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For the Princess in Your Life

Jean Volante

by , Floral Event Manager, Disney Floral & Gifts

As a Dream Maker, I love a fairy tale. I’m still a romantic at heart after 25 years of marriage. There’s just something magical that happens when a fairy tale comes to life…just for us…presented by someone we love. So for all the Princesses at heart, this post is for you. This gift is fabulous for an engagement, honeymoon, anniversary, birthday or simply any romantic occasion or holiday.

Disney Floral & Gifts 'For the Princess in Your Life'

Presented on a satin pillow is our exclusive fairy tale Princess tiara designed with silver and rhinestone detail. A fresh rose corsage sits on top of the gift for the “crowning moment.” Now, imagine it’s your anniversary and this gift is presented to you and your loved one at your favorite Disney Dining location. The card message reads, “You became my Princess when we married. On this anniversary I want to crown you the Princess of my heart.” Then your loved one places the tiara on your head and the corsage is pinned on for the finish of this enchanting moment.

Can I get an “oh my stars” from my Princess friends?!

If you’d like to create this special moment for your loved one, make your Disney Dining reservations first, then speak to a Dream Maker at 407-WDW-GIFT or visit They can have this gift delivered just about anywhere on Disney property as well as your Walt Disney World Resort room.

So for those that still believe in fairy tales, where on Disney property would you like to be crowned a Princess and by who?


  • “Oh My Stars!!”

  • My little princess is about to turn 13 and we thought this would be a wonderful gift for her. I see it can be shipped to our house, does the shipment include the pillow as well? I think she would adore this to help mark an important event in her life.

  • I’m marrying my Princess on the Disney Dream. Are these available on DCL?

    • Hi Brian. Congrats on your upcoming wedding. This gift isn’t available on the cruise…but we have another gift called “A Princess Dream Come True” on our website that can be shipped to your home. If she is having a wedding shower, you can surprise her by having her unwrap it in front of her family and friends. Then, you could make a surprise appearance and crown her your princess in front of everyone. If you’re comfortable in a group of people, this would create an over the top experience for your Princess and those attending. You’d be the talk of the town my friend!

  • any news yet about having this available at Disneyland? my sister, my niece (her daughter) and I will be going in March for our first vacation since losing our mother to cancer in November. i’d love to make my niece’s day by giving her something special to remember. i’ll have to save up for sure, but i’d love to know if it’s available yet at Disneyland! YAY

    • Hi Janine… I’m so sorry to hear you lost your mom. I lost my Dad last year to cancer. So I understand. If you’d like to create a special memory… and since this isn’t available at Disneyland just yet….You may want to consider having a Princess gift shipped to your home if you live in the US. Then, you can create a special presentation for a birthday or special occasion.

  • What about Disney Cruise Line? Is this available there? Would love to surprise my wife on formal night in Triton’s …

    • Great idea Ken. I’ll share your thoughts with our partners.

      In the meanwhile… what if, on the weekend before your cruise, you prepared a candlelight dinner for your wife in celebration of your upcoming cruise…then… you shared that in honor of this enchanting cruise waiting for you both…you wanted to crown her your Princess. You can enhance the dinner by sprinkling fresh rose petals on the table.

      We can ship the tiara to your home if you live in the US. Simply call a Dream Maker at 407-WDW-GIFT. What do you think?

  • What a wonderful, romantic experience! I would love for my special someone to do this for me one day.

    Will this be the only tiara design? Or are there more to come in the future? I know a lot of women would love to have a fancy tiara designed after their favorite Disney Princess’. (I also wish I could find a Rapunzel tiara to wear, even in the little girl’s section…I was quite surprised to not find one!)

    I really hope that the Dream Makers at Disneyland will soon be able to do this as well!

  • Thankyou Jean i hope to have a great time ,little sad hubby wont be comming as he is a cop and couldn’t get away comming with a friend for my great disney adventure <3

    • Sad your hubby won’t be coming…and yet… you are coming home to your “extended family”. See you real soon. 🙂

  • Can you ship the Tiara to Maryland? I am getting married July 2, 2011 and that would look beautiful on my wedding day. Please let me know. Thanks

    • Hi Monica!
      Congratulations on your upcoming wedding. We’d be tickled pink to ship this to your home in Maryland. Call a Dream Maker at 407-WDW-GIFT. By the way, we also carry glass slippers too. Just sayin’. Can you imagine if your ring bearer presented your wedding rings in your life size glass slipper?! What do you think?

