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As a mom who works at Walt Disney World Resort and on the Walt Disney World Moms Panel, I meet a lot of moms from all over the globe. What I have noticed is that we have more in common than we have differences. I believe that most moms want their families to be healthy and happy and I think all of us want to take the stress out of our lives.

The Walt Disney World Moms Panel has been giving amazing vacation planning advice to guests for over 3 years. But in my travels, I also get to bump into some more well-known moms who have great vacation planning advice. I think you just might recognize this particular mom.


  • GREAT video! I couldn’t agree more!

  • I love where she says that it is the one place that you are absolutely sure that magic is possible. Truer words could not be spoken. That is why we keep going back.

  • Yep, Whoopi gets it!! ♥

  • Great Post Laura!

    • Thx Pebbles! Working with her that day was fun and I was surprised how much she truly loves visiting the parks with her family.

      She truly understands pixie dust and how lucky are her grandkids to have such a cool grandma!


  • Always the Happiest Place on Earth, especially with grandkids!!! Great video Whoopie.

  • She sure does “get” it! My favorite is when Whoopi says “come a little closer”! I actually leaned into my computer screen! Fabulous!

  • Whoopi knows! I miss Disney. Need to plan a trip. SOON.

  • Makes me want to bring my kids and their Grandparents RIGHT NOW! Unfortunately, we do not have Whoopi’s money to do so, but it’s a nice dream. Maybe the magic of Disney will make it happen. heehee! LOVE LOVE LOVE Disney! (was part of the college program in 1993 – the best six months!!) Now, being a Mom I see my own magic every day in a different way. 🙂

  • This is so true I love taking my Grandchildren to Disney World. When they say it’s the most wonderful place in the world they are not kidding. It is the one place everybody can be a kid no matter how old you are. Talk about a stress free vacation Disney is the place to go if you go with the flow Disney will take care of the rest. So if your a grandparent or parent follow Whoopi’s advice grab those kids and just go have fun.

  • Thanks for the tip Whoopi!! I wonder – was this filmed when she was hosting the candle light processional? I was there for that! Fun times and a great show.

  • Whoopi definitely said it best! Adults do become kids! I’m 23 years old and whenever I go to Magic Kingdom, my fiance always tells me that I look like I’m 5. It’s the best feeling in the world! Can’t wait to go there with my kids someday and show them how goofy their parents can be 🙂 Excellent post! I love Whoopi!

  • I love disney. So does my husband and two teenage daughters. We go every year for vacation and this year we will going on the Disney Dream in June for our 20th wedding anniversary and we can’t wait.

  • I second what Whoopi said about adults becoming kids. We are planning on going down in 2015 when my 1 yr old grand-daughter will be old enough to remember what goes on down there. When we do go down, I will be taking all five of my kids plus my two grandchildren-can’t wait.

  • I adore Whoppi. She is very smart. I can not agree that when we are able to visit DW it turns my husband and I into kids and my daughter enjoys every minute of it.
    Unfortunately I would love for my parents ( my daughters grandparents ) to be able to enjoy Disney with her while they can but we just can’t afford what it would cost to get them to Florida and handle their accommodations. They are in their late 70’s and are on social security and it’s hard on them right now so we call them and email them when we have been there. My mom always says she wishes she could be with us but she thinks she to old.

  • As a mom/grandma, who travels to WDW all the time,
    I totally agree with Whoopi. So many people ask me time and time again – You’re going to WDW AGAIN? –
    It’s a shame some people just don’t get it! Our granddaughter always goes with us … She is now twelve, and looking forward to our cruise together this year…

  • Whoopi certainly does get “it”. Very true words spoken. A couple of years ago I was at the World, and my husband’s grandma was able to come to WDW with our family and extended family. This was her first trip to the World at the age of 96. To see Disney through her eyes was fantastic. Everything left her smiling and wide-eyed. At 96 years of age she was a kid again. Disney truly is a magical place. That is one reason why we love it so much, and try to make it down every year.

  • As a mom and grandma I love Disney. We’ve been 11 times to WDW and twice to WDL. Was there the last 3 Christmas and will be back 12/17/11 and going on the Disney Cruise Dream 7/13. My grandson is 4 and has been to Disney 3 times. We became Disney Vacation Club members this yr. Some ppl just don’t get it but we love it. I’m a kid again playing with my grandson.

  • Great video from Whoopi. We’re going back in 61 days, but who’s counting!! Whoopi made me want to be there right now……and YES, everyone turns into a kid when we arrive- even my ‘GRUMPY’ husband! ha ha

  • And she practices what she preaches – I’ve seen her with her grandkids at Disneyland walking around before.

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