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DIY (Disney-ize It Yourself) Holiday Hostess Gifts

Jean Volante

by , Floral Event Manager, Disney Floral & Gifts

I’ve always been fascinated with how Disney creates magic (perhaps that’s why I work here now?). And when I lived in Ohio, I would have loved to see a Disney Floral & Gifts video on how to create heart-warming hostess gifts for the holidays. Well, that’s exactly what we have for you today…click below and enjoy some trade secrets.

So, I’m wondering how many have an interest in learning more design or creative gifting secrets and if so, what topics would you like me to feature in future posts?


  • These are wonderful and so helpful. I just found this site. Great ideas for next Christmas!

  • I would love to see some DIY Disney Christmas ornaments that could be made with the kids, and even some more sophisticated ones that could be made by adults.

  • Hi Jean,

    I love the Disney Floral & Gifts posts! Learning about how Disney creates the magic is so fun. I would love to see more ideas for each season and holiday. Maybe something for perking up our homes after the Christmas decor is put away?

    Thanks for the great ideas.


  • one more question…Where can I get the Mickey Beads?

  • Jean,
    I love all the crafty Disney ideas! I am making some of these for gifts this year. The rolled up placemats look like cinnimon sticks too so I thought I might spray them with some scent so they not only look like it but smell like it too. As for what else? Anything you think of will be WONDER*FILLED!
    thanks, Kat

  • Thank you Jean for sharing these ideas. My kids want to work on the wreaths for teacher gifts. Would love to see more how to gift ideas for any occasion along with tricks of the trade…great way to keep a little Disney Magic in our hearts even if we can’t get to the parks very often. Looking forward to seeing more. 🙂

  • My five year old daughter watched these over and over. She now is asking if we can make these projects and has her bottle of sparkling apple-cranberry ready in hand!

  • I loooove the little wreaths! I am making brownie mixes in jars as teacher gifts this year, and those wreaths will be perfect little toppers!!!
    Thank you for the lovely little idea!

  • #9 – These were fun ideas! If you wanted to give something other than a bottle of wine (not old enough to purchase it, or the recipient might not drink), you could do the same thing with a bottle of sparkling CIDER, or a similar drink in a bottle!!

    Thanks for sharing these ideas!

  • I love these ideas (and the flower arrangements before Thanksgiving! My entire family and I are big Disney fans, so anything with a “Disney-theme” to it would be great! I am going to be making these 2 for sure this season. Just wish I had the beads my mother-in-law would be impressed! 🙂 Thank you for the information

  • Thanks for sharing the beautiful hostess gifts!

    Would love ideas for party favors for grown-ups attending a Disney-themed 40th birthday party.

  • Very interesting article here. I am always stumped at what to bring as a Hostess Gift to the hostess, especially this time of year. A bottle of wine just seems so boring, but these ideas offer inspiration.

  • @Jean Volante

    Gifting “how to” for all occasions would be lovely! I would enjoy those and most likely use them.

    Tricks of the trade? That is definitely awesome information. I would be more interested in the gifting though as it is something I could use. (And I did not know that there was a hidden mickey tucked inside each design. That was just something I could assume) 🙂

  • I really love these ideas and look forward to seeing more of any type of Disney Crafts. These were fabulous! Thank you so much for sharing them. Aloha!

  • I, like so many others, operate on a very tight budget but I don’t like to give gifts that look like it. The candy wreath that was used with the wine bottle would go wonderful with any small gift or even just that with a card and a gift card for your office gift. I think I might make a couple to hang on my son’s stockings, they will love it. It always is all about the little details!
    I Love to see ideas on how to keep your “budget” gifts from looking cheap. I bet I could even apply some of these ideas to the childrens gifts! Thanks!

    • Good insight Melinda about applying these ideas to children’s gifts. Hanging the wreath on a Christmas stocking is a great idea…hadn’t thought of that…clever…

      Do you have any other ideas you can share with us? We’re all ears now. 🙂

  • This is perfect, I have some teenage girls that are going to love this…some sparkling cider, chocolate…perfect.
    Have a get event to go to and I love the ideas…thanks so much.

  • I worked for Mickey back in ’76 and ’77 so when people ask me about the Disney Magic I tell them it really is quite simple. I think the Disney Magic comes from the attention to detail that people don’t always see but it is there. When I worked there we were trained to have “pride of place” which means you are proud of where you work. If you see trash or something out of place, don’t step over or around it but pick it up, fix it. It is also about “experience” which not only boils down to the surroundings but includes stellar customer service or happy cast members! There are no employees, but cast members who are on stage! That for me is Disney Magic!!!!

  • Very neat ideas – anything like this is fun. Any idea for how to make a simple floral arrangement more fun for holidays, birthday parties, etc. would be appreciated!

  • I love your blog! Very helpful. Thanks

  • hmm. I really cannot think of any specific topics but I really enjoyed these two videos. Now, I am an 18 year old and I don’t believe I will be giving wine out for Christmas (and the first video is just nice) but I will pass this to my Mom!

    Maybe we could get something geared more for every age? I love designing things and making things so these videos are fantastic. You’ve got my interest!

    • Good idea. After reading your comment, you sparked an idea… would you like to see gifting “how to” ideas for an occasion like birthday or for a particular holiday perhaps?

      Or…would you like to learn some tricks of the trade as to how we create gifts for guests? For example, did you know in each floral bouquet from our “enchanted florist”, a hidden Mickey is tucked inside each design?

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