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UPDATE: Disney Dream Christening Webcast

UPDATE: Hi everyone, we are no longer replaying the Disney Dream christening ceremony but you can see some video highlights from celebration as well as some new images in my most recent post.

Live from Port Canaveral in Florida, Disney Cruise Line is holding a spectacular christening ceremony today for the newest ship in our fleet, the Disney Dream. Watch it live here on the Disney Parks Blog or at, starting at 10:30 a.m. Eastern.

It’s another magical milestone in the ship’s journey to her public debut one week from today, when she’ll invite guests aboard for her long-awaited maiden voyage to the Bahamas.

Today’s webcast will include the entire christening event plus material just for those of you watching online. We’ll also answer several questions fans submitted on Facebook, Twitter and the Disney Parks Blog. The webcast requires a computer or mobile device that supports Flash so wherever you are, make sure you’re able to watch it.

Disney Cruise Line wouldn’t be the success it is without the support of our fans all over the world so we’re delighted to share today’s special occasion with you.

Tell us what you thought of the ceremony by adding a comment below. Later today, we’ll post photo and video highlights here on the Disney Parks Blog. Thanks for watching!


  • We are on our way home from participating in the christening celebration, it was a great time! Thank you Disney for inviting us out! The ship looks beautiful! I hope to book a cruise on it soon! Yar… We be pirates!

  • OMG, Disney has amazed me again!!!! They can surely make everything MAGICAL! I’m sitting in my living room watching on my computer with goosebumps and tears, I can only imagine how the people who are experiencing this milestone firsthand are feeling.

  • I work for the most Magical Company in the World; and I will go on my 11th Disney Cruise on Sunday, January 30th on The Disney Dream!!! Everyone should come to Florida to experience the Place where Dreams really Do Come True!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • that was just awesome….going to WWD in a few weeks, going to have to plan the cruise on my next visit!!!!

  • AWESOME!!!

  • So excited! 10 Family members going on the 2nd sailing! We’ve done this 3 times! No better relaxing vacation for parents and kids! Entertainment is geared to all ages! So worth the price!

  • we are so excited to be on the Dream on February 13th….our first cruise with Disney and with 3 girls I’m not sure who’s more excited – them or me!! Love that Jennifer Hudson is the godmother of the Dream – great christening ceremony!!!!!!

  • WOW!!!
    Disney does it like nobody else! My whole family, 14 of us will be sailing the Disney Wonder in May. Can’t wait! Everyone is so excited! Just love them to death. We have been to Disneyland a few times and we never get tired of going! Thanks Disney, looking forward to experience the Disney Cruise Line.

  • Awesome live launch party! My grand daughter enjoyed watching. Thanks for sharing with the world via the internet!

  • A christening done only the Disney way; large, exciting, grand, pulling out all the stops for a magical extravaganza!
    Been on both ships and booked for this one in May!! My 6year old grandson’s trip for being declared cancer free!!! That wasn’t a dream, but a miracle!
    Watching from Tupelo. MS

  • This was such a treat to watch it live! Good Luck Disney Dream and may you always have “a calm sea and prosperous voyage” 🙂

  • That was amazing. I love this beautiful new ship and can’t wait to take my children on their first Disney cruise.

  • This was awesome! Disney is a great company. I can’t wait to sail on Disney Dream…We had a great time on The Disney Wonder!

  • That was absolutely spectacular! I hope to sail on it one day! 😀

  • We can’t wait….2 days till our preview cruise…..

  • AMAZING!!!! And to think – it all started with a mouse.


  • Fantastic show!!!

  • Well done! Congratulations to the entire ship cast and crew as well as the entire Entertainment cast, and crew. As a former MK entertainer it was Magical! Bon Voyage!

  • Loved it! Brought tears to my eyes. Would love to be taking a trip soon. Guess I’ll have to wait. Too bad the host couldn’t pronounce AquaDuck right.

  • that was really cool!! video would get stuck every so often but i saw the important parts :> thanks for letting us see what is going on in FL when we are counting down the days until we are there :>

  • A kind of live production for a great ship that is about to make dreams come true! Thanks Disney!

  • How fun! I’ve been on 2 Disney cruises and so envy those lucky enough to go on the first voyage.

  • “Dreams empower us to do the impossible” I like that quote!

  • MAGICAL…A dream come true!!!!!! Walt Disney will be so proud.
    Wishing you Success, Happiness and Good Fortune.

  • My video is not working but I’ve been following on Twitter. Looks amazing, great job Disney! Cannot wait until I get to go on it!

  • can hear it but can’t see it 🙁

  • Thanks for letting us watch and see a Dream come true!

  • My video isn’t working either! 🙁 I can hear, but not see it!

  • im watching right here from california.,.,now live,.,.

  • Dang flash and IPads! I’m heading to the port to watch her pull out at least!

  • My Video isn’t working either, only sound coming through.

  • will this be recorded and available on the blog? I can’t watch it at work…

  • I can’t see video, only hear sound ????

  • Watching with tears in my eyes…what a wonderful experience this would be for any family! Unfortunately for my family it is a “Dream” that will probably never come true:( With my husband being in the military it just isn’t very probable…especially now with him being in Iraq. But maybe someday with my grandkids! haha

  • Will need to watch after the fact, streaming server is not running.

  • So excited. We’ve been on numerous Disney cruises and are looking forward to the new ship(s)!

  • I can hear the video but, the picture is frozen.

  • My video is not working either

  • I am trying to watch it… but it keeps telling me server not found… why?

  • Come on Disney! Fix the live stream! I really want to watch this.

  • Already booked to sail on the DREAM – Can Not wait!!!

  • I think today, Walt would be proud.

  • Watching the christening from the Netherlands. We’re sailing in February on the Magic, hope to catch a glimpse of the Disney Dream!

  • Monstro-sized ship with a Tinkerbell-sized webcast. Why no full screen option? 🙁

  • So far so awesome!


  • Family across the USA is patiently watching and waiting. GREAT!

  • I can’t hardly stand it I am so excited… Hoping to be able to be on the maiden voyage of the Disney Fantasy in a little over a year. Wanting to celebrate our 15th year anniversary Disney style plus wanting that honeymoon that was never taken….
    Disney is the most spectacular place on earth … moves me to tears each time we are able to take the kids!

  • Very excited for this!

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