Expansion Continues at Disney California Adventure Park

Heather Hust Rivera

by , Vice President, Consumer Products

As we look forward to 2011, we are excited to share that we are making great progress on the expansion of Disney California Adventure park. The year 2010 has been very exciting. In June, we made a big splash with “World of Color,” the nighttime spectacular that is wowing guests every night. On October 29, we reached an exciting milestone with Cars Land with the topping out of the mountain range – about 125 feet in the air. And, many of you have seen The Little Mermaid ~ Ariel’s Undersea Adventure and Goofy’s Sky School coming to life along the parade route. Both are scheduled to open in 2011 along with new restaurants and shops as we finish the entire Paradise Pier expansion.

Now, as we move toward a new year, expansion continues. In January, our efforts move to the front of the park.

The 'CALIFORNIA' Letters at Disney California Adventure Park

On Jan. 4, we will begin making way for a new entrance modeled after the legendary Pan-Pacific Auditorium. This means, the “CALIFORNIA” letters will be removed, and we plan to save these icons for possible future use. Now’s the time to get your photos!

Artist Rendering of the Disney California Adventure Main Entrance Area

As this work continues, we are making adjustments to the Disney California Adventure Main Entrance area, including relocation of some Guest service areas. We’ll keep you informed about those here on the Disney Parks Blog as soon as we have specific dates and locations.

Rendering of Los Angeles in the 1920s

Also on Jan. 4, we will begin the transformation of the Sunshine Plaza area into Buena Vista Street inside the Main Entrance. When complete, it will represent Los Angeles as it was when Walt Disney arrived on the west coast in the 1920s.

Stay tuned to the Disney Parks Blog for more updates as the expansion continues.


  • Kylene–
    DCA is not going for a complete Pixar theme. That’s just a rumor, and it would be very restricting. The Little Mermaid ride fits for Paradise Pier because of the seaside boardwalk theme.
    And as for the World of Color equipment, the platform is designed to be able to sink down and be completely hidden under the water’s surface, but usually the middle section of the platform is always at show level for some reason.

  • I hope that means you’ll put in a Brown Derby somewhere as you have in FL? I was a shame when it was never revived in Hollywood (the REAL one, I mean).

  • Being a Northern Californian, I do not like the changes if they do in fact include removing the Golden Gate Bridge. I like California Adventure, but I will be glad if they add more rides and I am looking forward to Carsland. I do not like the new entrance look.

  • I definately feel it’s great that DCA is getting an overhaul. I can generally make it through the whole park in about 4 hours completing all rides. I do feel that it is a shame that they are removing the letters out front. It’s so cute to see the kids getting pics in front of it, especially if their name starts with one of the letters. One thing that is confusing to me is Ariel’s ride. I thought DCA was going with a Pixar theme and Ariel just does not seem to fit in with that. Maybe they could put the letters in the water where they do WOC just so that there is something to distract from how unsightly it looks during the day with all the equipment

  • I’m sad about the letters but I will get over it if the new entrance is amazing. However I don’t know if I will get over the removal of the bridge. Being from SF and moving to LA its like having a little piece of home there. And honestly the Golden Gate IS California. It is a huge landmark of CA so I don’t really understand why they think it is okay to have a California park without it.

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