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Introducing the Art of SHAG to Walt Disney World and Disney Cruise Line

I can still remember the first time that I saw a piece of art by SHAG. I had walked into one of our product development offices and spotted a rendering of a map filled with icons and attractions, in a style I had never seen before on Disney Merchandise.

The bold colors and retro look really captured my attention. I asked about the artist and was told his name was Josh Agle, better known as SHAG to all his fans.

I am so excited to share with you news about an upcoming appearance by one of my new favorite artists, SHAG who will be making his first appearance here at the Walt Disney World Resort on Monday, January 31 from 12:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m.

SHAG Walt Disney World Art

SHAG will be signing deluxe prints of the 40th Anniversary Map. The artwork showcases the original icons of the Magic Kingdom, Disney’s Contemporary Resort, Disney’s Polynesian Resort, and Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground. SHAG has captured the essence of fun and wonder that has comprised our magical kingdom since it opened its gates on October 1, 1971.

This is the very first item in the highly anticipated collection scheduled to debut in Summer 2011 – but this is just a sneak peek. Once SHAG’s event concludes on Monday, January 31, the artwork will go back into the vaults not to be released until the full SHAG Walt Disney World 40th Anniversary collection is unveiled later this summer. For more information on this sneak peek and signing be sure to visit

'Top Deck' by SHAG

In addition to the amazing artwork that Shag has created for Walt Disney World, he has also created new artwork for Disney Cruise Line! SHAG’s Disney Cruise Line artwork captures the magic and excitement of the and the tropical island paradise of Castaway Cay. SHAG’s original artwork, ‘Top Deck‘ and ‘Island Intermission’ were both created just for the Disney Dream.

'Island Intermission' by SHAG

Not only have we created limited edition prints of these exquisite pieces of art, but we have developed so much more to showcase the artistic styling’s of SHAG. The talented teams at Disney Theme Park Merchandise have pulled elements out of each of the paintings and applied them in fun and creative ways to commemorative merchandise keepsakes. SHAG’s artwork for the Disney Cruise Line can be found on charm bracelets, designer apparel for men and women, postcard sets, as well as home goods such as a tumbler set and coaster collection.

Keep a look out later this spring for another post on the Disney Parks Blog all about SHAG and the new line of artwork he created for Walt Disney World’s 40th Anniversary – the new merchandise collection is going to become a must have for every Disney collection.


  • Any plans for a SHAG cocktail party like the one held in ’09 for the Haunted Mansions 40th at Disneyland? With all of Shag’s tiki art the Polynesian resort would be the perfect place to have a beach cocktail party. If so sign me up.

  • Hey there.

    I have a question about the “Top Deck” piece. The art you show features Chip and Dale and also a man selling Mickey balloons. On the actual piece (which I purchased on the Dream) Chip and Dale have been replaced by a ping pong table and the balloon man is gone. Can you explain how and why the piece changed?

  • Shag’s work looks very familiar! Did he do the drawings for the computer generated photos on the EPCOT attraction Spaceship Earth? I am so glad Disney has collaborated with this clever artist who has quite an upbeat, comic style! I’ll be looking for his work on the Disney Dream in April 2011.

  • A few questions:

    When you refer to the entire collection, does that mean there will be more than this one print, or that there will be other types of items based entirely on this one print?

    Also, do you happen to have a more specific guess (other than “summer”) on when the entire collection will be released?

    Finally, I heard a rumor he may be back to WDW again for signings. Is there any truth to this, and are there any dates??

  • Thanks for bringing SHAG to WDW! It was wonderful to meet him and get his signed print. Event services did a great job keeping everything organized! I cannot wait to see all of his prints.

  • Can these prints be ordered if I called the park? I won’t be there till April.

  • Will this particular “map” print be re-released with the 40th or is this “map” print exclusive to today’s event?

  • Oh no, I wish you would have given us a heads up of more than two hours. I’m now stuck in my office for the day. I would have loved to get one of his prints signed by him.

  • Any possibility that there will be some of these WDW map prints made available either online or via Guest Services? I would love to get that print but will not be able to attend the event.

