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Celebrating January Birthdays: Danny Kaye

George Savvas

by , Director, Public Relations, Disneyland Resort

Wrapping up our look at famous Disney friends born in the month of January is one of the most famous comedic film actors in history.

Danny Kaye was born on January 18, 1913, and is pictured in this hilarious 1958 photo riding Autopia with his daughter. It’s unclear to me exactly what’s going on here, but I just love this picture.

Danny Kaye Riding Autopia with his Daughter in 1958

Mr. Kaye’s work with Disney occurred many years later; first in 1980 when he hosted a television special celebrating the 25th anniversary of Disneyland park, and again two years later when he hosted another television special celebrating the opening of Epcot.

His affection for our parks in those specials was obvious. In the Disneyland special, Mr. Kaye said, “You’re never too old, and you’re never too young to enjoy the magic of the Magic Kingdom.”


  • I LOVE this picture. Now I want to go watch White Christmas… Ha!

  • I love Danny Kaye! I didn’t know that we have the same birthday, that’s awesome!

  • LOL, I think what’s going on there is that his daughter is driving and she just hit the pedal to floor it!

  • Would love to see the mentioned 25th anniversary Disneyland special with Danny Kaye and the opening of Epcot!

    Please open up the Disney Vault and put these shows and others like them up on your site or on Disney Channel or maybe run them on a channel in your resorts?

  • Danny Kaye portrayed physical comedy so well long before people like Jim Carrey were even born! He was a comic genius. This is a great picture, thanks for posting it.

  • heyy, where are the rating stars? *****???? i like them

  • Love the incomparable Danny Kaye and Disneyland!

  • Haha I’ll bet they were just checking if his seat belt was on, and his daughter was just concentrating on driving lol, gotta love anyone that doesn’t want to grow up. lol

  • Disney channel ran all of the Disneyland specials back-to-back one time that I know of… about 18 years ago or so. First one was the opening of Disneyland with Walt from 1955 and the last one was Ernest goes to Splash Mountain (or something like that…) The Danny Kaye one was also in there. One ended with DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince singing Supercalafragilistic… and there was one with the cast of Cheers and the Haunted Mansion. The Osmonds, Kurt Russell and Michael Jackson were among the many celebs in these great classics. I have tried and tried to get copies of them, but no luck yet. Someday….

  • I would love to see Disney re-run “The Wonderful World of Color” series that ran in the 1960’s. Marvelous series – remember watching it as a boy.

  • I love this picture! And I love him in White Christmas!

  • TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY TOO. I got D23 Expo tickets!!! Im so excited

  • One of my favorite Danny Kaye songs is from a casette tape I had as a kid called “Baseball’s Greatest Hits”. It’s a song about the Dodgers and the Giants, it’s fast passed, it’s funny and it’s catchy.

    Co-Host of the WDW Fan Boys Podcast

  • I love to see the old pics like this to see the suburban look in the background. It looks like Autopia is in the middle of a neighborhood. Grass and space between rides? Too much fun!

  • YEA!! we share birthdays :> he is a very funny man and I love that he loves Disney bc I do too. What a great picture – thank you for sharing with us :>

  • Very nice! Love Danny Kaye. This is a great pic. The look on his daughter’s face is great 🙂

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