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Waikolohe Stream: Journey Along ‘Mischievous Waters’ Will Be an Aulani Highlight

As work continues on Aulani, a Disney Resort & Spa, Ko Olina, Hawai`i, one of my favorite aspects of the Resort – and one that will really set it apart from other island resorts – is taking shape. At the moment it’s still mostly framework, but the Waikolohe Stream, inspired by the natural landscape of the islands themselves, will provide adventure and fun for all ages when Aulani opens to guests in August 2011.

Artist Rendering of the Waikolohe Stream at Aulani, a Disney Resort & Spa

Waikolohe means “mischievous water,” and it’s a fitting name for the floating tube journey along Waikolohe Stream that will launch with an exhilarating water slide into a course that will take adventurers through an eye-catching lava outcropping (called Pu`u Kino) and through misty caverns dotted by beads of sunlight that will find their way through the rock. The occasional hot spring will blow off a little steam, while cooler and more “mischievous” fountain springs will surprise explorers with a bit of “added refreshment.”

Later this month, I’ll give you a preview of another fun feature that will make Aulani a one-of-a-kind vacation experience of fun and relaxation for the entire family.


  • Will this be similar to “The Current” River found at the Atlantis Resorts? For example, how long will it be and will there be a “moving conveyor belt” you ride to the “top” of the river?

  • Aulani is a very precious name that you do not hear to often. My mom named me after a really good friend of hers and I name my daughter after me. Then I heard there was a hotel being build with our name sake and did not know what to say. I moved from Hawaii 21 years ago and visit every year, unfortunately we were unable to go this year, my mom visited us instead. When my family and I have a chance to go down next year it would really be nice to see my name sake.

  • Looks awesome! I just might have to plan our 1st trip to HI once this opens.

  • what’s the significance of the number 1920 on the right side of the bridge?

    It would be great if this were fed with ocean water. I hear fresh water is scarce on the island.

  • I have a question; more of a thought to put in an Imagineer’s ear. Would Disney consider making the original version of Enchanted Tiki Room for the resort? (For those who don’t know, the original Tiki Room concept was to be a dinner show, put on by the birds, over the diners’ heads.) Also, how much of a Lilo and Stitch influence will there be? Maybe a resort exclusive attraction?

  • Aloha Drew. You’re mistaken. We have no shortage of fresh water. Hawaii, although seemngly remote, is quite modern. E Komo Mai (welcome).

  • 1920 is the year that Prince Kuhio submitted a bill for Hawaii to gain statehood. 1920 is also when Hawaii had the Hawaiian Rehabilitation Act of 1920 which was supposed to encourage native Hawaiians’ self-sufficiency through homesteading, eventually put about 81,000 hectares (200,000 acres) in trust.

  • I would also like to know if Stitch and Lilo will be there!!

  • Can’t wait for Aulani to open, we’ll be there!!!

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