  • Thank you so much

  • Oh, If I was only there right now! Today is my 40th birthday and I’m stuck here in NW Ohio freezing!!!! However…my 25th anniversary is only a few years away. Do you think you’ll still have it, or maybe be able to recreate it. I can start dropping “hints” now!

  • I’ve never been to Disneyworld, but it is my dream vacation and if and when I get there, to be given this crown from my husband at a wonderful dinner or just in front of the castle would be wonderful. I hope it happens someday. Reading all the comments made hear brought tears to my eyes. I am one of Disney’s biggest fans and I love everything about it!! Thank you so much Jean for sharing such a wonderful gift.

  • I will be married 20 years this June 22nd and am a HUGE !!!! Disney/Mickey Mouse fan and would love for my husband to give me this in front of Cinderella Castle or in front of Mickey’s house. Kepp dreaming huh?

  • Hi Jean,

    Thanks for responding with the info. I can tell you that I definitely believe there is interest in the Princess gift being shipped as well. In fact, what would be awesome is for the ability for shipping so our wonderful men can surprise us with the tiara and then take us to Disney for a surprise weekend trip, so that we can actually go to Disney wearing the Tiara the whole weekend. 😀

    Just a thought . . .


  • in the cinderella suite on my 40th birthday 11th of march by pluto now that would be a true birthday treat going on the dream on the 3rd of march then off to disneyworld on the 6th till the 16th then of to disneyland till the 20th then all the way back home to australia 🙂 i cant wait counting the days now 53 to go 🙂

    • Happy birthday Kellie…looking forward to you coming “home” real soon.

  • Disney is a big part of our family. My dad used to work at Disneyland in Anaheim, and he took me there all the time. Everytime we walked past the Castle he told me I was his princess. I would love to get crowned in front of the Castle, but I would also love to just have one of these as reminder of all the wonderful times we shared at Disneyland together.

  • I will always be head over heels in love with the Disney princesses, knowing this my husband proposed by presenting me with Cinderella’s glass slipper before handing me a ring. It would certainly add to the display to have the tiara accompanying it. =)

  • I would love to be crowned a “princess” while dining at Cinderella’s Royal Table surrounded by all the princess, just after the part where you get to make a wish and the lights twinkle. I went there for my 31st birthday and it was sooooo magical!!!

  • Jean, congratulations on making me cry…

  • Are there other Disneyworld gifts or activites a couple can do to celebrate their anniversary? My parents’anniversary is approaching soon and I would love to do something for them.

    • Hi Tiffany. There’s so much we can do… we’re Dream Makers. 🙂 Once our Dream Makers learn more about your parents,(their likes and interests) they can recommend ideas so we can create a memory that speaks to their heart. We can deliver gifts to just about any location on property. So the first step is to speak with a Dream Maker and they can take it from there. 407-WDW-GIFT

  • I would love to have one of these for my daughter who is having a “Cinderalla” wedding on April 29, 2011!!

    • Denise, I had an idea for you. Have you seen our “Princess Dream Come True” gift on our website I was thinking..what if you were to present this gift to your daughter at a special moment… a wedding shower, her rehearsal night etc. Oh my stars! It currently sells with a fresh rose included, but we could take the fresh rose out to ship this to you since you live in the US. If you’re interested in learning more, call one of our Dream Makers at 407-WDW-GIFT.

  • Where else but in Cinderella’s Castle and by my Prince Charming,my husband.

  • Visiting Disneyland with my husband for my birthday on Jan 15th, and having dinner at Napa Rose…. It’s a true shame this isn’t available there!!! But maybe my husband will see this and come up with something just as creative… hint, hint.. 😉

    • Happy Birthday Lura! Our Dream Makers at Disneyland would enjoy recommending some ideas for your hubby…they can be reached at 714 781 GIFT.

  • What about us single Princesses? We derserve to be crowned also. I want to be crowned by Mickey or the Beast (from Beauty and the Beast) in France @ Epcot.

  • @ Jean V. Adding a boutonaire (did I spell that right?) for the guys to have. Will get them LOTS of smiles from all the other couples.
    Sandee …Portland, Oregon

  • OMG, the tiara is beautiful!!! It would be wonderful if you could make it and have it shipped some place other than WDW. I would love to get it for my wedding!!!

  • I will be bringing my wife and granddaughter to Disney March 27-31 2010. My granddaughter lost her mother 3 years ago to cancer and would love to be able to present this to her on her 9th birthday on March 28th, she is our princess and our gift from her mother. Would love to get more information.

