • 1) Just about everything in the Hollywood Pictures Backlot (Muppets, Monsters Inc., Disney Animation, etc.)
    2) Everything in A Bugs’ Land (It’s Tough to Be a Bug, Flik’s Fun Fair, etc.)
    3) Toy Story Midway Mania
    4) Soarin’
    5) The characters, live entertainment and overall atmosphere

  • Disney Animation has been my favorite by far. I love walking in and being surrounded by all the films playing and I LOVE the Disney music playing.

  • 1. Screamin
    2. Soarin
    3. Grizzley
    4. Aladdin Musical
    5. Tower of Terror

  • 1. GlowFest
    2. ElecTRONica

  • 1. GlowFest – LOVE, LOVE, LOVE watching guests dancing on the projection screen
    2. ElecTRONica – even though the area feels a bit cramped compared to GlowFest. My son loves Flynn’s.
    3. Screamin’
    4. Tower of Terror
    5. Toy Story Midway Mania

  • Spending time with my grandson Jeremiah, first and formost. But we both love Sorin’ Over California, then World of Color. He can’t get enough of the Grizzly Ride, then the only place I have truly enjoyed something to eat is at the place where they make the sour dough bread and we love the chedder broccoli soup.

  • When we visit California Adventure our top five things to do are
    1. Monsters Inc.
    2. Toy Story Mania
    3. Bugs Life
    4. Soarin
    5. Screamin
    We have added the World of Color show when we can get the FastPass.
    We were able to see it last month when we purchased picnic lunches. That whole deal was awesome!!

  • My top five?

    1 Grizzly River Run
    2 Tower of Terror
    3 California Screamin’
    4 Mickey’s Fun Wheel – the most terrifying Disney ride!
    5 Toy Story Midway Mania

    Very excited about all the changes – especially Carsland and The Little Mermaid. I think the new street and trolley cars will be awesome too. Can’t wait to come back and see it all.

  • Hi Heather…hard one…everything is so much fun in Disney’s Calif. Adv. Park !

    1. Tower of Terror
    2. Toy Story Mania
    3. Turtle Talk w/ Crush
    4. Soaring
    5. World of Color

  • California screamin, soarin over california, Tower of terror, Toy story are my favorite rides. I have to say that the Maliboomer was one of my favorite rides and I’m disappointed that it is leaving. I am also wondering why the Mullholland madness is being changed.

  • My hubby & I always enjoy the Soaring Over Calif. ride; We now are delighted to have Dinner at the Wine Country Trattoria so we may enjoy the World of Color Show! Another ‘must do’ is the Toy Story Mania…Well worth a ‘fun’ line!..Later, when the Electric Light Parade is there, we always get ice cream at ‘Burrrr bank’ & sit BEHIND the ice creamery to comfortably watch the parade….Our most ‘dangerous’ stop is the ‘Off the Page’ store…We should be Disney shareholders my now…:) 🙂

  • 1. World of color
    2. Tower of Terror
    3. Soarin over california.
    4. Imaginary
    5. Toy Story Mania.
    thats way hard to choose.. the first two are in the correct order.. but it was really hard to choose the last ones . i love california adventure.

  • my favorite is world of color , i never see some beautiful show in the world for my is the best,,,,,

  • 1. Soarin’over California
    2. Animation Academy
    3. World of Color (for very special reasons)
    4. Toy Story Mania (for the same reason)
    5. anything with my family 8:)

  • 1) Off The Page – I can spend hours here, I love how much fun it is as well as how calming it can be to sit in the main room with all the screens.

    2) Tower of Terror – Love love love it.

    3) Wine Country – I very much enjoy drinking some wine and watching the people walk by. Its a good break.

    4) Paradise Pier – This is where I dart at the beginning of the day and the end. My favorite place.

    5) Grizzly Rapids! – My first experience with this ride was that I could not stop laughing, sooooo much fun.

  • 1. The Animation Studios & Turtle Talk with Crush
    2. World of Color
    3. Glowfest
    4. Tower of Terror
    5. The extra character interactions

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