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Colors of Christmas at Magic Kingdom

American Flag and Christmas Tree in Town Square at Walt Disney World

I was standing in Town Square at Magic Kingdom this week, taking in the wonderful sights and sounds of the holiday season. I was drawn to Old Glory, flapping briskly in the breeze, creating a protective frame for the magnificent 65′ tall tree that anchors Town Square throughout the holiday season. What a dramatic combination of colors…

Toy Solider in Town Square at Walt Disney World

Throughout Town Square stands a small brigade of brightly painted soldiers. I wondered about the history of these whimsical fellows, and was able to contact Steven Vagnini, Archivist at the Walt Disney Archives, who was quick to explain:

“Indeed, the marching toy soldiers were inspired by those seen in the 1961 Disney musical, ‘Babes in Toyland.’ In the film, the toy-sized soldiers were given the illusion of life through stop-motion animation by Disney Legends X. Atencio and Bill Justice. Life-size versions of the soldiers first appeared in Disneyland in the 1960’s and have become a Disney Parks tradition ever since.”

Happy Holidays to everyone!


  • I am using the Flag/Xmas Tree as my Screen Saver!! Great Pic

  • I LOVE the Wooden Soldiers!!! They are my all time fave for a
    Disney Xmas!!!

  • Wonderful photos!!!! I especially love the flag and tree picture.

  • The toy soldiers are the best! They were my favorite part of Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmastime Parade! I love the in-sync clacking of the wooden shoes on the ground.

  • I AGREE! Big Fig Toy Soldier for me! Toy Soldier is my absolute FAVORITE of all WDW! I love to see them in the Christmas parade!

  • Thanks for sharing! Always been a favorite decoration of mine!

  • PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make a Big Fig soldier. The small “army” of them under the Magic Kingdom Christmas tree is awesome. The soldiers were my Mom’s favorite and it is now always the best part of Christmas in the Magic Kingdom. When I see them coming down the street, my heart swells with holiday joy! Please – consider a Big Fig – it would be quite popular I assure you! Thank you and Happy Holidays!

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