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Magical PhotoPass Memories at Disney Parks

Kelly Glassburn

by , Manager of Marketing & Communications, Disney’s PhotoPass Service

Do you remember your first Disney Parks memory? I do! I was 6 years old and it was our first family vacation to Magic Kingdom Park, a welcome escape from the winter wonderland of my hometown in Annapolis, Maryland. I remember how huge Cinderella Castle appeared as I stood on Main Street, U.S.A., and had my photo taken. I remember my sides hurting from laughing too hard on the Mad Tea Party as my two brothers spun us around, and around again. And I still have my first Mickey Mouse plush from that vacation – the one I’m so proudly holding up in the photo below.

Kelly Glassburn Proudly Holding Up Her First Mickey Mouse Plush

Now, almost 40 years later, I’m still making Disney memories, only this time, I’m on the other side helping to create the magic! As Manager of Marketing & Communications for Disney’s PhotoPass Service, I have the privilege of working with a team that does nothing but capture memories, all day and every day. And this year, our Cast of Photographers is making your Disney Parks memories even more special during the “Let the Memories Begin” campaign. Every day in the Magic Kingdom and Disneyland park, PhotoPass Photographers will be looking to capture some of your most special Disney Parks memories to be featured in our newest show, “The Magic, the Memories and You.”

Guest Photos Projected on Cinderella Castle at Magic Kingdom as Part of Disney Parks' 'Let The Memories Begin' Campaign

That’s right – more than 500 daily PhotoPass photos will be featured in this larger-than-life experience on Cinderella Castle at the Magic Kingdom and “it’s a small world” at Disneyland park. It’s a celebration of your moments – heroic and happy, adventurous and romantic, captured by our squad of memory makers.

So the next time you visit, be sure to find a PhotoPass Photographer and capture your special Disney memory. And then one day, it will be you digging through that musty old box of photos, remembering an enchanted castle, a side-splitting adventure, and a magical mouse called Mickey.


  • Hey Kelly,
    I’m a big fan of photo pass. My family and I just returned from Disney World – a great week away from the snow of the northeast.
    Have you ever considered merging the photos taken on the rides with photopass? Some of the photos of me and one of my girlies on the roller coasters were just okay – not great enough that I’d want a big picture or package, but would be cool to include in a photo book (I’m planning to buy the CD too.)
    Another place it would be great to have photo pass merge are the Kim Possible photos that are taken & used as part of the game.
    Photos taken on some of the milder rides would be good too.
    For the record – the photo pass people were great about taking lots of photos at the character spots – I got some great shots of my youngest running up to Mickey, hugging him, dancing around for him and finally posing with him. We have several for each Princess she met – I practically had to tear her away each time 🙂

  • What a great mom she must be. Definitely didn’t over spoil you.

  • How many PhotoPass photos get taken at Disney World in a day? How about in a year? I can’t even imagine. When we visit we try to get as many pictures on our PhotoPass as possible.

    • Erin–GREAT question! Our Photographers take hundreds of thousands of images a day…365 days a year, and rain or shine. That adds up to a whole lot of fabulous images of our magical Guests! It’s a great way to get everyone in the picture so you have more time to enjoy what the parks have to offer!

  • Sounds great! I have so many photos from my trips to disney… but I never did use photopass. I will have to try the service out on my next trip, It’d be nice to have some really nice quality photos that my Point and Shoot camera can’t take.

    As for the show, I have to say, when I first heard of it, I was completely underwhelmed. But then I saw a video and pictures of the castle projections! All I can say is WOAH! Absolutely incredible. This sort of technology and great use of it is what I would expect from Disney. I cannot wait to see where else they incorporate it… Halloween and Christmas, as well as nighttime shows can be taken to a whole new level with these projections.

    I applaud you, Disney. Great job!

    • Tracy–the show runs nightly but always best to check the day you are in the park for the current show times. Marlee–only photos taken by Disney’s PhotoPass Photographers at the Magic Kingdom or Disneyland Park will be considered for use in the new show. So…make sure you have plenty of time during your vacation to get some great photos during the day, and maybe you will see them featured in the show.

      Matt–thanks for the compliments! Our Entertainment team has outdone themselves once again, and the show is even more beautiful when you see it live! Get ready for some goose-bump moments and plenty of good old Disney nostalgia with this one…it’s a GREAT show!

