Lucky Photo of the Reindeer at Santa’s Reindeer Round-Up

The holidays are in full swing here at the Disneyland Resort and it’s great being a Disneyland photographer with so many wonderful things to photograph. Every year I make my way to Santa’s Reindeer Round-up to see his reindeer and get a few photos of them relaxing before their big night.

I also have another reason for stopping by to see Santa. I usually drop by to give him a hint about what new camera I’d love to get for Christmas.

The photo I’m featuring today is a combination of planning, patience and a bit of good luck. I planned to photograph the reindeer at feeding time, so when I arrived, I patiently waited for them to line up in at the feeding trough. And then I crossed my fingers and hoped luck would help out. As luck would have it, all the reindeer started feeding on the same side and all bent their heads down at the same to take a bite.

Reindeer Feeding at Santa's Reindeer Round-Up at Disneyland Resort


  • SWEET shot Paul. Yes, you got lucky. That is an awesome shot of the reindeer! Good job!

  • Looks like you racked up another lovely photo.

  • What a beautiful photo! They are so fun to watch- that was my favorite thing to do at Disneyland during the Holidays this year!!

  • flying must make reindeer very hungry!!

  • This photo rocks!

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