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Godmother Jennifer Hudson Christens New Cruise Ship with Disney ‘Dreams’ in Spectacular Ceremony

Am I still dreaming?

Earlier today, Disney Cruise Line staged an amazing spectacle to christen the Disney Dream in front of a crowd of nearly 3,000 guests and media from all over the world.

Disney Dream Christening Ceremony in Port Canaveral, Florida

Whether you watched our live webcast or saw it in person, it represented a dream come true for so many people who worked years to bring the ship to life.

Instead of using an ordinary bottle of champagne, Mickey Mouse gathered a who’s who of Disney characters to fill a magical 16-foot bottle with dreams of adventure, fantasy, friendship, romance and fun at Florida’s Port Canaveral.

Jennifer Hudson Christens the Disney Dream in Port Canaveral, Florida

Then following a wave of a magic wand by award-winning entertainer Jennifer Hudson, the ship’s newly-named godmother, a helicopter hoisted the bottle across the bow of the Disney Dream in a surprising twist ending that officially welcomed the 130,000-ton ship to the Disney Cruise Line family.

Disney Dream Christening Ceremony in Port Canaveral, Florida

Presiding over the gala ceremony were Disney CEO Bob Iger, who first announced the Disney Dream nearly four years ago, and Tom Staggs, the chairman of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts.

In his remarks, Bob expressed heartfelt thanks to the Imagineers, artists, designers and builders from around the world who created the ship. Tom paid tribute to the Meyer Werft shipyard in Papenburg, Germany, where the Disney Dream was built, and gave special thanks to Captain Tom Forberg and his crew.

Jennifer Hudson, Bob Iger and Tom Staggs Christen the Disney Dream in Port Canaveral, Florida

The selection of 29-year-old Jennifer Hudson as the ship’s godmother has special significance, as Tom explained. Although she’d been performing since childhood, Jennifer began her career in 2003 as a singer on the Disney Wonder, a stepping stone that led to “American Idol,” an Academy Award and a Grammy Award. Talk about a dream come true! Check out some highlights from today’s celebration.

Can you believe there’s still more magic to come?

One week from today on January 26th, the Disney Dream will sail her maiden voyage to the Bahamas from Port Canaveral. There’s so much more to show you on this incredible ship and we have lots planned. Be sure to check out the Disney Parks Blog next week for an exclusive report from aboard the maiden voyage.

In the meantime, what did you think of today’s christening? Add a comment below and let us know!


  • I can’t wait for October, this made me cry like a big ole baby!!! WE ARE SO EXCITED! -Brittni-sam’s wife 🙂

  • amazing ceremony & video!
    only 5 months until our honeymoon onboard the Dream.. so excited!

  • Excellent ceremony it was very exciting to watch. We have started our countdown – we sail in July 2011, can’t wait. Best wishes next week on your maiden voyage.

  • I only got a chance to watch a part of the ceremony. Will it be avaliable to watch again? If so, when and where? I am so upset I missed it. I really enjoyed what I saw. We are sailing on Sept 4th. Can’t wait!!!!!!!!

  • Yes a Dream come true. Congratulations on an extremely well done christening. Can’t wait for our Dream sail on July 10,2011 Eh

  • It is so awesome that they prayed over the Disney Dream.
    God gave those that created Her the wisdom and knowledge to build that ship why not give the glory to Him. Thank you Disney for thanking the one that makes everything possible
    Our Lord JESUS CHRIST. God Bless “The Dream” and Her Crew
    Manny – Rancho Cucamonga Ca.

  • Thanks for reshowing it on a loop. On my breaks teaching I could come back and watch what I missed, since the live showing was frozen for me most of the time. It was fun to watch!

  • What a magical ceremony! I was so lucky to be a Crewmember in 2003 at the Disney Magic and seeing this ceremony made me remember all the Disney memories and magic that you can only find onboard the DIsney Cruise Line! I cried the whole event!

    Congratulations to all the Disney Cruise Line family! that now is bigger and soon will be bigger!

