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Honor Your Hero at Walt Disney World or at Home

Jean Volante

by , Floral Event Manager, Disney Floral & Gifts

My heart was moved by your stories in our “Honor Your Hero” post in November. (If you haven’t read the post, you’ve got to check it out…simply click on the “Honor Your Hero” link above.) While you were sharing your true stories of unconditional love and courage, we were all reading and amazed. In fact, we were so amazed, your stories inspired our creative team at Disney Floral & Gifts to create a gift to honor your loved one whether at Walt Disney World Resort or at your home in the U.S., and we named this gift after the post!

Honor Your Hero With a Story-Based Gift Set From Disney Floral & Gifts

So, today we announce the premier of “Honor Your Hero” which includes an exclusive Disney medal and lanyard, nestled in an exclusive “storybook” featuring Walt Disney quotes. (By the way, the lanyard can be personalized with your loved one’s name and achievement also. How cool is that?!) Accompanied with this inspiring medal is a personalized declaration, presented in a picture frame, featuring your loved ones triumph or act of valor…and it’s signed by our “Chief Ear Officer,” Mickey Mouse. This declaration helps you express your admiration when simple words are not enough.

Interested in shipping this magical gift to your home for a memorable presentation? Here’s a tip. Invite your hero, friends and family to a dinner party. At a time of your choosing, surprise your hero by honoring them with this gift. As the host, reveal to your dinner party that they have been invited to a surprise award ceremony for your loved one. Then read the declaration that has been personalized with your hero’s name and their act of bravery or outstanding achievement, and place the medal around their neck. Make sure you have the camera ready and plenty of Kleenex. If you’d like to learn more, call our Dream Makers at 407-WDW-GIFT or click on the link (Honor Your Hero) to learn more from our website at Disneyflorist.com.

And speaking of memories, if you had the opportunity to ship this to your home in the U.S., who would you honor and how would you create a memorable moment for them?


  • My husband has shown all of his hero qualities this year – quiet strength, unwavering devotion, and a renewed sense of purpose. Never one to give up at anything that matters, he found a new job in a machine shop after 19 months of unemployment.

    Unfortunately, just as he had to get used to being on his feet all day and driving over an hour every day, I started treatment for Cancer. During the chemo, my husband took care of all the household duties, including grocery shopping and meal preparation. He also had to handle much more than his share pof parenting responsibility for our young son.

    During all this, he made himself available for his older children as much as he could, he frequently visited his ailing mother, and he continued to serve on the board of our local running club. He is the volunteer race director for the Lake Zurich Alpine Races 5K and 1/2M. This year he is dedicating the race as a fundraiser for Alzheimer’s Association, in an effort to help people like his mother.

    No person could ask for a better husband, father, son or friend. There is also no one more deserving of a great vacation in the most magical place on Earth! My husband is the finest person I know.

  • I have two heroes in my life. My brother who saved an officers life by putting his own in danger last year while he worked as a Paramedic, and all the amazing lives he’s touched saved delivered ect! And then my husband who is a EMT/Firefighter who I wouldn’t even know where to start on his accomplisments not to mention he also makes time to be an amazing father to our daughter who’s 20 monthes old and just adores every min he’s home. We miss him when he’s gone but we understand why!

  • Our hero is my husband , my children’s father. He has been fighting cancer since December of 2007 when he decided to go through with our Christmas at WDW before he was operated on for Colon and kidney cancer. after the surgery he had a massive heart attack that the Drs. were sure he would not recover form but his love for us brought him through and in four months he was back at work full time and while he is still fighting the kidney cancer he has worked through his chemo for these four years and works six days a week to keep us from losing our home.
    The definition of Hero has my husband Bill’s name in it.

  • My hero is my husband. He came to America speaking little English but with a dream for a different life. Now he’s a CPA, professor, tax preparer, soccer and baseball coach and a bookkeeper for two leagues. One of his tax clients is an 82 year old Hiroshima survivor who pays him with baked goods. He became a citizen 3 years ago and he is the American Dream. I am very fortunate to have him in my life. I would like to have a small dinner party for his birthday at the Napa Rose so he can know how special he is.

  • My hero are my parents. My Dad, because he was a heroic Firefighter who gave of himself and selflessly saved many lives, while putting his own at risk. He did this, while also having a side job working in an ambulance, saving even more people. In addition, he is and was a great father to five children. My Mom is also my hero, as she raised five happy children, while never showing her fear that her husband may not return after a nights work. I value them very much as my hero’s and am extremely lucky to have them!

  • My heroes are also my parents and my siblings. As a child, my family and I lived in areas of the US that were not very friendly (to put it mildly) to Asians.

    My family endured and overcame all of the difficulties presented and they taught me that there is nothing we can’t overcome with love. They also taught me never to judge a person by their race or anything else, as it is a person’s character that matters most. Love to all of my family as they are truly heroes!!!

  • My heroes are my wife, my mother and my brother. My brother was born with Cerebral Palsy. Being over 50% brain dead, the doctors told my mom that it was very likely that he would live in a vegetated state for the rest of his life. After 31 years of life, my brother can walk, bathe himself, feed himself and cloth himself. He is an inspiration.

    My wife and I vacation at WDW every year since our honeymoon. Once I find a job and save up enough money, I will take my mother and my brother to WDW, so they too can feel the Disney Magic we feel every year.

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