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Disney Pins – ‘TRON: Legacy’

Steven Miller

by , Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Walt Disney World Resort

'TRON: Legacy' Pins

Greetings, Programs! I just finished playing “Space Paranoids” and thought I would give you an update about some pins we have created for “TRON: Legacy.” I spoke with Julie Young, developer for open and limited edition pins, about some of these new items. But before I get to those items, we must return to the past. This isn’t the first time we’ve created Tron-themed pins. I dug into my personal collection for a brief look back.

A Look Back at Tron-themed Pins

Since the release of “Tron” on July 9, 1982, there have only been a handful of Tron pins made (making collecting Tron pins somewhat easier than steering a Recognizer). Some of the first pins date from the early 1980s and were mostly promotional or jewelry-style pins (think brooch or plastic pins). With the introduction of Pin Trading in 1999, the number of Tron pins has grown. Pictured above are examples of pins created by Disney Parks, Disney Stores and the former Disney Catalog. There have also been pins created by the former Disney Auctions as well as Walt Disney Imagineering. There was even a “Space Paranoids” pin given to guests attending an ENCOM press event in April 2010. Sadly, I do not have any of the latter mentioned pins (and I am sad).

But I’m happy to see some new Tron pins on the Game Grid. Julie shared details behind the open edition Mickey Mouse as Tron pin.

“I like having Mickey Mouse play different roles for the pins I create,” said Julie. “I wanted the line work on his suit to glow in the dark. Unfortunately, I learned that the blue color featured on the pin doesn’t have a glow in the dark option.”

Tron-themed Pins

Julie, however, made some pins from the “TRON: Legacy” limited release mystery set glow. There are 20 different pins in this set – 10 that are full color and 10 chaser pins created in a different base metal color. I opted not to show those “chaser” pins as it would defeat the purpose of the game.

One of my favorite new pins features the Tron-orail. I recall the day in March when I saw the photos of it on the Disney Parks Blog. I immediately ran down to the product developer’s office pleading to have a Tron-orail pin. It took several art concepts including one that placed the Tron-orail in front of the Magic Kingdom (?!). The first sample of the pin was much smaller than the final version pictured at the top. During a recent visit to Epcot, there was nothing sweeter to my ears than hearing my son scream, “Dad, it’s the Tron-orail” as it glided through Future World. I think I did the same when I saw the final pin (just ask Julie).

'TRON: Legacy' Boxed Pin Set Coming to the 2011 Sci-Fi Academy Event

The last item I have to share today is also pretty sweet. Chris Chapman from Disney Design Group stopped by my office to share this first mock-up. The image above is a boxed pin set coming to the Sci-Fi Academy event on June 24, 2011, at Disneyland Resort. The packaging is incredible and the identity disks…well, they are “nice!” End of line.


  • I’m with Rochelle–I’m just not a fan of the Vinylmation figures.

    And I’ve got the 20th anniversary Tron pin on my lanyard 🙂

  • Is there going to be a Flynn’s Arcade sign pin? Because that would be cool for all the old and new fans of Tron, and also there hasn’t been a Flynn’s Arcade pin yet.

  • Are they going to make a Flynn’s Arcade sign pin. Because that would be cool for all the fans of the old tron as well as for the new fans of Tron Legacy.

  • The El Capitan Theater in Hollywood has a few exclusive TRON pins coming as well.

  • Saw the Tron o Rail at Disney this past week. We were there for 2 weeks and then I had to purchase the Clu light cycle die cast toy as they came out on the racks at Disney. I also got the light cycle pin as well. Love the Tron o Rail pin. I would like to get some more.

  • @Kyle and Rochelle – Check out this post:

    These 3-inch figures are coming in 2011.

    @Hannah – Thanks for the feedback. We are always trying different things with the mystery sets. I’ll share your comments with the developers. Right now, it is looking like early 2011 before registration opens. Much of the artwork is being finalized as I type. There is one Tron related item that is incredible! Look for a future article about it.

    @Joachim – Words can’t describe how excited I am too for the film! See you on The Grid!

  • The Tron-orail pin is a must have for me!

    Stevn, when will sign-up for Sci-Fi Academy begin?

  • I’m so excited for the movie. I have one of the pins already. I just need the light cycle one for my pin board.

  • I love the Tron Mystery Set! And THANK YOU for going back to the regular 1 set of chasers! (The Pixar Short Collect is a headache to figure out! 3 of each pin design equals 30??? There are 14 different pin designs… LOL)

    Can’t wait for the Sci-Fi Academy event! When does registration open??

  • As adorable as they are, I’ve never been a fan of vinylmation … TRON vinylmation would be something I’d purchase.

  • I was lucky enough to get the “Tron Mickey” Pin signed by the designer on my Disney trip last month. This one will stay in my collection for a LONG time!

  • Hello Steven
    The pins look amazing. Any plans for Tron vinylmation. I would love to see those in the future.
    Have a great day

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