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Finishing the Disney Dream Piece by Piece

I’ve been very fortunate to watch the Disney Dream go from a few sheets of precision-cut steel to the magnificent vessel that will finally reach Florida early next month. It’s been an amazing journey and I’m so glad we’ve been able to share glimpses of it here on the blog.

Throughout the ship, work continues to prepare for the maiden voyage on January 26, 2011. On every deck and in nearly every corner, Imagineers and workers are finishing the picture-perfect spaces that will delight Disney Cruise Line guests for years to come.

At this stage, what fascinates me most is the attention to detail everywhere you look. Whether it’s the beautiful Art Deco atrium lobby or the “hidden Mickeys” scattered throughout the ship, the Disney Dream is filled with wonderful, whimsical touches.

Take a look at this recent photo from Cabanas, a casual dining restaurant at the aft end of Deck 11.

Tile Mosaic Aboard the Disney Dream Inspired by 'Finding Nemo'

That’s a magnificent tile mosaic inspired by the Disney∙Pixar film “Finding Nemo.” It’s nearly 30 feet long and more than eight feet tall! And every piece of it was handcrafted by a team of Italian artisans in collaboration with Pixar.

Tile Mosaic Aboard the Disney Dream Inspired by 'Finding Nemo'

The mosaic re-creates the big blue world of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef with approximately 200 colors of Venetian enamel. The glass pieces were broken into irregular fragments by hand with a small hammer and vice and then carefully affixed piece by piece with putty.

It’s gorgeous work that rewards you with different surprises every time you linger over it. Guests will discover Nemo, Marlin, Dory, Bruce, Crush, Squirt and other characters from the Academy Award-winning film as they pass by on their way to breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Speaking of attention to detail, tomorrow on the Disney Parks Blog Walt Disney Imagineering will share an exclusive video showing the finishing touches our Imagineers are applying all over the ship as she makes her way home. Don’t miss it!


  • I’m sailing in March. Super excited!!

  • We have a cruise on The Disney Dream in June. Love seeing updates and can’t wait to go. My second Disney cruise ship to sail on.

  • Just Beautiful! Merry Christmas!

  • I can not wait! The Disney crusies are superior!

  • 150 days ’til our May cruise, and 269 until the DVC Member cruise in September, both onboard the Dream.

  • I think will be taking a million pictures of everything onboard the Dream come Jan 2011!!!

  • I can’t wait to see the Dream! So exciting !!

  • Wow! Thats amazing! Thanks so much for sharing these awesome areas! We have a tween and a teen and if you wouldn’t, mind could we see Edge and Vibe to hold them over till January? Thanks a bunch and please keep sharing! This is such a blessing for us!!!

  • i booked disney dream for september! never been on a cruise before, but i can not wait!!!

  • The mosaics are beautiful! I can’t wait to see it in person on the maiden voyage! Thanks for sharing!

  • unbelievable…can’t wait to go… XD

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