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Disney Dream Restaurants Promise Magic on the Plate and on the Walls

Jonathan Frontado

by , Public Relations Director, Disney Cruise Line, Adventures by Disney and Disney Vacation Club

I know, I know. Two weeks ago I said I’d give you an exclusive preview of the three rotational restaurants that will debut next month aboard the Disney Dream, the newest ship in the Disney Cruise Line fleet. Thanks for waiting, now here’s the dish!

Recently one of our photographers snapped this shot of Enchanted Garden, a casual restaurant on Deck 2 inspired by the gardens of Versailles in France.

Enchanted Garden Aboard the Disney Dream

At the center of the dining room will be a seven-foot-tall terrace fountain topped by a whimsical statue of Mickey Mouse as a cherub. But that’s not all.

The restaurant will magically transform from day to night as the sky overhead changes from a brilliant blue to a dazzling sunset and finally, a twinkling field of stars. The light-fixture flowers will “bloom” with color, wall sconces will open to become folding fans and artwork around the room will glow with nighttime views.

At the aft end of Deck 3 is a re-imagined version of Animator’s Palate, the signature Disney Cruise Line restaurant that immerses guests in the magic of Disney animation. Floor-to-ceiling paint brush pillars, pencil columns, character sketches and tools of the artist’s trade are scattered throughout the dining room, along with some high-tech magic that will entertain guests during dinner.

Royal Palace is an elegant restaurant inspired by classic Disney films like “Cinderella,” “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs,” “Beauty and the Beast” and “Sleeping Beauty.” Guests will enter from the ship’s Deck 3 atrium and marvel at décor including a hand-blown chandelier decorated with glass slippers (of course!) and portraits of Disney princesses and their princes.

Here’s a video shot over the past several weeks that shows how the restaurants are progressing, plus computer-generated renderings that depict what they’ll look like when complete.

Unfortunately, what I haven’t been able to show you are the terrific servers who’ll accompany guests as they rotate through these restaurants for dinner night by night, or the deliciously creative cuisine they’ll present. I know you have your favorites and are probably anxious to know if they’ll be on the Disney Dream!

Animator's Palate Aboard the Disney Dream Enchanted Garden Aboard the Disney Dream Royal Palace Aboard the Disney Dream Royal Palace Aboard the Disney Dream
Animator's Palate Aboard the Disney Dream Enchanted Garden Aboard the Disney Dream Enchanted Garden Aboard the Disney Dream Royal Palace Aboard the Disney Dream

Meanwhile, in just 50 days, the Disney Dream will sail her maiden cruise from Port Canaveral in Florida. Who’s counting down like me?


  • Hi Amberly! We can’t wait to go back on the cruise either!

    Joe & Julie

  • Jonathan, thanks so much for sharing these great preview photos of the magical restaurants aboard the Disney Dream. When will we be able to see the menus for them? On the website, there is a menu tab, but no info. Do you have any idea when menus will be posted, or could we get a preview from you? : )

  • Hey Barbara from IL – see you on the ship!

    I am in a category 4A cabin. I called the cruise line last week and they said it may be a few more weeks before we have our room assignment. I’m so curious about where we are going to be (Deck 9 or 10, I think).

    We’ve got spa appointments booked and we are looking forward to that most of all. Not so sure about the meals. We got stuck with late dining (I go to bed at 9 – hope I can stay awake through dinner). I hope the AquaDuck is all it’s quacked up to be. haha!

  • OMG! These restaurants look unbelievable! We are going to be on the third cruise and cannot wait to experience all the magic the Disney Dream has to offer…so, to quote a famous Mouse “See ya real soon!”

  • You Disney folks are just making it harder and harder to wait for the maiden voyage…As always, a first class Disney production. Should my daughter & I plan on getting to the ship early for any ceremonies?

  • We will be on the Maiden voyage of the Dream and are so excited. Every preview we get gets us more ready to head to Port Canaveral. We hope to have some of our regular crew with us. Thanks for keeping us going as we wait out the next 50 days.
    Which is our favorite? We are looking forward to the Enchanted Garden I think – it looks amazing.
    Hey Mary from kentucky – we are on the Maiden voyage and got our cabin assignments when we made our reservations. Counting down . . . . . 🙂

  • They look so great it’s going to be formal night every night.

  • Cannot wait until April. Looks beautiful

  • Jonathan you are so wonderful! Thank you so much for giving us a visual of what we have to look forward to. December 2011 can not get here fast enough for my family and me. These photos are awesome!
    I agree with Lori about offering menu replicas for scrapbooks. This is a great idea. Those of us who make vacation scrapbooks are always looking for neat items that will hold specific special memories.

  • Can’t wait for February 27th and this beautiful decor. How long do we have for dinner???

  • So excited! Can’t wait until June – will have 2 teenagers with us, and they too want to see the Vibe club!


  • oh i cant wait till march , but i am a fussy eater what is french continental ?
    kellie, australia

  • Dear Sweet Jonathan,
    We would L*O*V*E to see Edge and Vibe….. our big kids REALLY want to see where they will spend their time!
    We are on the Maiden Voyage and have kept an updated Maiden Voyage site on Facebook~ my daughter has been checking your blog EVERY day!!!! We have been posting your photos on the group site. You have been so good about communicating the progress! Thank you, thank you, thank you! It only makes us want the time to fly faster…….
    Will you be on the voyage with us?
    You’re the BEST!
    Kathleen and her kids, Sarah and Drew

  • I’ve been counting down for a long time now. When are we going to get our cabin assignments (room numbers) for the maiden voyage? Tick, tock!!

  • These snippets keep me hanging on until October… Can’t wait to see the completion of Royal Palace and Enchanted Gardens! And Animator’s Palate! Ha, pretty much everything actually. 😀

  • The restaurants look fantastic. I have a request. I love to scrapbook my trips. Would it be possible for Disney to create for purchase souvenir menus 5×7 or themed 12×12 paper of each of the venues? I got so many compliments on my cruise scrapbook and the Castaway Cay paper/stickers. Disney is missing out on a gold mine here not only on the ship areas/activities but ports of call.

  • Jonathan, another fabulous job on the video and pictures of this beautiful ship. Keep them coming, as we cannot get enough of this ship!!!

  • I’m counting down with you! Actually got so excited decided to add a few days at the parks before the cruise.

  • WOW!! I’m more excited than ever to cruise on the Dream on Feb. 27!! Looks like these will help redefine what a true “dining experience” will be! It will be more than just about the meal itself – it will be about the interactive elements going on all around you. Awesome!!

    Lou M

  • So beautiful! Nice work Imagineers. 🙂 Now, make sure the Fantasy is even better! LOL. 🙂

  • As amazing as all the restaurants look, I’m most excited for the Animator’s Palate. I’m sure they’re all fantastic, but that’s the one I can’t wait to eat at! Can’t wait!

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