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Where at Disney Parks Can You Find… Nov. 16, 2010

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Parks

Where at Disney Parks Can You Find This Footprint?

Who or what did that? The purple print is this week’s mystery image in need of an ID. But wait, not so fast. It may not be in the park you think it is. Take a good look and give us your best guess where to find it. Please put your answers in the comments and we’ll update the post with the answer later today.

Kermit the Frog Statue at Disney's Hollywood Studios

You got it. The purple print can be found around the large Kermit the Frog statue at Disney’s Hollywood Studios theme park. And Animal has been there – around the entrance of the gift shop. It’s a location near the Muppet Vision 3-D attraction featuring your favorite characters, including Animal, Rizzo, Gonzo and Fozzy Bear. So, how’d you do this week?

Kermit the Frog Statue at Disney's Hollywood Studios


  • That’s a-ni-mal’s doing! Over at the “Muppet-vision 3D” experience in Hollywood studios. 🙂

  • Why is it always WDW and not Disneyland? Us californians want to guess too. :o)

  • I wanna say that its Stitch and some where in Animal Kingdom but Im torn between that and Animal at Muppet’s 3D in Hollywood. I know Im def gonna look for it when I come at the end of May beginning of June!

  • I see Donald (maybe).

  • Its Animal… because right beside the pillar there is some paint that says “Animal was here”

    • Correct…good eye.

  • 100% sure its at the Muppet Stuff store… right on the corner pillar there is some spilled purple paint, and this print. I think its Gonzo…

  • Stitches Great Escape- Magic Kingdom

  • i think it’s mickey’s glove

  • I want to say Rifiki at the animal kingdom

  • That’s Animal’s decorating job on the outside of the Muppet (Stuff) Store at Hollywood Studios.

  • I also think it is Stitch’s pawprint, but not in the park. Maybe at the kennels at Magic Kingdom or Animal Kingdom.

  • I also think it is Stich’s Paw Print but not on the inside of the parks. It is in the front of the park at Magic Kingdom or Animal Kingdom kennels.

  • I will agree with Janelle- this is Stitch’s pawprint, just don’t know where…

  • I would have to say Magic Kingdom…

  • Ok, that is hard…
    I think it is at Disney Hollywood Studios.

    • Yes, this week’s image is tricky but you still got it.

  • Muppet vision 3-D

    • In the right area. Thanks, Jacob.

  • Teacups at Magic Kingdom?

  • Holly Wood Studios….Animal Did It!

  • I believe it is Disney Hollywood Studios on the base of a statue along side an entrace to a store you see when exiting Muppet vision 3-D. I think it was made by Gonzo.

    • Nice guess. That’s the location.

  • I’m going to take a wild guess and say this is from Figment.

  • my guess would be somewhere in the animal kingdom!

  • Is it Epcot?

  • I know its Stitch’s paw print, so I think its in MK at Stitch’s Great Escape. But I don’t know where the white wall is. Maybe its inside the gift shop…

  • Animal Kingdom?

  • I have no clue!

  • Maybe the Muppets statue in Hollywood Studios that Animal terrorized?

    • You nailed it, Theresa. Great job.

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