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Cheers, Santé, Prost, Kampai Aboard the Disney Dream

Rest and relaxation is reason enough for a grown-up cruise getaway, and whether sipping a cocktail or enjoying a glass of Champagne or wine, there’s a buzz about the Disney Dream’s innovative spirits and knockout wine lists.

Taittinger Champagne label for the Disney Dream’s inaugural year

Taittinger has created a Champagne label just for the inaugural year of the newest Disney Cruise Line vessel. Aboard the ship, it’s served in all the lounges, but the most fun place to sip is Pink, an intimate cocktail bar in The District (the nighttime entertainment area with five adults-only venues), where a special Taittinger Prestige Rose is the signature sparkling “pink.” Guests also may purchase bottles of the special Taittinger Champagne to take home with them, exclusively on the Disney Dream.

Clovis Taittinger in Pink, the intimate cocktail bar on the Disney Dream

Our favorite spot for handcrafted cocktails is upscale Skyline, also in The District, where the bar backdrop is a virtual skyline that changes from Paris to Rio, New York, Chicago and Hong Kong on seven 65-inch LCD screens. As the view changes, the ambient music also stays in sync with each city.

Skyline on the Disney Dream

Drinks, too, are themed to each of the cities, such as the Paris 75, the Eco-Tini for Rio, Zen-Chanted for Hong Kong, Metropolitan for New York, and the Blues for Chicago.

Paris 75 (Paris) Eco-Tini (Rio) Zen-Chanted (Hong Kong)  Metropolitan (New York) Blues (Chicago)

Also within The District, 687 is more of a pub than a lounge (“687” refers to the vessel number assigned by the shipyard to the Disney Dream). The boisterous pub features an exclusive “687” red lager, malty and slightly sweet, made with Noble hops grown in central Europe.

Special attention was given to the wine lists at Remy – there are two, one with nearly 200 wines from around the globe (mostly French), and a second, Remy’s Vault, with just 22 exclusive wines presented tableside in an elegant velvet box by a white-gloved sommelier. The list includes a 1947 Château Cheval Blanc in a nod to the Disney∙Pixar film “Ratatouille” (it’s the wine requested by the movie’s prickly food critic). Considered one of the best vintages in the world, a single bottle retails for $25,000! The list also includes a most notable 1961 Château Latour (in the film, Skinner offers Linguini a bottle of this exceptional vintage in hopes of learning his cooking secrets).

The Wine Room within Remy on the Disne

After-dinner libations include Rémy Martin Louis XIII Rare Cask, one of the most sought-after cognacs for connoisseurs, aged in centuries-old casks and served from an elegant Baccarat crystal decanter.

Across from Remy is Palo, where a sparkling prosecco and a lush red Barolo were both exclusively bottled for the upscale, Italian-inspired restaurant. Palo’s signature “Balsamic Grande” cocktail features vodka, a splash of five-year-old balsamic vinegar and fresh muddled strawberries. For a special after-dinner wow, grappa is served from a jeroboam bottle.

For guests who prefer no alcohol (and younger guests), mixologists have created new non-alcoholic cocktails. Many are made with “better for you” ingredients such as organic spirits, fresh fruits and herbs, and lower calorie no-sugar-added fruit purees. For instance, the purple basil lemonade mixes cranberry juice, sparkling water, lime and fresh basil; the mint tea punch is English breakfast tea, cranberry and pineapple juices, fresh lime juice, agave nectar, and a splash of sparkling water.



  • We have been able to get Palo when we get on board ship, so definitely head right there when you board. I just came off the Dream and the night that I would trade for eating at Palo or Remy would be Artist’s Palate, the selection and the food weren’t good at all. You can tell what your dining rotation is on the room key card by the letters. The best food was the night at the Royal Palace. What I can’t understand is that each time I have dined in the Artist’s Palate on each one of the ships, the food was terrible and by far that restaurant has the most unique ambiance, especially the new Dream, but I would give up eating there in a heartbeat next time.

  • Great adult entertainment on The Dream and considering Bahamas itinerar is mostly time on the ship will permit us to enjoy a lot of the ship. Is the US $ 25,000 wine for sale or exhibition ? Not that I want to buy it just plain curious. I think I would enjoy more the Champagne with The Dream Label in Pink. 🙂

    • $25K wine is for sale — part of Remy’s Vault list.

  • Definitely waiting a year when I’ll be 21 to go on my first Disney cruise! This stuff really seals the deal.

  • do you know how much the bottle of champange is , i dont drink the stuff but would like to takethe bottle home as a keepsake

  • As soon as you board (before even going to your cabin) go to wherever they are taking the reservations for Palo. They have spaces available and also a wait list. I think with these 3 and 4 day sailings on the Dream it cuts down on the availability. Good Luck.

  • Mary Kathryn, relax, I’ve been on 5 Disney cruises and have sometimes been abke to book Palo online and sometimes not. But I’ve always gotten a reservation the day I boarded. We will be on tomorrow’s inaugural cruise of the Dream and we tried to login at 12:00 midnight east coast time on the appointed day 90 days ago even though we were “gold level” Disney cruisers, the “platinum level” cruisers had already booked ALL Remy and Palo reservations. Our travel agent (who specializes in cruising and has always given us good advice) told us once again not to worry as 50% of reservations are held open so folks can book on board. We’re going to be at the terminal early tomorrow and are hoping it will work again.

  • I don’t drink alcohol, but I’m always willing to try new things. Where would be the best places onboard and at Castaway Cay to try non-alcoholic cocktails?

    • All of the adult lounges serve non-alcoholic cocktails! Just ask.

  • Im’ going to set sail on February’s 11th .. can’t wait!
    Is it possible to buy one of those bottles, to keep as a memory? or they are only available while having a meal?

  • Thanks all… I did call DCL first thing this AM. They told me there was nothing they could do at this point to secure me a reservation. I am encouraged to hear that you got a reservation onboard Kathleen and Tricia… I thought the reps were just suggesting that to make me fee better. Love people that love WDW … always so helpful! : )

  • Mary and Jennifer… don’t fret just yet. Give the good folks at DCL a call and ask them about availability of Palo / Remy. Let them know what you are wanting to do. These folks are great and will bend over backwards to help make your voyage a great one. No one can guarantee that you’ll be successful, but they’ll do their best. (No, I don’t work for DCL, but I’ve taken 6 DCL cruises and have a 7th one booked.) Don’t give up on Palo, it’s worth the effort to get there.

  • don’t forget you can make reservations when you get onboard, they only allow a limited number of pre sail reservations, and the number of reservations overall is also limited, but if you get onboard early, you could very well get your special dinner!

  • When we went on our first cruise everything was booked for Palo. When we boarded the ship were we able to get reservations. You might want to see if you can get them when you board. There will be some cancellations!

    Have Fun!

  • I agree with Mary…I think the new cruisers who haven’t had a chance yet to try new things should be getting the chance to book before the Castaway Club members.

  • I wish I could say I could try either of these WONDERFUL places on my Dream Cruise in April. Signed on today (first day to make reservations) and there are NO reservations for Remy or Palo available for my cruise dates. We are SOOO disappointed. And as DVC members traveling without children, we are VERY disappointed. I can’t imagine to think of how many expensive character dinning meals I have sat through. Child free Disney vacation and we were hoping for some child free dinning. I understand the booking window is longer for previously traveled guests but how are us newbie cruisers supposed to try anything out if at 6AM on our first booking window day everything is booked? : ( There should be a percentage of reservations made available to first time cruisers on our date of booking availability. BOOOOO.

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