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UPDATE: Disney Dream Christening Webcast

UPDATE: Hi everyone, we are no longer replaying the Disney Dream christening ceremony but you can see some video highlights from celebration as well as some new images in my most recent post.

Live from Port Canaveral in Florida, Disney Cruise Line is holding a spectacular christening ceremony today for the newest ship in our fleet, the Disney Dream. Watch it live here on the Disney Parks Blog or at, starting at 10:30 a.m. Eastern.

It’s another magical milestone in the ship’s journey to her public debut one week from today, when she’ll invite guests aboard for her long-awaited maiden voyage to the Bahamas.

Today’s webcast will include the entire christening event plus material just for those of you watching online. We’ll also answer several questions fans submitted on Facebook, Twitter and the Disney Parks Blog. The webcast requires a computer or mobile device that supports Flash so wherever you are, make sure you’re able to watch it.

Disney Cruise Line wouldn’t be the success it is without the support of our fans all over the world so we’re delighted to share today’s special occasion with you.

Tell us what you thought of the ceremony by adding a comment below. Later today, we’ll post photo and video highlights here on the Disney Parks Blog. Thanks for watching!


  • Very disappointed. I was never able to get it to load and I was really hoping to watch the whole thing.

  • its not loading anymore, I’m not sure why.
    I’m pretty upset I wanted to watch it this morning but couldn’t :[
    fix please??

  • dude, I can’t watch it…omg. It says its loading and that little cricle thingy keeps spinning. Isn’t there somewhere else to watch the WHOLE Disney Dream christening ceremony??? My gracious… 🙁

  • My family and are are sailing on the Disney Dream August 2011 – this was AWESOME to watch – it brought tears to my mom’s eyes!!!! Walt would be proud!!!!!

  • Kate is very excited about the Aqua Duck!!! The kids stuff looks cool.

  • This was fantastic!!! Going on the Dream in April. I can’t wait to ride on the Aqua Duck!!!

  • We cannot wait to come aboard. We will be on the ship in just three weeks and my husband and I are as excited as my 5 and 7 year old!

  • Please post the video up somewhere so those that had problems viewing the live event can see it. Please!! It says it is replaying right now but it just keeps loading…

  • Missed it this morning….but I can only say…TOTAL AWESOME! Only Disney can do it this great!

  • I watched with tears as my daughter Kayla is one of the new crew members who boarded this magnificent ship in Germany. I really cried when the Dream arrived at Port Canavaral. The fireworks where there and here as we were proud of Disney and our daughter. I thank Disney for this Dream Ship and the dream of my daughter to work for Disney.

  • Blog items that automatically start streaming are annoying for people like me who like to check the page for updates during breaks at work but aren’t supposed to view streaming audio or video due to bandwidth limitations…

  • Will it be published on YouTube after the broadcast? Because I missed the beginning.

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