    Now, a DREAM is coming to me! after being a DCL member in 2003, now is time to go back now as a guest on board the DISNEY DREAM!! I CANT WAIT! 38 days to go!!!!!!

    TOday was really a MAGIAL DAY!


    ROdolfo =)

    Walt Disney! ºoº

  • This is AMAZING! The Disney Dream will definately make many family dreams come true. We are booked for a trip in October and it would not have been possible if the Disney Dream did not exist. Thank you Disney for your beautiful new ship and Godspeed!

  • i wish i was going to be aboard,maiden voyage is on my birthday

  • My son & I have been watching the building of the Dream, stage by stage, and have just watched the christening. Every time we see something about the Dream, we get more and more excited for our cruise in April. I am almost ready to pop out of my skin with excitement! I can’t imagine how my 8 year old son feels!!! (He just said HAPPY!!!) This will be our second Disney cruise, and I cannot say enough about them. Disney truly does make “Dreams” come true!

  • How wonderful for the Disney family. I wish I could be on the inaugaural cruise of this beautiful boat (hope Mom and Dad will take lots of pictures to share). God Bless the cast members and passengers on this boat!!!

  • I got teary eyes watching this. It was a beautiful ceremony. I can’t wait to be able to sail.

  • awesome video from this am – only prob – I only saw about 50% – other half i was looking at a frozen image – i want to see the full uncut video from this am – in its entirety

  • Great ceremony today.

    Are there any plans on releasing the app that was on installed on the press gift for the public? It would be great to have a self guided tour and sounds like it would be easy to release since its already made.

  • May God bless Disney Dream, her crew, and passengers. My daughters and I will sail in May. My only regret is my husband passed and will not be able to join us on this magnificent ship.

  • Soooooo exciting! See you all in April Disney Dream!

  • I was thrilled to be able to watch the video of the christening of the Disney Dream. I found myself smiling throughout the entire video!! I am hoping to see the ship in port when I visit WDW in March! The very best of luck and love to the cast and crew on the adventure of a lifetime!

  • Fabulous! I hope you’re saving some special stuff and hoopla for those of us on the “Maiden” voyage.

  • I could not help but get tears in my eyes watching the Dream become a reality. It makes me want to sign up again to work on Disney’s ships again to get my dose of faith, trust and pixie dust every single day!

  • I am so proud of Disney, for such a remarkable “Dream” and was so touched by the prayer over the ship, crew and passengers. Disney is a place I have always treasured and loved since I was a little girl. Thank you for all the wonderful memories that you have help make in my life!

  • What a wonderful celebration! May God Bless the Disney Dream and all its staff and passengers. We sail in September…. I can’t wait. See you soon!

  • Just beautiful! Thank you!!

  • I was happy to have the day off so I could watch live! So excited as I’m fortunate enough to have my Dream come true by being there next wednesday!!!!

  • I wish our family could have been there today..we can’t wait to be able to go on the Disney Dream.We have been Disney Vacation Club members since 1992 and just love how Disney makes things so nice.Wishing Disney the very best with their new ship 🙂

  • Andrea,

    Seems the Disney Characters are highly moral beings, Walt would be proud! 🙂 So would Chronicles of Narnia writer C.S. Lewis.


  • Congrats and well done everyone, hope to be able to sail with you really soon.

  • The full video is on the DCL Facebook page. The ceremony was absolutely stunning. Welcome, Disney Dream!

  • It’s kind of weird to see all the Disney characters bowing their heads and praying… :-\

  • I wish I were in attendance, my favorite twitter pals have been tweeting this all day. When I knew I would not be able to attend I vowed to avoid twitter and facebook but alas the tweets and status up dates have reminded me how much of a dream this Disney is!


  • What an awesome job you all have done! The ship looks beautiful! I cannot wait to see her!

  • Will a full video of the ceremony be posted eventually? I want to watch the entire ceremony all over again! 🙂 ~Travis

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