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Disney Merchandise for Living Happily Ever After

Steven Miller

by , Manager, External Affairs

Bride and Groom Disney Ear Hats

Have you ever attended a Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings? I did about 11 years ago when a dear friend was married at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa. It was such a magical event – I mean, who wouldn’t want to get married in the happiest place on earth? With Valentine’s Day approaching, I figured there may be some of you ready to tie the knot (or at least ask “that” big question). If you have been reading Korri McFann’s articles, then you are aware of the many opportunities we offer to create special wedding moments. But what do you give the happy couple? I walked the hallways of Disney Theme Park Merchandise and found several items with one common theme – a bride and groom Disney Ear Hat.

Megan Kachur, developer for ear hats, said the hats have been around forever (perhaps they were married long ago). These hats served as the inspiration for an entire art program developed by David Whitaker, Product Developer for Home and Décor.

Bride and Groom Disney Ear Hat Merchandise

“I chose the ear hats as I wanted a wedding message that was related to our Disney Parks,” said David. “I’ve seen many honeymoon couples at Disney who love wearing those hats, so it made sense to have an assortment featuring those icons.”

For the ear-hat art program, there are a variety of items including pins (the ultra portable item to inform others you are the happy couple); photo albums and wedding frames to capture memories from the special day; and my favorite item – coffee cups. Those cups sure make it easy to identify who gets what cup in the morning (especially when one is a little sleepy).

Mickey and Minnie Wedding Figurines

Another common theme I discovered was Minnie and Mickey portrayed as a bride and groom. There are some new figurines that look incredible (especially Minnie’s wedding gown). David shared some additional details.
“Minnie’s wedding gown has a pearlescent finish which makes it shimmer,” explained David. “I think the ‘over the threshold’ figure is my favorite. It is not only a great gift but I’ve seen people use it as a cake topper.”

Disney Bride and Groom Vinylmation Figures

My final (possibly favorite) thing I found was sitting on Maria Clapsis’ desk at Disney Design Group. Maria is one of our artists who designs Vinylmation figures. She created a one-of-a-kind custom Vinylmation set for her friends who were tying the knot. Talk about a personalized gift – wow!

So now it is your turn. Have you given a special Disney gift to a recently married couple? I’m sure there are others out there looking for some inspiration.


  • Steven, You are THE BEST! Thank you for the update, you will make so many guests very happy 🙂 Now we can all plan ahead, especially with Spring Break right around the corner!!!! You will LOVE THE NEW DISNEY DREAM!!!! It was worth waiting for and beyond the word MAGICAL!!!!!!!! 🙂

  • @Dana – Just got a date from the events team regarding Trading Night in March. It will be held on Friday, March 18 from 6-9 in the Ballroom of the Americas at Disney’s Contemporary Resort. Glad to hear you had a great trip! I can’t wait to set sail on the Disney Dream.

    @Kimberly – I was able to confirm that the groom ear hat pictured above has returned to Disneyland Resort and should return to Walt Disney World Resort within the next two weeks (if not sooner).

    Congratulations in advance on your marriage. I wish you many happy years of love, laughter and, of course, pixie dust 🙂

  • We are getting married in 2 weeks and everyone has said that you can’t find the bride and groom ears anymore!! We will be VERY DISAPPOINTED if this is actually the case!!

  • Hi Steven, Thanks for the great report and I LOVE what Maria did for her friend. She has great talent! We just got back from the Maiden Voyage of the Disney Dream, any news if there is an upcoming new Castaway Cay vinylmation? We all had a awesome surprise release with the 3″ Night & Day combo pack!!! 🙂 Also, you have some loyal guests that would love a vinylmation/pin trading night for WDW. Any chance of anything in the near future? I know you are busy, but we did not know who else to ask. Thanks as always!!! 🙂

  • My Husband and I just got back from our Walt Disney World honeymoon in January. We also looked everywhere for the top hats and were very disappointed not to find them. We ended up buying me a bride one for me and “building” my husband a plain black one then we got Bride and Groom embroidered on the fronts of them. They were nice, but just not the same.

  • We got engaged in front of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle and I collect Vinylmations, so I was excited to incorporate that into my wedding. I bought a pink 9″ Vinylmation and used it as a guest book for my bridal shower. For the wedding, I bought one 9″ white and one 9″ black Vinylmation for our guest books. My Mom created a tie out of ribbon that matched my wedding colors for the black Vinylmation (the “groom”) and made a veil and found small flowers to create a bouquet that matched the tie (the “bride”). Everyone loved them and I was so happy with something that I knew I could display much easier than a regular guest book to remind me of those memories. They now hold two places of honor with the rest of my Vinylmation collection. For those looking for creative wedding ideas, they could also make cute cake toppers, all you need is a little imagination! =)

    • @Nicole – What an awesome story! Thank you for sharing and congratulations on your wedding.

  • Same with the Just Married button. We got married in Disney in October and couldn’t find the button anywhere. Eventually our waitress at Cap’n Jacks found one stuffed in the back of a drawer in the kitchen and everywhere we went after that, we had people question us as to where we got our button.

  • My daughter and her husband just got married in July and went to Disney World on their honeymoon. They looked everywhere for the top hats that she used to see when she was a child going to DisneyWorld! Would be nice to bring them back!!

  • Steve,

    Could we possibly see a paired vinylmation bride and groom in the future to be sold at the parks?

    • @Christopher – You will see them coming in a new open window box series called Celebrations. There will be three-inch figures of a bride and a groom. Each figure will come with one of three randomly selected Vinylmation, Jr. figures. They are due for release at some point in April 2010.

  • Yup we bought quite a bit of that stuff on our honeymoon. LOL! We also found some Mickey and Minnie musical stuffed animals in their bride and groom outfits. However, I think people are going to continue to flip out about the top hat. I bought mine on ebay before they stopped making them and brought it with me and I had people trying to pay my husband like $200 for his Mickey tophat. I think you’d make a lot of money if you brought that back. We were there for a week and probably had about 40 people ask us about it. No exaggeration. And I still like my Minnie veil headband better, was easy to store for rides!

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