Holiday Decorating Ideas from Disneyland Décor Experts

I bet you didn’t know that there are more than 700 artificial and live Christmas trees, lit and fully decorated, throughout the Disneyland Resort. There’s also more than 8,000 feet of garland! Whew! That’s a lot of decorating! It takes a very creative resort enhancement team to make all this holiday magic come alive. (They rank up there with Santa’s elves when it comes to holiday magic-making.) The team begins planning for holiday decorations in February and works until November.

David Caranci is the manager of resort enhancement at the Disneyland Resort. In this blog video, David gives his expert tips on how you can create some Disney holiday magic in your home. He shows how you how easy and inexpensive it is to make a Mickey Mouse tree topper, a window decoration with a hidden Mickey and a TRON tree topper — perfect for the TRON fans in your home.


  • i love these DIY segments. it’s like bringing disney home with you. thank you!

  • Mary from Santa Barbara, CA

    Before, during and after I work for Disney I would always collect the Disney Christmas Ornaments and I would always make sure there is a yr on it. So when we are decorating our tree, we always talk about our trips to Disneyland all those special memories we make. All the plans we are making for an up coming trip. Especially in a couple of weeks….CAN’T WAIT!!! But thanks for idea’s for my home I think I might be trying some of them out.

  • In October we put together a Nightmare Before Christmas tree as part of our Halloween decorations. It was very easy to make Jack’s face on white bulbs and we used our Nightmare Before Christmas beanies and other goodies like antenna balls we have purchased around Haunted Mansion to finish it off. Our tree topper is Sally. The neat thing is that we just kept the tree up and do not plan to take it down til after Christmas. Of course, now it is finally getting some gifts under it but I think we started a tradition to go with our annual visit to Disneyland around Halloween.

  • I have Tink on the top of my tree! My son got her for me when we went to Disney World, brought her home without my even knowing and gave me the best tree topper ever for Mother’s Day.

  • @Jessie:: Those sound like amazingly cute ideas! And so personal too!!

    I decided to decorate my room Nightmare Before Christmas style (cliche but I enjoyed blending my two favorite holidays!) I used the fake pumpkins I got for Halloween and put Santa hats on them (much like what they have at the park). I also made a “Man-Eating Wreath” with some battery operated lights and styrofoam cups! I have green and purple ornaments all over the tree, glittery bats, fake snow and topped it off with a Zero that I made 😀 Best Idea Ever!

  • I love the Mickey with ornaments idea.

  • Like it!!! 🙂

  • These are cute ideas. But I like what my sister and I did to our christmas tree. We took our astro blaster picture and made them into ornaments. Plus we made the Z’s in the ride and put them on it as well. While we were at disneyland we bought the keychain guns and made those ornaments. Lastly we bought the alien ornaments they sell at target. Now every time we see our tree it reminds us of disneyland and astro blasters.

  • Wow, I was there when this was filmed! I didn’t ask what was going on but was wondering! Love the video. Love everything Disneyland!!

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