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Disney Double 5 Collection

Michelle Harker

by , Manager, Event Programming

Disney Double 5

The New Year has brought many exciting new things including the introduction of a new “house label,” that will rock the Disney fashion world. If you’re looking to add more of an edge to your current “Disney” look, then you will definitely enjoy this sneak peek from the new Disney Double 5 Collection, which will debut February 5 at D Street at the Disneyland Resort. While it may be quite different than the norm, it’s fun and often inspiring to see how some of our new artists interpret our classic characters and give them a little bit of an urban Disney twist.

Disney Double 5 Collection

There are quite a few different designs to choose from, including “How You Like Me?”, “World Famous” and Half Steppin’, among others. Not only will you find the designs on original and limited edition artwork, but you’ll also find it on ladies and men’s tees, tanks and hats.

When asked about what inspired some of these new designs, artist Les Schettkoe says, “in some instances, like the “How You Like Me?” painting, I just wanted to show that even scruffier kids are big Mickey Mouse fans at heart. I wanted to give Mickey Mouse a different attitude, a different look and an altogether different feel, sort of have him, walking tough.”

Disney Double 5 Collection

Here’s a special tip for you. If this new style has kind of piqued your interest, or you know someone that you think this would be the perfect fit for, then be sure to let stop by D Street to meet the artist and designer, Les Schettkoe from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. at D Street.


  • Yes…please make plus sizes available in these great designs!

  • Maybe Mickeys pal Bruto should be on these shirts with him.

  • Love the name. Double 5. Any reference to 1955?

  • I agree on plus sizes! I am going to be there on February 5, and will check it out!

  • I’ll be double5 (55) years old this year. I agree, the edgy designs are great; I’d love to see watches (for sports and work), other office items (iPhone covers?), and some “subtle” designs (hidden mickeys).

  • im going to be in fl from 31 jan to 5 feb can i buy these any where

  • like the top make some in plus size 1x 2x 3x

  • Are these going to be really thin yet really pricey like everything else is in D Street?

  • Ok….Here comes the 20 years of Merchandise and Product Development experience talking here…..

    Awesome, Awesome, Awesome!!!!

    Ok….now….. You are missing Ties, duffle bags, watches, etc with the logos!!!!!

    Bring it on Disney!

  • I like the tank top with read strips and the t-shirt with 2 mickeys on it(in gray)!

  • Yes, please make these in PLUS sizes.

  • Please make the in PLUS sizes.

  • Love these!!! Will they be available only at D Street – or will they be available online as well?

  • CUTE!!

  • Love these!

  • PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE .. make Spaghetti strap tank tops PLEASE .. I like the design.. Edgie ,, yet Mickey all the way ..

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