    • Was so sorry to read about your loss Steven. Creating a memory for your granddaughter by crowning her a Princess will be so precious. So here’s an idea for you. You may want to consider making reservations at her favorite Princess dining location and then, have this gift brought out to your table before desert. Make sure to have cameras ready as you, the patriarch of the family, crown her on behalf of her mother and share a thought from mom. Our Dream Makers can help with more detail and card message ideas by calling 407-WDW-GIFT or you can view this gift on our website, Its called “Crown Her a Princess”.

  • I think it looks beautiful. I have a question though. My fiancée proposed to me in front of the Cinderella castle, and so now I want to somehow incorporate Disney Princess into my wedding outfit, such as a tiara, like that one. Do we have to be at the park to get it? Or can I order it online and somehow still get it? 🙂

    • Congratulations Alison. Good news…. A Dream Maker can ship the tiara to you if you live in the US. Give them a call at 407-WDW-GIFT anytime between 8AM-6PM Eastern Time.

  • Oh My…..WOW, this would be FABULOUS for my little Princesses!!! I have 4! 😀 How much is the wonderful idea?? Would be Awesome to be sitting on their beds when we arrived in September with a cute note to each one!! We have stayed in Value but never Moderate…with the Free Dining with stay in Moderate we are scrapping together & forgoing Birthday parties to make this happen!!! I can’t wait…….They will think they are in Heavin I’m sure!!!!

  • Well, just one week ago I’d have fantasized about my husband giving me this. But today he walked out of our marriage … I guess I won’t be seeing Disney or a tiara anytime soon.

  • This is fantastic! I want one. Will someone please tell my husband for me, I will forward it but I doubt he will get the hint. I even want the same wording on the card. For anyone lucky enough to get this treatment I am envious and your man is truely a romantic. Congratulations.

  • I would really really like to know how much it costs please. Obviously, we need to be at Disney to get it, but how much more is the tiara so the men folk can budget properly?

    • Hi Lisa. This gift sells for $125. I’m also wondering if you be interested if we were to create a gift like this that could be shipped anywhere in the US as well?

  • One more thing to add to my list for our 5th Anniversary WDW wedding trip in 2013. I love it! She is my Queen and this will be another I can tell her!

  • I have only less than a month to go an I will be at Bay Lake towers with my Prince of 36 years we renewedv our vows in 2005 . Life is to short kids LIVE YOUR DREAMS NOW !

  • My husband surprised me with this! It is such a beautiful presentation… I absolutely loved it! After receiving it in our resort room, I wore it all around WDW! It was a gift to me for doing all of the planning of our trip. O_O
    The pillow and crown now sit on my dresser at home. Every now and then I put it on to remind my boys(hubby & 2 sons), who wears the “tiara” in the family!

  • I am the Queen, I deserved to be crowned and I will have that tiara. I wanted to be crowned in front of Cindy’s castle.

    • On this day, we officially crown Marjorie of TX, Princess of her Kingdom. May all your dreams come true my dear!

  • Quick somebody call my husband! We will be married for 30 years this September and we are taking our first Disney cruise, and then staying at the Beach Club. Wouldn’t this be perfect 🙂

  • I would love to receive the tiara from my husband in the Polynesian Village Resort. We had the best family outing there so many years ago and I have dreamed of returning ever since.

  • Will this ever be available at the Disneyland Resorts? We don’t get out to Florida much but live only 1hr from Anaheim.

    • Good question Laura… I’ll share your wish with our Disneyland partners!

  • Awwww! I got engaged in front of the Disneyland Castle 3 years ago, and this would have topped it off… if it could have been topped in the first place! lol.

  • I would honestly love to be crowned anything, but now I have a little princess of my own. I would Love to have her crowned as a princess anywhere in Disney. She wanted to come to Disney in FL for her 10th birthday but unfortunately we can’t afford it right now. She would absolutely love to have a tiara like that and maybe someday I can crown my little princess and make her feel as special as she has made my life. (I have a little prince too, but 😉 ) We’ve been through quite alot, including a physically abusive relationship with their father who I am now divorced from. But the way I look at it is you can either come out as a victim or a survivor. Thank goodness we made it out as survivors! It’s truly beautiful, well done!

  • Awwwww. I won’t even get to go to WDW until 2012 🙁

  • Believe it or not, I’d love to be crowned in front of the Haunted Mansion. My husband and I have an sort of Off Beat sense of humor, and we’d both have the inside joke about it as people stare. But I love the crown, and would wear it with my Ren. Fest. garb. You have a real winner there.

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