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New Fantasyland Expansion Update

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Parks

As many of you know, we’re in the midst of the largest expansion in Magic Kingdom history, which will nearly double the size of Fantasyland. In order to make way for this transformation, it’s important to let you know Mickey’s Toontown Fair will close in early February.

Mickey's Toontown Fair

That doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten about some of your favorite characters. Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse and the Disney princesses will move to Town Square in the location currently known as Town Square Exposition Hall in spring 2011. Until that location is ready, they will continue to greet guests throughout Magic Kingdom. Meanwhile, Tinker Bell will relocate to Disney’s Hollywood Studios and her other fairy friends will appear later in the spring at Epcot. The Walt Disney World Railroad will stay open, but the Toontown station will remain closed during construction.

We hope you will pardon our dust as work progresses and if you’d like to experience Mickey’s Toontown Fair, you’ll have until Feb. 11 to make those plans. Remember, there are still many other entertainment experiences throughout Magic Kingdom to delight everyone in the family.

Fantasyland construction will be completed in phases with most new experiences open by 2013. This expansion is particularly exciting because it will enable us to share treasured stories with you in a whole new way. We’ll share more with you here as our work progresses.


  • Does this include Goofy’s Barnstormer and what exactly is replacing Mickey’s Toontown Fair?

  • And what happens to Mickey and Minnie’s homes?

  • Oh yes I saw them working on this when I was there last week! They had information posted on the construction walls of princesses such as “Belle’s Library”. I’m assuming their going to make a castle with different rooms for all the princesses? Can’t wait!

  • I wonder how many will jump in here suggesting that Disney add the Adventurers Club to the Fantasyland expansion?

  • Bummer. This is THE #1 thing my family was looking forward to on our first ever (and most likely last) WDW trip. we’ll be there end of Feb. 🙁

  • i understand the idea to expand fantasyland & i am all for that! but i hope mickey & minnie’s homes, donald’s boat & goofy’s rollercoaster ride find their way somewhere in magic kingdom – especially the rollercoaster! please let us know!

  • I am glad to hear it will be open until Feb 11, we have a big family reunion/wedding at Walt Disney World coming up and it would be nice if everybody could see Mickey and Minnie’s house one last time before the new expansion takes their place. Can’t wait to see what the imagineers have in store for us!

  • It is very sad that it will be closing the week before New Englanders arrive for February break. I know there is a master construction plan…but closing anything the week before such high volume seems a little crazy. I was hoping to sneek in one more visit. We will adjust and search out all of our favorite characters in their temporary quarters. Thanks for the update. They are very helpful and minimize the stress of adjusting to the changes! Let us know if you find any treasures during construction. I am sure all of the visitors and years have left a few gems behind. I hope you are able to salvage Minnie and Mickey’s houses.

  • Wow! My kids love Goofy’s Barnstormer. They’ll be upset when we get there in April.

  • I have to admit I have mixed feeling about this. I am so excited about the expansion and the new Fantasyland Forest for the princess “worlds” but yet I will really miss toontown… Where are Minnie and Mickey Mouse going to live now?

  • They are actually make buildings and experiences for each of the princesses. If I remember correctly, they are doubling the Dumbo ride and making a midway filled with attractions leading to it. Ariel is getting a ride through attraction and Belle is getting a castle, she’ll have an eatery, and some experiences like story time in her library. I don’t remember the rest of it, but it seems like it will be pretty big. I’ll miss the stuff that’s going away, but then I still miss 20,000 Leagues under the sea.

  • Mickey and Minnie’s Houses will join the expansion of Toon Town and when I was there in February, the word was that the Barnstormer will be repurposed into Dumbo’s Circus pavilion. There are supposed to be new places for the fairies and the Princesses and if you Google, you can see a mock drawing of some of the things they are planning on building.

  • This is disappointing considering we have reservations for Summer 2011. Didn’t know this was going on. Will ANY of the rides/attractions in this area of the park be available?

  • To add to JoanneMarie’s post… There will be homes for each princess, Belle, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella. Belle will live in Beast’s castle (post transformation), Snow White will live in the Dwarf Cottage, and Sleeping Beauty will live in her woodland cottage. I am relatively certain that Cinderella will have her Step-Mother’s villa since her castle (obviously) already exists. I can’t wait! It is going to be amazing!

  • @ JoanneMarie

    This is what was announced on the last D23 Expo last year:

    • Visit your favorite Disney Princess in her castle, cottage, or chateau to share a dance with Cinderella; celebrate Sleeping Beauty’s birthday with the Good Fairies; or join Belle in an enchanting story performance in the Beast’s castle library.

