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Guest Images Come to Life at Disney Parks

When we announced, as a part of the Let The Memories Begin Campaign, that we would be projecting photographs and videos of our guests every night on Cinderella Castle in Florida and it’s a small world in California, many of my friends and colleagues responded with “Huh?” So I thought I would give you a clearer picture of what is going to be an amazing musical and visual spectacle this year.

Using high-power projection systems and digital mapping techniques that I don’t even begin to understand, the surfaces of these two beloved icons will be transformed through animation, photography and technical ingenuity. Using our guests’ photographs and videos as a starting point, and a WONDERFUL musical score as our guide, Let The Memories Begin will be a fanciful, imaginative, heart-warming and FUN look at the magical memories associated with a visit to Disney Parks. Here’s a look at what to expect.

Utilizing a crack team of artists, animators, and computer whizzes, the buildings themselves will be decorated, animated, renovated, and completely re-imagined as we take a journey through our guests’ Disney memories. The show celebrates our guests most magical experiences, from that first announcement of “We’re going to Disney!”, through all the fun, adventure, and family times, culminating with a spectacular finale involving thousands of photos, video, and fireworks. You literally will not believe your eyes!

The entire experience of seeing their own images, memories, and emotions made into the star of the show will provide a new and very special memory each night for our guests.

Let the Memories Begin!!


  • I would make a suggestion that the folks at the Disney Parks Blog post a comment to reply to the most asked questions:

    1. Will this replace or be in addition to Wishes?
    2. When will this wonderful new show begin?
    3. How do you submit your photos for the show?

    I can’t imagine what the strategy is behind leaving out these pieces of information. Social media works best when you interact with your customers, not just use it as another outlet for your marketing.

  • why we can’t share videos on face book . please help me

  • You know what would be even cooler..if disney can generate every guests ticket the day they enter the park. and an automatic ticket update would generate in the projector, so by the time you go to the front of the castle once you go through the gates, your picture will appear on the castle…thats awesome….I cant wait to go in march.

  • When does this start? Will it replace Wishes, or be incorporated into it?

  • It is so cool to see the smiling faces of the kids. It is magic!

  • oh goodness. this gave me goose bumps.

    when will it start at the disneyland resort?

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