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Mickey’s Stocking of Surprises

Jean Volante

by , Floral Event Manager, Disney Floral & Gifts

First, thank you for sharing your heartfelt stories after reading our “Honor Your Hero” post. Wow! Your comments were inspiring and made it clear that Disney holds a special place in your hearts. So, in future posts, I’ll be featuring some gifting ideas and memory making tips to help you create a cherished memory.

'Mickey's Stocking of Surprises' From Disney Floral & Gifts

Now that the holiday is here, let me ask, how will you create a cherished memory this season? Disney Floral & Gifts wants to embrace you as part of our extended family by helping you tell your story. And here’s a holiday idea – a new gift called “Mickey’s Stocking of Surprises.” It’s filled with special surprises and can be delivered here at Walt Disney World Resort or shipped anywhere in the United States.

'Mickey's Stocking of Surprises' From Disney Floral & Gifts

Our designed stocking (which sells for $68) allows you to gift “as is” or personalize it for a special memory. For example, some of us are about to fulfill a family dream of visiting Disney World for the first time. How about announcing this special moment with a note that you could include inside their stocking that says, “We’re going to Disney World.” For others of us, our loved ones will be on foreign soil this holiday. Use your stocking to add treasures and warm sentiments through the holidays that will let your loved one know how much they were missed and gift the stocking when they get home. Whatever special moment you want to create, your stockings can be customized, personalized, and enhanced to create a cherished memory.

So, what stories can you tell with your stocking to create a cherished memory?


  • I would love to do this for my nephew, but cannot figure out how to make the stocking customized. I have gone though the entire ordering process (without submitting) and there is no option to customized the name on the stocking. What am I doing wrong? I wanted to have this delivered to his resort room on the 13th, but I guess that won’t happen now… 🙁

  • Jean, wish you had provided a link to the “Ears to You” offering. I did a search on the website and didn’t find it.

  • We are arriving to Disney World on Christmas Eve. Are we able to have these stockings delivered to our room so that they will be there when we arrive?

  • Suzanne…check it out…they do ship to Canada. They have different packages too.

  • I really love this and I wish someone would buy me one for Christmas! However… $68 is a bit on the pricey side. It would be better if there were different sizes or levels of Surprises so that it could be made more affordable according to people’s budget. I think that would be better marketing overall. For example, if there were a $20 stocking of modest quality full of chocolate dipped mickey rice cereal treats, mickey shaped confetti, and maybe a few other little things like a keychain or a note from mickey or santa…well, I’d buy myself one!
    All in all, This is a really cool idea, and I hope it becomes more developed in the future 😀

    • Thanks for your recommendation Melissa. As a Dream Maker, your input is important to me. And, maybe I can put a smile on your face by recommending another idea that may fit the bill.. have you seen our “Ears to You” holiday offerings?

      You can have this shipped to your home, personalized and either include it in a stocking or keep it in its Disney wrap as a gift for someone special.

      Did you know we also customize gifts as well. So, if you wanted to substitute the autograph book for a Mickey Plush or remove the autograph book altogether, you can do that.

      And of course, when you get a gift from Mickey…its got to have a good card message like…”Mickey wanted you to know he was thinking of you this holiday, so he sent this gift to make you an honorary Mouskateer. Enjoy a sweet Christmas”.

      What do you think?

  • I love this idea! I only wish we could have them shipped to Canada, would be the perfect way to surprise our kids with their trip to Disney World :). Guess I’ll have to make my own Disney themed package for them!

  • A fine idea. However, I would like a little more info as to what is actually in the stocking. Stuff for children? Adults? Edibles? The term “special surprises” is a bit vague. Whet our appetites a bit more, with more information as to what’s in it!

    • So glad you asked this question. Happy to share more in future posts.

      To give you a “taste” of what’s included 🙂 … Mickey’s included his famous rice crispy treats (with a holiday flair I might add), Minnie Mouse cookies, Mickey chocolates, Disney snacks and a Mickey Mouse light up holiday lanyard. And, if you click through to our website, you’ll see pictures of some of the product.

  • Wow, this is a really wonderful gift idea. The Disneyland trip that we are taking in February will be our youngest’s first trip to a Disney park, but he’s not old enough to understand what we’re telling him. But I do *love* the idea of announcing a special vacation via a special stocking. Please keep the gift ideas coming, I am really loving these posts! Thanks!

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