Santa’s 8 Famous Reindeer are at Disneyland Resort!

Santa’s eight famous reindeer have flown down from the North Pole to enjoy some Southern California sunshine at Santa’s Reindeer Roundup here at Disneyland park. That’s right! You can visit Comet, Cupid, Vixen, Donner, Blitzen, Dasher, Dancer, and Prancer from now until they leave on December 24 for their big night! Santa’s Reindeer Roundup is the perfect place for them to eat lots of special reindeer grain and rest up so they have plenty of energy to pull Santa’s sleigh full of toys. Here are a few fun facts about the reindeer:

  • All the reindeer have antlers that grow each year and shed in late winter.
  • Their wide, round hooves give them traction on snow and ice. (Perfect for taking off from all those rooftops!)
  • If they are lying down and chewing their cud that means they’re relaxed and happy.

Oh, and if you’re wondering where that other famous reindeer is, Santa needed him to stay at the North Pole. Someone needs to fly the sleigh down here to pick up the other reindeer on Christmas Eve. I hope you enjoy this video. Happy Holidays!


  • Um Greg. It is Donner. Thanks.

  • The name is Donder, not Donner.

  • I love seeing them at the Big Thunder Ranch every year.

  • Cool! How fun are they! They look really soft. 🙂

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