    • Hi Ron –
      Today’s event is only a sneak peek with a limited number of prints. When the events ends today at 2pm, all remaining prints will be locked in the Vault until SHAG’s 40th Anniversary Collection officially releases later this summer. Once the official collection launches, we will look to offer part of SHAG’s collection online and thru Walt Disney World Mail Order.

  • SHAG’s stuff is great- I own a number of pieces from DL’s 50th as well as a Jungle Cruise shirt–excited he will be also doing WDW now

  • Dara, When and where will these items be available to purchase? I am really loving this artwork and would love to buy any or all of it!! I can’t believe this is the first I’ve every seen or heard about it! Will I be able to buy on line or is it something you have to get only in the park or on the cruise?

    • The items that SHAG created for the Disney Dream will only be available on the ship. We are looking to offer part of SHAG’s assortment online when it officially releases. Keep tuned to the Disney Parks Blog for updates on SHAG’s 40th Anniversary release date!

  • I am SO excited, I love SHAG! Will be down at WDW at end of June, I hope some of the artwork will be available then. Do you know which retailers will carry them? Will they be available online?

    • Keep an eye out for SHAG’s 40th Anniversary Merchandise at Uptown Jewelers & Main Street Gallery in Magic Kingdom. As we get closer to the official launch of the collection, I’ll have more retail locations to share with you!

  • Dara, will I be able to order the 40th print on Monday over the phone???

    • The print will only be available at Uptown Jewelers on Monday. But the print will be available thru Walt Disney World Mail Order later this summer when the entire SHAG 40th Anniversary Collection is launched!

  • I have never wanted a piece of Disney artwork until I saw this today. Covet!!

  • Super cool Daddio!!!!!!! Wow, this is really neat. The MK artwork made me think back to my younger years going to WDW when it was a lot simpler. I was born in 71 and my parents took me to WDW when I was a baby and living in Florida would go ALL THE TIME. What is funny is that people really dressed and looked like the art work wardrobes….

    I am sooo buying these!!!

  • We also have alot of his DL prints hanging in my Disney scrapbook/crafting room. I love his work. Even went to see a SHAG play down in Hollywood. I would love to surprise my husband with one or both of the Dream prints. I hope they will be available to us at DL or on the Dream in Nov.

  • I LOVE all of SHAG’s Disney work!

    I am just dying to know:
    Will there be any SHAG pins for Walt Disney World’s 40th Anniversary?

    • I did some digging to find out if there is a 40th Anniversary SHAG Pin – unfortunately, we did not develop a pin based off of SHAG’s artwork. Sorry, Hannah!

  • I absolutely LOVE Shag!! We have a bunch of prints from Disneyland, but I would love to be able to get these newest ones! Wish I was there! I also got the purse he did for the 50th anniversary!! One of my faves!!

  • ohmygosh– I’ve been in love with Shag’s work ever since his line for Disneyland’s 50th back in 2005– I am SO excited his work is coming to WDW! Wish I had further notice- I would have loved to come down to meet him!

    Wow- between his new work coming out this summer, plus all that great retro 40th merchandise that I’ve been seeing I’m going to be BROKE! But I love it!

  • Hmm. Well, Not even close to my style .Too 70s retro for me. But hey, I’m sure there are those out there who will love them. I prefer the Thomas Kinkade prints personally. 🙂

  • SHAG’s work is always amazing and convey the feeling of being at Disney. We own the commemorative set that SHAG did for Disneyland’s 50th Anniversary and have them hanging in our office. Now I need to figure out where I can put these.

  • These are great! I’m bummed that they aren’t available on line now so I can get one before coming in October…here’s to hoping they will still have some when I get there! 🙂

  • Very cool! I’ll be on the lookout for “Top Deck” merchandise when I cruise in August!

  • I love that one with the ship in it! I will definitely be looking for these in the summer. Love SHAG!

  • Love these! I wish I was there in person…Maybe we will see them in the Summer on our next trip. Too bad there isn’t an Epcot one as well 🙂

    • We wish you could be there too, Griffin! The good news is that this summer we are rolling out the entire collection that SHAG created for Walt Disney World’s 40th Anniversary – so you should be able to see all the new items in person when you’re here on vacation this summer!

      But for those of you who can make it on Monday, January 31, we’ll see you at Uptown Jewelers in Magic Kingdom at 12:00 noon!

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