    • Be Our Guest and dine in one of three enchanted rooms inside the Beast’s castle.

    • Fly with Dumbo high above brand new circus grounds, twice the size of the existing attraction with a new interactive, three-ring circus tent.

    • Journey under the sea with Ariel, The Little Mermaid, in her very own attraction – also opening at Disney’s California Adventure in Anaheim in 2011.

    • Meet Tinker Bell and her friends in the magical world of Pixie Hollow.

    It seems that the M&G with the princesses was canceled because it is “too much girly”, and a mine ride with Snow White’s dwarves is being considered. All the rest remains, and the Barnstormer will be part of Dumbo’s space.

  • Exciting, can’t wait. Bummer that our vacation in February will be affected but gives me all the more reason to go back in 2013!

  • Hi,

    Can you update us as to when DUMBO is scheduled to close for it’s move.

  • I am SOOO excited! Things are just moving right along with the Fantasyland expansion, aren’t they? I know alot of people may be bummed about the closing of Mickey’s Toontown, but I personally never felt a connection to that part of the Magic Kingdom. It was a late 80’s expansion (not an original land), and I always felt it’s style was a little out of place at the otherwise breathtaking Magic Kingdom. I really believe there is something so much more special and amazing being built behind those construction walls.

  • @Rafael Pixie Hollow is also canceled in addition to the princess M&Gs. They will still have some representation at the parks, but not a mini-land that was proposed for the Expansion. Currently I haven’t heard of anything that will take up the empty Pixie Hollow space, but there is some rumblings of the possibility of expanding the Dumbo themed area.

    Discussion Kingdom

  • I will be going late january so I will be able to have one last visit of the houses.

  • This is great news for Disney World! The Toontown in Florida was always much smaller and less immersive than the bigger and more elaborate Toontown in Disneyland. Great news that they are finally redoing Disney World’s Toontown and making it more like Disneyland’s version. I can’t wait to see the results!

  • thats good that I will still be able to experience it when I go in january

  • I can’t wait until it is finished. I’m so exited to see how it turns out. Belle is my favorite princess and I’m excited to see the Beast’s castle.

  • Just to clarify is Toon Town open on the 11th? or is the 10th the last day. Believe it or not we arrive on the 11th. If it is still open we will alter our dining reservations. If it is closed we will be sad.

  • Don’t we all look forward to or have fond memories of when we first tell our children “We’re going to visit Mickey and Minnie Mouse!”. Being able to take them into Mickey and Minnie’s homes is what makes it official for them. Even before a toddler learns about all the different princesses and characters their first, everyone’s first, association with the Disney name is Mickey Mouse. Why take away a site that so strongly represents “The Home of Mickey”?

  • Are they keeping Toon Town in Disneyland, California?

  • @ Thor

    They’re not redoing Magic Kingdom’s Toontown Fair to be more like Disneyland’s. They’re demolishing it completely to make way for the expanded “dueling Dumbos” area.

  • sooo toontown is never going to reopen? 🙁

  • Always eager to hear Fantasyland updates! I echo previous comments on Branstormer (which is such a great intro rollercoaster ride for the kids) and Mickey & Minnie’s houses — my littlest just loved all of the interactive elements at Minnie’s, and I hope they don’t go away.

  • This is great news! I was never a huge fan of Mickey’s Toontown Fair. At least the coaster will be used in the expansion.

    @Mel…..this is just at WDW not DL.

  • Toontown is not coming back. Barnstormer is being rethemed into a coaster that will go with the Dumbo Circus theme. Are the M&M houses going anywhere else or just being taken away for good? Lots of people would like to see them stay, somewhere. And while we understand Pixie Hollow may not come to be, and the princess meet’n’greets are being scaled down from the original plans, is there truth to the rumor that a Dwarfs’ mine coaster (kiddie dark ride/coaster) is coming to Fantasyland and that the Snow White ride is going away?

  • Magic Carpets, Astro Orbiter, and now 2 Dumbos – all these rides are the same – that is so cool! Magic Kingdom might not have a lot of coasters but they have more spinning carnival rides then any theme or amusement park in the world.

  • How exiting! I hope that the expansion will include a new use for the “submarine” lagoon. That ride was reconfigured @ Disneyland and is very popular w/ young families. Our family is older now, but the Toontown memories live on.

  • What would happen with goofy´s barnstorm? Will you relocate it as well?

  • Thanks for the update! I’m glad we will be there just before it closes. I am however curious as to why you would move Tinkerbell and friends to DHS when she is associated with the MK and Cinderella’s castle?

