Celebrating January Birthdays: Guy Williams

George Savvas

by , Director, Public Relations, Disneyland Resort

Continuing our look at famous Disney friends born in the month of January, I found some unique photos of one of the most popular Disney television stars of the 1950s. What’s great is that this actor was actually at Disneyland park in costume for the role he was famous for!

Guy Williams was born January 14, 1924. He portrayed the title role in Disney’s popular television series, “Zorro,” from 1957 to 1959. These photos were taken in April 1958 as part of a series of special appearances inside Disneyland park to promote “Zorro.”

Guy Williams Visits Disneyland Park in April 1958

In this photo, Mr. Williams can be seen riding his horse near the entrance to Frontierland. It must have been pretty exciting for Zorro fans to see their hero up close in the park!

Guy Williams Visits Disneyland Park in April 1958

Here, the excitement continues as Williams can be seen dueling with Zorro’s nemesis, Captain Monasterio, on top of the Mark Twain Riverboat!

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  • Great to see Zorro in Disneyland’s Fronteirland. I know Paris Disneyland was trying to bring Zorro in as a frequent figure in Thunder Mesa. Maybe Disneyland could bring Zorro and other Disney Legends back into the land like Whyatt Earp, Doc Holiday, Johnny Ringo, Johnny Slaughter, Davy Crockett, Samual Clemens….

  • Great photos! Thanks for posting them.

    I loved the Fox (Zorro) and Guy Williams was great in the role.

    His Dr. John Robinson from Lost in Space was awesome!

  • What fun! Blending Disney TV with the Park. George, there’s a book in all these wonderful celebrity photos.

  • He’s sooooooo dreamy!!! Far and away the best Zorro ever! It’s unfortunate more seasons couldn’t be worked out, but I am ever so thankful for my set on DVD! I watch them all the time! It doesn’t get better than Zorro, Sergeant Garcia, Bernardo, and the gang!

  • I was very excited to see Zorro and Toronado last Sunday along the WDW Marathon race course! Zorro has always been one of my favorites.

  • Great actor, I love this serie.

  • Zorro was my hero when I was five. And my grandfather was often kind enough to play (and resemble) Sergeant Garcia. I had a cape, mask and sword and no one told me that I couldn’t be Zorro when I grew up because I was a girl. Thanks for posting and bringing back the memories.

  • Thanks for posting these wonderful photos. I was a big Zorro fan growing up. History was never as much fun in school. As a matter of fact, I think I learned more history from watching Disney TV shows than I learned in the classroom. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the networks would start airing shows like this again.

  • Very cool.

    Those are great shots. It goes to show that Walt loved to promote his current projects in the park. 🙂

  • Watched all these show as a young man, they were really good . Hope Disney will always remember the way it all started and the stars that made us fans. Thanks

  • Zorro was such an amazing show! Pity Walt couldn’t have worked things out for a third season, and more. But Guy Williams lives on in our hearts! BTW – did he EVER stop smiling?

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