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The ‘Look’ of ElecTRONica! Part Two: The Faces of a Program

Robin Trowbridge

by , Entertainment Show Director, Disneyland Resort.

Greetings, Programs! Last week, we introduced you to part one of our series, “The ‘Look’ of ElecTRONica,” and showed you what a program wears and where the inspiration came from. Today, we want to follow up with Part Two: The Faces of a Program.

Faces of Electronica Faces of Electronica

To bring a program to life for ElecTRONica and actually give it a look of its own, the costumes had to be unique and inspiring. A program is not complete without the individual hairstyle and make-up.

Our hair and make-up team received clear direction from our partnership with the “TRON: Legacy” film production team on how to create the hair and make-up looks. To capture the mystery of the cyber realm, these looks feature a variety of cool tattoos, inspired directly by “TRON: Legacy.” Each tattoo is created with a specially designed stencil and airbrushed onto the skin, using paint that illuminates the design for a full night of adventure.

Faces of Electronica Faces of Electronica

It was very important to our team stay true to the movie, and we’re thrilled with the creative results that were achieved. Thanks to attention to the smallest details, our guests can enjoy an immersive experience that brings the fantasy that much closer to reality.

Faces of Electronica Faces of Electronica

So when you visit ElecTRONica, take a closer look at the programs you encounter. See how many of the 10 different make-up looks you can identify and recognize.

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  • I recognize two of the make up styles, the first one and the last but certainly not least Siren style. But its cool to see the tatoos that I didn’t get a look at. And the fact you lay them out on a template sheet for the fans, such as myself. Each one is so amazing and unique I don’t think I’ll ever forget them. They help draw you into the Grid further. Thank you so much for these wonderful blog entries about my new favorite event at Disneyland and DCA.

  • Bring elecTRONica to Disney World :]
    Thank You

  • We’ve been a bit rushed the past few times I’ve been to DLR, but next time I’ll make sure to stick around for the elecTRONica party at Ca adventure.

  • Love the movie and would love to head out to CA to see ElecTRONica. Sadly that won’t be happening in the near future.

  • ElecTRONica is the best “overlay” to hit a Disney theme park since Haunted Mansion Holiday. Details like these are what make it special. I can only hope that before it all ends, we get a version of it in Orlando! (Great on-set makeup photos, by the way.)

    Ricky B
    Inside the Magic

  • I LOVE ElecTRONica! It is one of my favorite things at the Disneyland resort now! :o) I think they should bring back the Peoplemover and add the new Tron sequence to it. That would be awesome! :o)

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