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Where at Disney Parks Can You Find… Nov. 1, 2010

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Parks

Red Arrow

I’ve veered left many a times because of this week’s mystery image. And if you have too, well, identifying it and its location will be a snap. Is this a gimme? Let us know where the red arrow can be found and where it’s pointing. Please put your answers in the comments and we’ll update the post with the answer later today.

Red Arrow Points to the Wildlife Express Train at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park

That’s right, the red arrow points to the Wildlife Express Train at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park. You ride this train between Harambe Africa and Rafiki’s Planet Watch and get a behind-the-scenes peek at animal housing and care areas. A round-trip journey is 1.2 miles and trains leave every 5-7 minutes.

Also, you may not have known this but the three engines and two sets of cars belonging to the Wildlife Express line were built in 1997 only a few miles from William Shakespeare’s cottage in Stratford-on-Avon by the model-railroad firm of Severn Lamb, Ltd., at Alchester, England.

So, is this a “must do” during visits to Disney’s Animal Kingdom? Please let us know your top two or three favorite things to do at the park in the comments below.


  • Will there be a mystery image this week??

  • I love Animal Kingdom more with each visit. Some things I have to do each visit are 1) Kali River Rapids-The queue is great, so much detail. I then go over and eat at the outdoor Yak and Yeti.
    2) Expedition Everest-queue museum also so full of detail and authentic Nepalese objects. I then get in the single rider just to ride the coaster a few times more.
    3) I went to Rafikis Planet watch for the first time last visit and really enjoyed it. I almost went last year but the cast member told me it was for kids. I am an adult male. Let me tell you that it is enjoyable for adults too as well as educational. I will definately go back next visit.
    I am looking foward to trying the new Safari expedition that is being offered also.

  • Definitely have to say Kilimanjaro Safari’s, Expedition Everest, and Festival of the Lion King!

  • This particular ride is a great family adventure. Too many families miss the interaction you can have on rafiki’s planet. I would especially advise it for families visiting with youngster’s.As for my favorite at AK it is the traditional Mt Everest, but should then go on to explore the true beauty of this park……..

  • Top favorite things… hmmm…
    Finding Nemo the Musical
    Festival of the Lion King
    Expedition Everest
    I really love Animal Kingdom more each time we go to WDW!

  • “Top two or three favorite things to do at the park”:
    Festival of the Lion King
    Finding Nemo the Musical

  • My friend’s dad, Bob Harpur, was one of the Imagineers that spent time in Stratford-Upon-Avon supervising their construction. I believe one of the locomotives is named after him, with a slight twist…R. Bobba Harpoor.

  • I believe that it’s near the Adventureland entrance, pointing to the entrance of the Women’s Bathroom, or… in Adventureland, pointing towards Indiana Jones Adventure Outpost or the Adventureland Bazaar.

  • it is the arrow that points you in the right direction for the line…. like in Animal Kingdom after you come back with your fastpass….for a ride….the arrow tells you which way to go…

  • I think it is pointing to a bathroom. 😀 I follow those arrows. I think it is Magic Kingdom lol

  • I’m going to go with AK as well…pretty sure its not from MK, Epcot or DHS. I’m thinking leading to Dino Land, USA.

  • At first I thought it must be somewhere in Animal Kingdom but am now guessing it’s a sign in the line of the Jungle Cruise?

  • It’s not an arrow. It’s a red house that fainted.

  • the sign pointing to the train service in harambe, africa!

  • I think it is the FAST PASS arrow!

  • Is it on one of the trails at Animal Kingdom?

  • animal kingdom, everest expedition

  • My first thought was Mt Everest, But I cant actually picture it… Maybe its one of the trails, or the Safari… Either way I am pretty sure its at AK!

  • Muppet Vision at the Studios?

  • That reminds me of the Expedition Everest queue, though that’s just a guess.

  • Pangani Forest Trail?

  • It points to Expedition Everest’s queue line

  • My guess is it’s In Disney World… Since I have never been there that will have to suffice

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