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‘Star Show’ at Castaway Cay

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Parks

Star Show at Castaway Cay, By: David Roark
Walt Disney World photographer David Roark recently dropped by Castaway Cay and captured some amazing shots from the island paradise to share with Disney Parks Blog readers.

On that night, David said he was on the beach in complete darkness and spotted a most beautiful “star show.”
Star Show at Castaway Cay, By: David Roark
Castaway Cay is a favorite port of call when sailing aboard our Disney cruise ships. And since it’s miles from the nearest “city” and its lights, David said there’s very little “light pollution” and the stars in the sky are unbelievable. He used a fish-eye camera lens with an exposure of 15 seconds at f4 at 8000iso to capture the images.

David will be on the island this weekend and said if it’s clear, he’ll be back out on the beach with his camera looking to capture another beautiful Castaway Cay “star show.”


  • #6 Melinda from TX

  • The lights on the ship are waaay too bright to see the stars like this at night. It would be lovely to be able to get shots like this if WE could stay on the island over night ourselves.

  • Since many of us will never see it, could you ask him to show us a little behind the scenes and expose us to the CM’s accommodations in paradise?

  • how do you go about getting a cabana on castaway cay?

  • Beautiful!

  • How beautiful! I hope one day “everyday people” will get to see Castaway Cay after dark as well….

  • This is just beautiful, you can even see a few galaxies in there if you look closely! One more reason to take my first cruise with disney!:)

  • Wow, that’s incredible! A combo of Disney, stars, beach, and palm trees! 🙂

  • He should check out the bright stars at night, “Deep in the heart of Texas”!

  • Absolutely beautiful!

  • Wish I was there!!!

  • Beautiful! There’s nothing more breath-takingly beautiful than being in the middle of nowhere and looking up into the nights sky. You really start to grasp how massive our universe is.

  • Incredible photos. Great job!

  • Awesome shots there. I’m used to living in the city, myself, so I rarely get to see that many stars.

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