  • Did anyone catch the girl who said this was the #1 thing they were looking forward to on their FIRST trip to the World? I’d love to be a fly on the wall at their Disney planning meeting.

  • What people need to remember is that the original Mickey’s Birthdayland was always meant to be a temporary land. And also, folks, remember that the only way to experience an ever-changing WDW, as walt envisioned his properties, things do have to close from time to time. I can never understand people who gripe that attractions are closed when they visit – that’s just extra incentive to come back again!

    I am very optimistic about the FL expansion, and can’t wait to see the progress for myself on my next trip in August 2011…please keep up the updates, Thomas – we appreciate the details!

  • We are coming for President’s weekend. Can you wait til after the busy weekend to close? My daughter is so sad! She was hoping for one last visit before they closed for good.

  • Will Disney be adding stuff for the boys? With all this princess stuff my little pirate is getting left out 🙁 And that’s definitely not magical 🙁

  • Is Feb 11th the first day of the closure or the last day it’ll be open? That’s the day we arrive and I would love to get the last look. Please oh please!

  • Thank you for the updates Disney! While Toontown is not one of my absolute favorites at WDW, we will be there in a few days and I am glad we will be able to visit once more before it’s gone forever.

    Please keep the updates coming and I just want to say I also really appreciate all of the helpful comments from my fellow Disney park lovers! Thanks to all of you who are “in the know” for taking the time to post information for the rest of us! Have a magical day everyone!

  • I am very excited to see the changes to fantasyland, but like many of the other comments, I am very sad to see Minnie & Mickeys houses gone. My kids LOVE, LOVE, LOVE visiting the houses, sitting on Minnies couch, checking out what is in the fridge etc. Disney is raising a whole new generation of Disney lovers thanks to the wonderful Disney show “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse”… Please remember the kids and make sure you add something magical for the toddlers who visit. They may not like the rides like Dumbo etc. but they sure do love Mickey & Minnie!

  • Rachel – So many people were echoing your sentiments so the original Fantasyland expansion has gone through some extensive revisions already. They are making it less “Princessy” and incorporating more boy stuff. Hopefully, it will be a mix we can all enjoy. I love both the Princess and Pirate/Cars stuff so I am sure the Imagineers will do us proud! I can’t wait!

  • Maybe Disney would consider bringing Goofy’s Barnstormer to Disneyland, or re-imagining the coastrer we have in Toontown. Gadget is so old that kids today don’t have any idea who she is, but the coaster remains popular. The Barnstormer would be so much of an improvement over what we have now!

  • Goofy’s barn stormer has to find a way back into the expansion. My children have loved their first roller coaster experience ever on this ride. This is the only thrill ride available for the little ones.

  • Not everyone posting here has read what has already been said, because, again, the Barnstormer coaster IS staying as part of the Expansion. It’s just being re-themed to go with the Dumbo Circus theme! I do wish, though, that more questions that have been asked here could be answered soon. By Disney. And please keep Mickey and Minnie’s houses somewhere, even if at a different park. It’s a shame to just tear them down.

  • When we were there in September 2010, I asked a cast member about Mickey and Minnie’s houses (we made sure to go through them and take lots of pictures because I thought they were getting the axe) and he said that they were being moved to Main Street. Not sure how accurate that is, but just thought I’d share. And I thought I had read something about the Barnstormer being re-themed to a Snow White/mine train type coaster. Maybe that was just a rumor too?

  • @Amber, no, the Barnstormer coaster is being re-themed to match the Dumbo Circus atmosphere. But the Snow White/mine train type coaster (dark ride, slower than Big Thunder Mtn but maybe faster than a kiddie coaster?) might be coming, too, if what I’ve read on other sites is true. Taking the place of the expanded forest princess meet’n’greets. And the Snow White Scary Adventures ride might close in order to provide a new meet’n’greet place for the princesses without future homes (Aurora, Cindy, Snow White – since Ariel will have her ride area and Belle will have her restaurant area). I hope this info gets officially confirmed/denied soon so we know what is just rumor and what will definitely happen! I hope you’re right about the M&M houses being moved somewhere else, still accessible.

  • Any further news on the changes to the original plans? As a Disney lover (if not fanatic), I was excited to hear about the plans to expand Fantasyland. But as the mother of a son, I was not so excited to hear the original blueprint, with the emphasis being on the princesses. I hope that Disney is going to release the new plans soon, and that they will include some more “boyish” attractions. 🙂

  • I feel a bit down for that – I might go to MK in January-February to spend the very last day there or declare my first MNSSHP (last Oct.) as my last foray.

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