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‘Slo-Mo’ Magic at Walt Disney World

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Parks

Life moves fast, and we think you’ll agree that even in the world of fantasy, discovery and magic of Disney Parks, things can still move swiftly. There’s so much to see, so much to immerse yourself in, so much to experience, marvel and enjoy. With all of this, it’s possible to miss some of the simpler things happening right before your eyes. So, we decided to start giving our Disney Parks Blog readers a look at some of these in a very different way, using a special camera designed to capture video in slow motion.

Today, we premiere some “Slo-Mo Magic,” with this brief video from the Imagination! Pavilion at Epcot. Through the years, millions of Guests visiting the pavilion have appreciated the water-ful dances performed by these famed fountains. We hope to offer you a new appreciation of their beauty with a special ending. Our host, Gary, really seems to “soak in” the magic.

In upcoming weeks, we’ll be taking our cameras around Walt Disney World Resort in search of more slo-mo beauty in the parks. Any suggestions on what to feature next?


  • Great video and great advice! I used to work at Imagination! and loved watching little kids, and some “big kids”, waiting and waiting and waiting to get splashed from these fountains; especially when the water came from behind them. Thanks for posting!

  • That was great to watch. They are so much fun. Slo mo would be fun at the Japanese restaurant!

  • why don’t you slow-mo tinkerbell’s flight from her perspective.

  • That is great! Love to see the Vine Lady at Animal Kingdom! Everyone is in such a hurry at that park and miss all the sounds and colorful sights in this amazing park! So many have never even seen her! Also, the new baby animals in Animal Kingdom! So cute on the safari. Still really missing the Lights of Winter at EPCOT though. Hope you can somehow bring it back??? PLEASE? It is not the same in that park during the holidays without it.
    Thank you!
    Kimberly from Pennsylvania

  • Just imagine how great this video would be if it was footage from the 80’s, when the pavilion had life. When the fountains were full of plants, children ran around, and Dreamfinder and Figment were there! Now it’s a ghost town, and this video just proves it!

  • World of Color
    Indiana Jones Adventure
    The start and loop of California Screamin’

  • That’s awsome Thomas!Is the Main Street Live Cam ever going to come back on line? Thanks John

  • Delightful video!!! What a great way to see the parks.
    For suggestions:
    The car stunt show!
    The train!
    And like others have said, Splash Mountain is a great one.

  • These fountains are one of our favorite things at Epcot! We always take time t stop and play at them! They are incredible!

  • How about Illuminations!

  • I love this video. Was just in Epcot last week and I don’t think I saw more than a handful of guest watching these fountains ever. It’s too bad, they are so amazing!!! It’s the things, like these fountains, that people always seem to “miss” that makes me want to keep coming back to WDW. Don’t ever go so fast that you miss the magic of the moment you are in! I would love to see a slo-mo of the faces of Disney fans, of all ages, when they first see Mickey Mouse of one of their other favorite charachters in a meet and great. Or, how about the faces of kids on their dad’s shoulders during wishes. My kids are too big to sit on dad’s shoulders anymore, but those expressions will always bring back magical memories for me!




    • Well said, Mike. Thanks.

  • Get a close-up of the poor guest who gets douced with a thousand gallons of water for the Pearl Harbor demo at Studio Backlot Tour. Some shots of little Jedi Knights fighting Vader would be funny. One of the birds flying right at your camera in Flights of Wonder would be cool. Although, we can see that on National Geographic. How about some exhibits at Innoventions, like the barrel slamming down on the hardhat?

  • the fireworks!

  • I’d love to see a slow-mo of the Astro Orbiter. Then you can cut to it at night with the view of the fireworks from up there. It’s the most interesting vantage point of the castle and fireworks but it goes so fast you can only cherish so much of it!

  • Gary, you never cease to crack me up. Haircuts, being roped by a trick roper, soaked in the face, what WON’T you do?! You rock! =)

    I’d love to see a slo-mo of my favorite part of Reflections of Earth: Near the end of “We Go On” when the bright white fireworks light up the lagoon and show the ring of guests in awe of the show. I get chills (like right now!) just thinking of it! Despite most of us groaning about a crowded park, there is just something magical watching thousands of those same guests circle the lagoon for the show. Maybe it’s because thousands of people are unified and bonding over such a peaceful theme. That’s my slo-mo wish.

  • Fountain of Nations at Epcot
    Lights, Motors, Action!
    Spectacle of Dancing Lights
    Any of the World Showcase performers
    The view of the castle from the TTA/Peoplemover
    Prince Charming’s Regal Carousel
    Fireworks are hard to get good shots of, so it would be awesome if you managed to capture them.
    Aquariums in The Seas
    Monorail ride to Magic Kingdom

    • Some excellent suggestions in your list, Sarah.

  • Simple water-experience made me relaxed and slow down for a while.

  • Primeval Whirl
    The Mad Tea Party
    Beverly tasting at Club Cool

  • This is really pretty! you could do a slow-mo of:
    The Fireworks
    Small World
    Splash Mountain
    Big Thunder Mountain
    Kali River Rapids
    Rockin Roller Coaster

    • Great list…thanks for the suggestions.

  • Any of the fireworks shows would look great in slow motion… And maybe the fire shows like the ones on Polynesian Resort or Fantasmic too!

  • My kids love the jumping water! It’s a great place to let them slow down and cool down!

  • This was one of my favorite memories in Disney as a child; sitting on my dad’s shoulders and trying to catch the water as it shot out from the dancing fountains. Great idea. Some of our favorite spots to slow it down is in the countries- during my 13th and most recent trip we found a garden and seating area behind the shop in the UK in Epcot. Another is on the Walkway to Tomorrowland from Main Street- there is a beautiful photo opportunity and a bench to people watch and take in the castle. Absolutely amazing. Literally my favorite place on earth.

  • Excellent video and of course Splash Mountain and Kali River Rapids in slow motion will be cool idea. Thanks

  • These fountains are one of my most vivid memories of Epcot from when I was young. The best days I have had on my Disney trips are when my family and I cease with the ‘touring mode’ and enter ‘go with the flow mode’. There are so many amazing details that can be overlooked if you don’t stop to take it all in. Thanks for the great post!

  • I know it’s similiar to this, but my family loves watching the dancing fountains just behind Spaceship Earth. Another place that we love to slow down a bit is on Main Street USA.

  • When my son was about 15 he had a GREAT time with those dancing waters. I have some wonderful pictures!

  • Awesome! I love seeing new things on this blog. that’s what Disney is all about!!!!

    • Thanks, Paul.

  • slo mo of the flights of wonder show in animal kingdom!

  • Great video! How about splashing of the guests at the Splash Mountain Bridge. Takeoff at Rocking Rollercoaster. Tink’s flight. Drummers in Japan. The hairpin turn on Test Track. The top of Expedition Everest…there’s never enough time to look at everything at the broken track. And also the descent from Expedition Everest…TOO MANY to pick just one!

  • The drop on Tower of Terror.

  • It is amazing to see how many people walk right by this fountain without ever realizing the little show they put on.

  • I’ve watched many kids stand in the stream of these fountains, but never and adult!! Good job!!

  • Great concept! What about slowing down footage of the “Tower of Terror”?

  • A firework in Wishes!

  • My suggestion? Any of the acrobatic shows that play in the pavilions at Epcot.

  • Hey, that’s really cool! How about a slo-mo, closeup reaction to the drop down the hill on Splash Mountain?

    • Thanks, Kevin. That could be fun.

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