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Making Valentine’s Day Special at Walt Disney World Resort

Jean Volante

by , Floral Event Manager, Disney Floral & Gifts

'Beauty and the Beast' Etched-Glass Vase From Disney Floral & Gifts

Is your loved one sentimental and a romantic at heart? Would you like to sweep them off their feet for Valentine’s Day? Of course you would – and we can help with today’s unique “Dream Maker” idea and a tip.

'Beauty and the Beast' Etched-Glass Vase From Disney Floral & Gifts

First, the gift. Our new charming rose bouquet sits in an exclusive “Beauty and the Beast” etched-glass vase that includes something very special. Take a close look at the bottom of the vase; do you see the gold flecks? It’s pixie dust. Yes, the roses are sitting in pixie dust. How enchanting is that? And that twinkling fabric and the silk rosettes around the vase reminds me of Belle’s dress. The bouquet was designed with unique greens to accent 12 deep-red colored roses for a presentation to remember.

Disney Floral & Gifts Helps Make Your Valentine's Day Special at Walt Disney World Resort

Now, here’s your tip: If you’re coming to the Walt Disney World Resort, get this gift delivered to your room on the eve of Valentine’s Day. Then, have your card message say: “I didn’t want to wait till the last petal fell to let you know how much I love you. So I had this bouquet sent to you on the eve of Valentine’s Day. You’re the ‘Belle’ of my heart” (insert dreamy sigh here).

And if you want to add more “enchantment” to your evening, ask a Dream Maker to add on our “Romance with Rose Petals” package. This gift includes an abundant supply of rose petals which can be sprinkled in your resort room just for you. If this sounds intriguing call a Dream Maker to learn more (407-WDW-GIFT) or visit our website at Disneyflorist.com.

So, I have a question for our romantics at heart. What are some of your best Valentine’s Day memories? Any at the parks?


  • My favorite valentine’s day moment at Walt Disney World, is a weekend a few years ago when my best friend from home surprised me down here at Disney (i currently live in the Orlando area). He and I were talking and it came out that it had been 5 years since I spent a holiday with my parents in NY. So, even though it was Valentine’s Day, he booked reservations at Liberty Tree Tavern, and gave me a Christmas present and all the waiters were wishing me a Merry Christmas, just so I could experience Christmas food and atmosphere. It was amazing. After, we went to get dessert on Main Street and he gave me his Valentine’s Day gift there. It was the best shared holiday I have ever had.

  • agreed – would love to be able to send this to my GF!! she is a HUGE Beauty and the Beast fan, this would be a home run for Valentine’s Day!! please find a way for us to send this outside of WDW!!

  • Is this avaliable for delevery anywhere else?! I would LOVE to drop hints so my husband could send these to me =)

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