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Wildlife Wednesdays: Baby Animals’ First Christmas

Each year my team has lots of fun transforming the Wildlife Tracking Center at Rafiki’s Planet Watch into a unique winter wonderland. I say unique because I bet most holiday decorations don’t include a poop snowman family!

A Poop Snowman Family at the Wildlife Tracking Center at Rafiki's Planet Watch

This year our theme is “Babies’ First Christmas.” We’re celebrating the first Christmas of all of our animal babies born at Disney’s Animal Kingdom in 2010, including a baby white rhino, Lola; a baby gorilla, Lilly; and a baby elephant, Luna. All of the plush animals in the Wildlife Tracking Center are decked out in their holiday finest and decorations include a favorite Wildlife Tracking Center holiday tradition: the cotton-top tamarin Christmas tree.

Woodrat Plush Animals Decked Out for the Holidays at the Wildlife Tracking Center

We have some fun baby animal trivia to share with Guests who visit us. I’ll share a few of the trivia questions here with Disney Parks Blog readers (answers are at the end of this post):

  1. What species produced the smallest baby?
  2. What species produced the largest baby?
  3. What species produced the second most babies in 2010?

A big part of the celebration, of course, is helping to ensure a bright new year for wildlife and nature. Everyone can help to do that by using the Earth’s resources wisely, including always remembering to reduce, reuse and recycle, and supporting wildlife conservation organizations, including the Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund.

Trivia question answers:

  1. Tanzanian tailless whip scorpion (too small to be weighed!)
  2. Elephant (our newest baby elephant, Luna, weighed 288 pounds at birth.)
  3. Taveta golden weaver (a species of bird native to Africa), 90 were hatched — the species that produced the most (300 babies) was, once again, the Tanzanian tailless scorpion.


  • Poop snowmen! Too cute!

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