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Creativity & Whimsy Await Disney Cruise Line Guests Aboard the Disney Dream

Jonathan Frontado

by , Public Relations Director, Disney Cruise Line, Adventures by Disney and Disney Vacation Club

Last week I took you inside the Disney Dream for an exclusive look at some of the areas you asked to see aboard our newest ship, which is nearing completion in Germany.

Today I’ve got more terrific photos that show a small sample of the creativity and fun Disney Cruise Line guests will discover on every deck. These are a few of the spaces you asked to see in recent blog comments so keep the requests coming and we’ll do our best to deliver.

Recognize this familiar face? Eye do!

Mike Wazowski from the Disney∙Pixar film “Monsters, Inc.”

It’s Mike Wazowski from the Disney∙Pixar film “Monsters, Inc.” He’s got a starring role in Monsters Academy, an interactive space for kids inside Disney’s Oceaneer Club on Deck 5.

The wisecracking monster reminds me that much of the Disney Dream still requires hard hats as workers continue putting the finishing touches on the ship’s 14 decks. Fortunately, photographers in hard hats have been there too, chronicling the day-by-day progress that brings us closer to her maiden voyage from Florida early next year.

'Andy's Room' Aboard the Disney Dream 'Pixie Hollow' Aboard the Disney Dream Walt Disney Theatre Aboard the Disney Dream Buena Vista Theatre Aboard the Disney Dream
Elegantly Decorated Public Areas Aboard the Disney Dream Elegantly Decorated Public Areas Aboard the Disney Dream Elegantly Decorated Public Areas Aboard the Disney Dream Palo Restaurant Aboard the Disney Dream

Today’s photos include sneak peeks at Andy’s Room and Pixie Hollow, two of the other fun spaces awaiting children ages 3 to 10 in Disney’s Oceaneer Club, and a glimpse inside the magnificent Walt Disney Theatre, which will present the brand-new musical “Disney’s Believe,” along with “The Golden Mickeys” and “Villains Tonight!”

Rounding out today’s gallery are pictures of the Buena Vista Theatre, some of the ship’s elegantly decorated public areas and a taste of Palo, a redesigned version of Disney Cruise Line’s signature specialty restaurant for adults.

I promised a closer look at the three rotational restaurants aboard the Disney Dream last time but you’ll have to wait until next week for that. We’ve got something else planned to share with you later this week.

Based on what we’ve shown so far, what are you most excited to see in person?


  • We are doing this cruise next year. I hope its ready…I wish that they would pick a random families mother to be the ships, “Godmother”…would be nice for a change. This looks just great, cannot wait.

  • By the looks of the Oceaneers Club, I wish I was a kid! We are booked for June 2011 and can’t wait!~

  • Jonathan,
    The Dream is unbelievably breathtaking and extremely elegant. It reminds me of beautiful oceanliners from long ago. It has many fun and exciting areas to explore. I just can’t wait to board.

    I agree with Carole regarding,”when you wish upon a star”. The words and notes are perfect for the Dream. The Disney Dream is all about wishing upon a star and dreaming.

    I would like to see photos of any casual, quick service restrauants near the pool area. Thank you.

  • Can’t wait for Aug 2011….this time we decided to try a room with a view!!!

  • How about a picture of a Hidden Mickey?

  • Wait, let me get this straight… Is the Dream going to have the signature “When you Wish Upon a Star” 7 note announcement bell? If not, then what is the bell going to be? I hope they keep it the same though!!!

  • We are so excited! Thankyou so much for the pictures! This is our first cruise so it is extra special to be on a new ship. I told my husband that I don’t think we could cruise with anyone else afterwards as we are starting off on top with the Dream! Out of the pictures you just showed I think Andys room and Oceaniers club are what I am really excited for. Wish I could be a kid again! I might have to sneak in just for a min! LOL
    Any advise for a first time cruiser?

  • I can’t wait to set sail in January!

  • I cannot wait to get on this ship! Today we hit the 200 Day mark to go!!! June 2011 can’t get here soon enough!

