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Wildlife Wednesdays: Meerkat and Warthog (aka Timon and Pumbaa)

A Meerkat Keeping Watch on Pangani Forest Exploration Trail at Disney's Animal Kingdom

Fans of “The Lion King” (and who isn’t a fan of this iconic Disney animated feature film!) are thrilled to learn that they can see Simba’s pals – real-life Timons and Pumbaas – when they visit Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Guests can spot meerkats keeping watch over their territory on Pangani Forest Exploration Trail and warthogs browsing and playing on the Kilimanjaro Safaris.

A Warthog Playing on the Kilimanjaro Safaris at Disney's Animal Kingdom

Here are some meerkat and warthog fun facts:

  • A group of meerkats is called a “mob” and every member plays an important role. Some are sentries, babysitters, food gatherers, and housekeepers. Scorpions are a favorite food since meerkats are immune to their venom.
  • In July, we announced the birth of our three baby warthogs – all males – on the Disney Parks Blog. Only male warthogs have prominent warts, skin growths that cushion blows sustained during battles with other male warthogs over females for the right to mate. And although the upper tusks are more impressive, it is the sharper lower tusks that are the warthog’s principal weapons.
  • Conservation fun fact: The Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund has been caring for wildlife and wild places for 15 years. Since its inception in 1995 and its first grants in 1998, the Fund has awarded more than $15 million to conservation programs in more than 100 countries.


  • These ‘lil guys are so cute! Thank you so much for sharing with us! The pictures gave me a big smile to start my Wednesday! 🙂

  • Loving the Wildlife Wednesdays! Interesting tusk fact, and absolutely wonderful pictures! 🙂

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