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Young Voice in ‘Tangled’ Meets Rapunzel in the ‘Best! Day! Ever!’

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Parks

Delaney Rose Stein with Rapunzel (Inset: Rapunzel as a Little Girl)

Rapunzel and Flynn have become big hits at the box office in “Tangled,” as audiences are getting all tangled up in their hair-raising adventures. But before the teenager with the long tresses in the film was locked away in a tall, hidden tower, she was a little girl. And that little girl had a voice.

While it was a small part, it was a big deal to Delaney Rose Stein, the five-year-old girl who provides the few lines of dialogue for “young Rapunzel” in “Tangled.” She even shares a duet in the film (and on the film’s soundtrack) with Donna Murphy, the Tony Award-winning actress who portrays Mother Gothel.

Recently, Delaney Rose Stein visited the Magic Kingdom with her family and had a chance to meet Rapunzel in, appropriately, the “Rose” Garden. We tagged along to capture this short video and photo. In addition to both sharing the same lovely hue of hair, little Delaney might have described meeting her on-screen heroine in Rapunzel’s famous, three word exclamation: “Best! Day! Ever!”


  • WOW!!! What an exciting moment for a mommy and daddy and their precious little star. Making memories everyday as Delaney grows into a young lady and into a woman. I am honored to know such a wonderful, talented and kindhearted family!! Love to you all and best of luck in the future of Disney!!!

  • Great video, Tangled is doing well

  • What a lucky little girl to be a part of Disney history like that, in the movie.

  • What a nice video.
    Rapunzel and Flynn are awesome additions to the Magic Kingdom!

  • When I asked her she said, “there was just enough magic left turn it blond again, so I want to grow it out again!”

  • i actually asked that question and im 20! she said she had it braided by her friends so she can go on adventures! the video is adorable!

  • How does Rapunzel explain her shorter hair to the Park Guests? Or is that explained near the end of the movie? I’m going this weekend, so am not ‘in the know’. I imagine this is something a child might ask!

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