  • Jonathan,
    Your updates and pictures are wonderful to say the least. Being able to follow the Ceation and birth of the DREAM is such fun. I being a Grandma with the time time to watch and follow and track her on sea trials is such a joy.
    I am extra thrilled as we will be taking our special family and then 6 yr. old Grandaughter and from the moment we enter the ship I awaite seeing their faces of enjoyment. We sailed in 07 so we know the joy to come.
    Only the many people in Disney can create this type of lifetime memories ! We thank you so much. My joy will come from the many pictures I buy to forever view the moment. As the expression goes…..Wish I were a MOUSE in the wall to see this being built and float. If Walt himself is looking down, and he must be, he has to be so full of pride for all you folks create.

    Put the signature 7 note, “when you wish upon a Star” on the DREAM……It is your signature sound to carry over the water. Those paticulr 7 notes are most special and burn in the mind. It’s your Cruise Line EXCLUSIVE. Please..Put out a public vote at least as to what folks prefer. The new song……….just does NOT do what When You Wish Upon a Star does.
    Thanks Jonathan

  • i am going on march 3rd , never been on a cruise before and am worried i will miss out on stuff because i dont know how it all works i really want to see everything sooo excited

  • We just got back from Thanksgiving on The Wonder (Best vacation EVER!!!). It was difficult enough trying to pry our son out of the Oceaneer’s club then. We can only imagine what the Dream’s Oceaneer club will be like. Guess we’ll just have to book another trip to compare :-).

  • These are awesome! We are not booked on the dream, we are booked on the Fantasy, but I LOVE getting to see the newest ship. Can’t wait until it’s the Fantasy in these blogs! More pics! I’d love to see the lobby, and that awesome chandeleir. 🙂

  • Jonathan – thanks for sharing these great photos! Our cruise is set for December 2011 and we can hardly wait. If possible, can you share more photos of the inside of the staterooms?

  • I hope adults will be able to come down and take pictures here!

  • I don’t think it’s possible to pick one area….our trip is 367 days away, and it’s all we seem to think about.

  • OMG! The Dream looks supercalifragilisticexialidocious! Can you post pics of the Edge sometime soon? Also, I have been dying to see a preview of the new Disney Believe show!!!!!! Just wondering if i can also learn some more about the new Club Pirate party….

  • 56 more days!! Can’t wait to see it ALL in person! Would love to see some shots of the Senses Spa! Especially the Rainforest Room!

  • I might be an adult but the kid within me is shouting He wants to go on The Dream and visit Andy’s Room or the other special areas. I hope we adults are able to go in to take pictures.

  • This looks sooo nice they really out done themselves this time

  • I would love to see more pictures of the staterooms. The artist concepts only show so much!

  • Hmmm… this is tough. I want to see everything but I think the thing I am most excited to see is the Enchanted Garden… My cruise can not come fast enough…I am so excited!

  • Beautiful photos – please keep them coming! I would love to see a picture of one of the Oceanview Staterooms with a porthole. We will be staying in one on deck 2 and are curious to see what size the portholes will be.

  • Hi this is Emily again. Thanks so much for sharing these photos. I, having a twelve year old daughter and a ten year old son, would love to see more of the oceaneers club and the tween club Edge. Keep those photos coming and thanks again.

  • Jonathon, The photo’s you have been sharing with us are GREAT!!! Thank you so much. My wife & I are booked for a back2back on the Dream next September……….and we can’t wait. Could you please show us some photo’s of all of the restaurants. Thanks

    David & Donna

    • Certainly! Next week I’ll share photos and video of Enchanted Garden, Royal Palace and Animator’s Palate, so stay tuned!

  • Cannot wait to get onboard in January! Beautiful!

  • We are childless but I hope we can sneak a peek of the kid areas on our cruise on the Dream next October! And I love the common areas. I was telling my husband that after we board but before we depart, I’m going to spend a few hours walking around taking pictures! I can’t wait!

  • Looks fantastic. Although I think the theater shots are mislabeled…Buena Vista is the first shot, and Walt Disney Theater the second? Kudos to DCL!

  • This is amazing! I want to go on a Disney cruise with my husband- and now more than ever. Can’t wait to see more photos of this beauty.

  • Seeing pictures of the play areas makes me want to be 10 again so I can go play in them too. They look amazing!

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