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Sharing Memories About ‘World of Color’

Michele Himmelberg

by , Public Relations Director, Disneyland Resort

Yesterday we shared the exciting news that “World of Color” reached a milestone performance: No. 500, on Tuesday night. That news elicited lots of memories from guests who have seen the show at Disney California Adventure park.

I have seen “World of Color” nearly a dozen times and each time it’s a new experience. Either I see something new, or I watch it from a different angle, or one of the musical numbers sparks a special emotional response. Depending on where I am in the viewing area, I feel more or less water mist.

We think “World of Color” is the best show that debuted in a theme park in 2010. If you agree, nominate “World of Color” for the Reader’s Choice awards at the about.com theme parks site, in the “best show” section. You can nominate through Feb. 4. and then the voting begins.

I’m curious about your experiences. What do you like most about “World of Color”?

To help you remember, here’s one of the first videos we shared with you:

One part that always makes me smile is the Wall-E and Eva scene. Tell us about your special memories of the show.


  • Best part of World of Color was going for the first time on my birthday last August and being so happy to see it after waiting soooo long that i actually cried when the UP music came up and the scene with the balloons. Truly amazing

  • I have not seen World of Color live, yet. But I’m glad to be seeing it this year in August. I’ve watched it on YouTube. And I smile, laugh and cry every single time I watch it. So, I know I’m in for an amazing experience. This is going to be the best show, ever.

  • I was blessed with an exciting evening in two ways when I attended the KOST-FM Radio Contest a couple of days prior to it’s public opening in June. I won 4 tickets so I had the pleasure of attending with 3 cherished friends PLUS, the person who randomly stood beside me at the railing turned out to be one of the actors who portray Genie in the Aladdin: A Musical Spectacular! I waited for approximately an hour before the show started but the time flew by as “Genie” kept everyone in my party totally spellbound with his great stories of his years in the show. I will forever rember that night for the wonderful show I saw, as well as the company I kept. Thanks to “Genie”, KOST-FM, and Disney for making that evening truly magical.

  • Beautiful!

  • World of Color is amazing!!!

  • Hola. I’m Rodolfo from Mexico and I have taken students to WDW for the last 10 years and last November 2010 I took my first students group to Disneyland & Disney California ADventure and we selected the “World of Color” picnic for my group. So we got our Fast Pass to see this show.

    I have no words to express what we had on that nite at World Of Colors. I had the chance not only to live, work and live at WDW, also visited Tokyo Disneyland and HK Disneyland and seeing almost all Disney shows… and WORLD OF COLOR was the most intense, wonderful, stunning, poweful and intensive source of Disney Magic I have ever felt.

    We cried, smiled and the best at all, after the show, it took us several minutes to “to came back to real world”… my students kept asking… Was it real?…

    I can’t wait to go back and see and live again that “Disney Magic explosive source”! =)

    ºoº Congratulations Disney California Adventure!


  • i don’t know if there’s anything specific that i love about “world of color” – it’s the overall feeling i get when i’m there, experiencing the sounds, the sights, and smells of the show. it’s reveling in 20+ minutes of my childhood rolled up into one astounding spectacular of color, water, lights, lasers, music, and magic. 😀

    (p.s. i’m sure i’m not the first, but i nominated “world of color” for the reader’s choice best new theme park show of 2010 award on about.com. looking forward to voting for it. WoC deserves it!).

    • Thank you all for those wonderful memories. And thanks for nominating “World of Color.” Don’t forget to vote in February!

  • One of the most memorable experiences for my family and I. I have watched the show exactly 25 times! As an annual Pass holder World Of Color is a must see when I visit the resort at least twice a week. Like many I always experience something different or see something I had not previously seen. However, the most exciting time viewing World Of Color was when i took my 2 little nephews James (6) and Gavin (3). We had a World Of Color dinning package at Ariels Grotto, so we had Fast Passes for the Preferred Dinning Section in Paradise Park. The little ones were extremely exited! mostly because they didn’t know what to expect. Once the show got to a start all I heard was “Wow!” “Cool!” and “Awesome!” at the end when I asked what was their favorite part, James (6yr.) Loved (**SPOILER**) The fire scene from Fantasia 2000’s “Firebird”. Gavin (3yr.)said (**SPOILER**) the Wall-E sequence was in his own words “Coo”. I love sharing a night at World Of Color with someone who has not seen it before and watching their reaction to the show. Thank you to EVERYONE who shares the memories and experience of this Spectacular with it’s creators and guests.

  • I agree, Michele! Every time I see WOC I see something new or I experience it in a different way. The weather, the angle or even who I see it with all make the experience new with every viewing.
    I’d have to say my favorite scene is Pocahontas. When she comes down that river and the music swells–I admit it–I get chocked it. The music is really what puts it over the top for me. I love the glitter effect in Wall-E, too. It’s just magical.

    Just watching the video again makes me what to see it again!

  • I have many, but these are my top 4

    1. Intro

    2. Villians

    3. Finale

    4. Exit Number

    No words can describe how much I love this show. Each time I watch the show, I take about +200 photos of each showing I go to.

  • Its hard for me to pick a favorite part of World of Color. I just love the size and scope of it all, the graceful movements of the fountains, all of the neat effects with the lasers interacting with the water, and of course, the music and color are great.

    Once again, I have to say that I am very glad that California Adventure finally has a nighttime spectacular of its own.

    I am very excited about the Little Mermaid ride and then Cars Land! 🙂

  • My Favorite memories for World of Color is The Lion King to make me a thrill expereince when wildebeest is charging at us.

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