Disney Holiday Ornaments: My Tradition of Giving

Heather Hust Rivera

by , Vice President, Consumer Products

As I’ve shared on the Blog many times, I love to travel, and every time I visit a new place, I always look for different and interesting ornaments for my own tree and to give as presents. One of my favorite sets of ornaments are some hand-carved wooden animals that I picked up on a trip in Africa. I bought lots of these for my friends and family members because I want them to know that I’m thinking of them wherever I go.

Since I’ve worked at the Disneyland Resort for the past five years, people don’t care about the ornaments I’ve picked up in China or Italy. They just want Disney ornaments and anything in the shape of Mickey’s head.

Because of that, I’ve done my share of searching for ornaments in just about every store at the Resort in the past five years. We’re sharing a few in the video today.

Do you have a favorite ornament? Do you like to give your family members and friends souvenirs from your trips to the Parks?


  • When me and my mom went to New York, we went to the huge (and now closed) disney store. There were so many cool things, but we got my dad an ornament. This year the ornament is proudly hanging off our tree.

  • I’m new at collecting I only have around 25 ornaments. One of my favorites is a gift from my girlfriend. They are Lenox Mickey hats. It’s creme color with black ears, gold painted rim,Mickey’s face 3D on the front aand your name is painted in gold like it was sewn on. The are beautiful. Minnies hat has a pink and white polka dot bow. I love them.

  • I started collecting WDW and EPCOT ornaments in 1987 when I moved to Orlando. I have since moved back to NY and I am still collecting them. I have every year ornament from WDW and EPCOT from1987 til now 2010. Except one. 1994. I still am looking for my elusive 1994 ornament. Happy Holidays Everyone!!!!

  • Every year that we go to Disney World we pick up another large Mickey ornament. Unfortunately as we were handing up one of ornaments it slipped out of my husband hand and hit the wood floor. Only the right ear smashed and I wouldn’t be so upset but it was the purple Mickey head with the four parks on it that you can’t get anymore. Well at least it wasn’t his head (right)? Anyone know where I can find another like this with the four parks?

  • My favorite Christmas ornaments (Disney or otherwise) are my collection of beautiful Waterford crystal Disney ornaments, which used to be issued every year. Used to… I’ve checked every year at Disneyana, Disney Store, and have sadly come up empty. The other Disney ornaments are cute, and I have always collected Christmas ornaments, but few of them can replace the Waterford Disney collection in heart and on my tree!

  • We live about 30 minutes away from the World’s Largest Christmas store in Frankenmuth, MI. When we went there recently, I no longer have any urge to buy any ornaments from there because last December our family took a trip to Disney and all I could think about was all the fantastic Disney ornaments. I guess I will just have to visit 12 Days of Chirstmas Store in Downtown Disney in April.

  • i love the ornaments in the shape of mickey’s head. there are really some great ones! i just started buying (for myself and as presents) them last year. looking forward to collecting more as the years go by.

  • My wife and I have always collected ornaments for our growing number of trees at Christmas time. Some of our favorites are from the different resorts at Walt Disney World. Each resort’s unique ornament was really a great thing. Unfortunately on our last trip we couldn’t find a unique ornament for our hotel, we asked our castmember helping us if they had one and they said that Disney had stopped making individual ornaments for each hotel. Is this true? If so, can they be brought back? We were really hoping to “collect them all.”

  • I love the victorian mickey and minnie set, I sold my old tree topper last year and bought the Minnie one. I bought the stockings and tree skirt and a few ornaments. I just got back from Disneyland just three days ago and added to my tree the oval with mickey and minnie in the center and the larger mickey and minnie ice skating.After christmas I usually check out what they have on sale online. and try to get a couple more to hang next year. it’s a lot of fun.

  • @ Michelle, call the park’s merchandise services, they maybe able to ship you another one. I found an ornament that was sold out, and was able to get one shipped to me by calling them. The “cast memebers” are really nice and willing to help you get exactly what you want. Good luck!

  • We have been collecting disney xmas ornaments for about 18 years, now have a complete 7foot disney tree, everything on the tree is disney even the tinsel

  • When I was a kid, my favorite ornaments were candy canes and popcorn balls. Now that I am a mom, my favorites are the ornaments my children, nephews and friends have made.
    My favorite Christmas decoration is the edging of Christmas lights on my son’s Mickey Mouse Ears headboard. We made that together, so of course it is magical.

  • About 12 years ago I started a Mickey tree with my first ornament being a Mickey Mouse tree topper. Now it is loaded with park ornaments and lights(as well as Hallmark & homemade ornaments). Whenever I visit a Disney park most of my souvenir money goes towards more Christmas decorations for my tree. I Love my tree, truly the best part of Christmas ºOº

  • My favorite is a gold Mickey(looks like the ones on the early tshirts) it has my name engraved on the botto
    , and was the first ornament I had ever received. My tree now is about 95% Disney ornaments….but I guess it really DID all start with a mouse.

  • I went to WDW with my fiance this October. We found an ornament with Mickey and Minnie on top that said “Our first Disney Vacation”. We carried it safely all the way home to Canada. Unfortunately I had unwrapped it and was about to move it into my decoration box and knocked it and “pop” it broke! I tried to find another online, but its only at the parks I guess. We have other ornaments from the park I didn’t brake, but that was my favourite!

  • We were at WDW in October and as usual we brought back a few more keepsake ornaments. Last week while searching the various stores in our area for new Disney related items I came across a toy box in a hospital charity shop. It was filled with wrapped Disney characters from the various fast food restaurants. To be exact there were 106 pieces in the box and it was a bargain at $5.00, I couldn’t pass it up. Some will be used as stocking stuffers but the majority have been repurposed as ornaments for the tree. A small screw eye, a piece of ribbon or colorful cord and viola! a new ornament has been born. It now takes three trees to hold and display all the ornaments I have, some that go as far back as the 1890’s. BTW I also shop auction sites year round for Disney items I collect. The holiday pickings get slim in August but the bargains are there with little competition. Merry Christmas everyone.

  • I have over 500 unique Disney ornaments that I’ve collected over the years. Contrary to my family’s belief, its not near enough 🙂

  • Since I was about 4, my grandparent’s would always give me an ornament every year. The earliest one I have is a Hallmark Disney ornament from 1973 with Mickey’s face. It’s one of the balls with the satin thread wrapped all around it like the center of a baseball. It’s a little yellow now, but it’s always the first to get put up every year.

  • We actually have a 6ft Disney tree with various Disney ornaments we have collected over the years. When we were recently in WDW, I picked up a variety of ornaments for characters we did not have on the tree yet like Dumbo and Pinocchio and the pack that showcases the four parks. My wife also decided on a Mickey Topper and a Disney tree were needed for the tree. Each year we keep our eyes out for something different to add to the tree.

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