Winter Hats at the Parks: Do You Have a Favorite?

Heather Hust Rivera

by , Vice President, Consumer Products

It’s been a little chillier than usual for us Southern Californians this winter. If you’re visiting the Disneyland Resort and are in need of something to keep you warm, take a peek at our winter headwear. There are more than 25 winter hats available around the Resort. They’ll keep you warm and also make for a fun souvenir.

Take a look at this video showing some of the hats available.

Do you have a favorite?


  • My favorites are the Mickey and Minnie Santa hats. I have one of each.

  • heather i was wondering does disneyland do anything with admission and toys for tots?

  • My favorite hat is one I got many years ago when I was on vacation at Disneyland. It was a snowman. To this day I still get so many comments from other guests & cast members when I wear it in the parks!

  • My favorite is the pink Santa hat I got my daughter in 2005, with a golden tiara on it. I love to come home with a new disney hat from our trips.

  • i love christmas hat and some other

  • I really like the plaid Mickey hat at 14 seconds!

  • I would like to see a) many, many more winter hats online at, and b) one particular hat I’ve never, ever been able to find since 1999-2000 (at WDW), and I’ve dearly wanted one for my very own ever since. It’s the Christmas tree hat with the different characters (Mickey, Donald, Goofy, etc.) as ornaments. Heck, I’d even take the Holiday Hat Trick tree hat in the WDCC Holiday Hat Trick figurine (the Christmas Tree with all the Donald accoutrements on it) as a match to my aforementioned Holiday Hat Trick figurine.


  • I love love LOVE the Stitch Santa hat, but I need a new one and they no longer sell them. =(

  • What about a Donald Christmas sailor hat?

  • Minnie. I have one from Orlando in 2008.

  • What a delightfully cute idea for a video Heather! Kudos! The plaid is my favorite, too!

  • wow these hats are wonderful and really help you out. specially with the nice cool weather in southern california. i took a grey beanie with a mickey mouse logo enbroidered

  • Interesting hats, but I still find my favorite hat to be the Santa Stitch hat. Given the fact that my favorite character is Stitch, and it was an amazing hat to find Stitch’s ears on, it will always be my favorite Disney Christmas hat. Does anyone know if they will ever come out with them again?

  • I loove the plaid santa hat, I have never seen that one before! I love all the hats but especially the ones with ears. I have a Mickey Mouse ski-style beanie (like with ear flaps and two hanging braids) that is not from the Disneyland resort, but it is from the regular Disney store, and it has Mickey’s face on the front and two big pom-poms for Mickey ears 🙂 I am excited because I don’t think very many other people will have it, I cannot wait to wear it to the resort in a few weeks!

  • i love them all !!!! i wish i could buy them online !

  • I love the Minnie Mouse Santa hat! It gives a nice feel to Disney with a girlie twist! Not to mention it makes me look really good 😉 I love Christmas time hats at Disneyland!!

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