  • Will the show only feature memories captured at the Magic Kingdom or will memories from all parks be featured in the show? When my family goes to Disney World we parkhop and usually end up in the Magic Kingdom for fireworks and extra magic hours.

  • Thank you so much Kelly! I believe we have only 37 days left, but who is counting!! So we will be sure to grab an oppurtunity at all photo pass spots there in the MK every time we are there!! 🙂 also, what time do they show this show? is it before wishes?

  • Kelly, when does this show start at Disneyworld? We are going in March and would LOVE to see the show!!! Also, is it the photopass in all four parks? or just the magic kingdom? and the pictures that we have submitted on line at Let the Memories begin, will those be shown? or is that just for the website?
    Thank you!!! 🙂

    • Hi Tracy! So exciting that you will be here in March…hopefully by then we will have some fabulous Florida sunshine to offer you! The show debuted last week at the Magic Kingdom. Only photos taken by our photographers during the day at the Magic Kingdom in FL (and soon debuting at Disneyland Park in CA) will be considered for that park’s daily show. All the more reason to park hop while you are here, so you can have photos taken at the MK and watch the show a few times! As for the Memories that you submitted online at the Let the Memories Begin site, a few were used in the show (be sure to watch the center screen for those), but the bulk of photos used in the show will be from our daily photography operations. Start your countdown to a magical March vacation and Let the Memories Begin!

  • @ Sarah. I was in WDW last week and was fortunate enough to see the new show on the castle and it was AMAZING!! Wishes is still being shown at the same time as always and this show starts about 20 minutes prior to the fireworks.

  • Ha! Ha! I have that same Mickey Mouse and I have Minnie too!!! Brought back some good memories of my first trip.

    • Cyndi—sadly, Minnie didn’t make it out of the gift shop on that trip. I remember VERY vividly being told by my mother that I had to choose between Mickey or Minnie, and I remember the ensuing fit that I had when I realized she was serious. If only PhotoPass had been there for THAT moment, it would certainly be a fun one to look back on. 🙂

  • Is Wishes still going to be there???

  • Oh Wow! Have such great memories of my first time to Disneyland. I too am from Md and visisted Disney in 1969. What a great time, my favorite memory was sitting on my Dad’s shoulder waiting for Tinkerbell to fly above the Castle. I will be going to Disney World next month and cannot wait to do the Photopass. Disney thanks for the Memories.

  • We loved Photopass at WDW…why isn’t it used on the Disney Cruises?

    • Hi Mary! We work very closely with the company who captures your photos on board the Disney Cruise Line–they have years of experience at capturing photos of cruising Guests, which allows us to focus on our core business of Guest images at the Parks & Resorts. Jealous that you were on a recent Disney Cruise…counting the days until I can board for my next big adventure!

  • Do I have this right? You get your pictures taken by disneys photographers and they use them in the night time show?

    • Laura–you’ve got the jist of it…daily photos that are captured by our PhotoPass Photographers may be used in the nightly show. There is no guarantee that your photos will make it into the nightly show, but for a lucky few, you may see your favorite memory from the day fly by!

  • This show looks amazing and using Photopass photos from each day is such a nice touch. I was in tears watching the video of the show even before I saw a split second video clip of my son up there smiling on Dumbo on the castle near the end. I so wish it was in the budget to come see it in person, but I’ll settle for watching the video over and over again.

  • My first trip to WDW was in 2007 and I am HOOKED! But my husband pulled out his childhood photos last night to show our daughter and I what the Magic Kingdom looked like when he went in 1978. Still Magical!

  • This is exciting…can’t wait for our next trip…

  • I have submitted picture and we will be traveling to WDW this next month, is there a way to know if one of our pictures will be featured while we are visiting? It would top off our grande gathering for our birthdays if we could she my son’s photo on the castle.

    • Joanne and Denyail–we don’t have any current plans to utilize Guest submitted photos for this new show. Instead, when you are at either the Magic Kingdom or Disneyland Park, simply find a PhotoPass Photographer, capture your memory and then see if your photos are selected for use during one of our nightly shows! Warning—the photos fly by pretty quickly, so have your cameras and video cameras ready, and maybe you will catch a quick glimpse of one of your special memories during this spectacular new show!

  • How do we submit pictures?

  • I live in MD too!!! Glad a fellow MD works for disney 🙂

  • this looks pretty neat!

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