Celebrating Walt’s Birthday

George Savvas

by , Director, Public Relations, Disneyland Resort

Walt Disney was born on this day in 1901.

A Rare Photo of Walt in 1957 as He Celebrated the Second Anniversary of the Opening of Disneyland Park

To mark the occasion, I’m sharing a rare 1957 photo of Walt as he celebrated a special milestone: the second anniversary of the opening of his beloved Disneyland park. I hope you enjoy it. Thanks for taking a moment to remember the man who started it all.


  • All your dreams can come true if you have the courage to pursue them. Walt Disney. Still an inspiration.

  • He believed as long as you work hard in bleieving in your dreams, then certianly can come true, I love all the classics Walt had overlooked until his death, one thing to add is many people say I’m like Walt, fuuny because I was bonr on Dec 15 thr day he had died.

  • You guys should make a post about Walt’s tie clip. Tell us what and where it represents! Show pictures!

  • Mary from Santa Barbara, CA

    Happy Birthday Walt Disney…you are truly missed!!! Everytime I get on Main St at Disneyland. I always look up at the window of the Fire House and see the light on and I thank Lilly for being so loving and supportive to her family and especially her amazing husband. Then I always do a little pray to Walt and asking for his blessing on guiding my family and I for another great expereince at the Happiest Place On Earth.

  • H.B. W.D.!♥☺

  • Happy Birthday to Mr. Walt Disney! You continue to be an inspiration to what this country is all about! Use your imagination and old fashioned teamwork to make great things possible. Our family would love to send prayers and heartfelt gratitude to all of your extended family as they celebrate the memories of a such a great human being and family man! Thanks for sharing so much of him with all of us.

    And thanks to all the talented and hardworking Disney Bloggers! This is an awesome site! Keep up the great work! You are all so appreciated!

  • Happy Birthday Walt! Thank you so much for creating and fulfilling your dream. You have given us so many magical moments and treasures. You’ll always be with us!

  • Happy Birthday Walt. Thank You for not be being afraid of failure. You inspire us.

  • Walt is the inspiration for my son who wants to be a rollercoaster engineer when he grows up. He is only 9 and has been saying this since he was 3. Thank you Walt for all the joy you bring us.

  • Happy Birthday in Heaven, Walt Disney. Whenever I visit Disneyland, before leaving at night, I look up at that light in the apartment window above the firehouse and thank this wonderful man for all he and his brother did for the world.

  • I am so thankful that Walt had the vision and courage to experiment, explore, and build. He gave so many of us never-ending magical moments. Happy Birthday Walt!!

  • Happy Birthday Walt! If only the rest of us could give a present as magical as the gift you’ve given us all!

  • Happy birthday to an amazing man!! Thank you for all the GREAT memories we have had with friends and family at Disneyland. WE LOVE YOU!!! Vernon and JoAnn

  • Happy Birthday Walt. You have been and always will be with us.

  • My Dad use to work at Disneyland when it furst open and he use to drive the train that went around the park. I saw my Dad talking to this very tall man was waving at everyone and when the train started to move and we got close to this tall man that is when it hit me that it was Walt Disney.

  • Such a talented and wonderful human being. I’m so thankful he was a dreamer!

  • Happy Birthday to my all time hero, Mr. Walt Disney. I thank God for this man and the joy he has brought into my life. The world is a happier place simply because he existed.

  • Happy Birthday, Walt! Thank you for the magic you created for all of us!!!

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