Sleeping Beauty’s Winter Castle

I’m always looking for a different angle, view or time of day to photograph Sleeping Beauty Castle. The Castle is the most photographed icon here at the Disneyland Resort, so it’s no easy task to find something new.

Sleeping Beauty’s Winter Castle

This one was taken just before sunrise so I used a slower shutter speed to get a little more blue color in the photo and a larger aperture to get some stars effects off the lights in the foreground.


  • ow, it´s a beautiful picture!! I wanna visit this place!!

  • I’m a huge Disneyland fan but we went to WDW a week ago and I’d have to see the WDW Castle beats the Disneyland one hands down. Check out the night photo I took (click on the photo to get the large clear version)

  • This is such a beautiful picture of the castle. Thanks for capturing this beautiful image!

  • Incredible! Love the lighting on the trees and the clear blue sky!

  • Just magical!!

  • My new wallpaper!! Gorgeous! Thank you for sharing!!

  • Great photo Paul!

  • Gorgeous photo! Thanks for sharing : )

  • This is pretty awesome!

  • Beautiful picture!

  • Great shot!

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