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Take 5 at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Parks

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Logo
Disney’s Animal Kingdom takes Guests on many different adventures – into the African savannah, to the top of Mount Everest, and back to the age of the dinosaurs. But some of the most amazing adventures are those involving the animal friends who are born and cared for at the park. Here is a look at some of our top Disney’s Animal Kingdom posts.

What has been your favorite adventure at Disney’s Animal Kingdom? Let us know in the comments.

Top 5: Disney’s Animal Kingdom

  1. First Look Video: Wild Africa Trek – Take a peek into the new Wild Africa Trek.
  2. New Baby Elephant, a Girl, Arrives at Disney’s Animal Kingdom – Last May, we welcomed Luna, the fifth elephant born at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.
  3. Endangered Gorilla Born at Disney’s Animal Kingdom – In March 2010, Lilly joined the gorilla family and was snapped in one of our favorite images from Gene Duncan.
  4. A Mother’s Love Witnessed at Disney’s Animal Kingdom – Gene Duncan also gave us another touching mother/child image – this shot of giraffe Big Girl and her calf, Bolo.
  5. Injured Sea Turtles from the Gulf Arrive for Care at Disney’s Animal Kingdom – In August, eight turtles injured by the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico began their rehabilitation under the care of our animal experts.


  • I love AK! It is my favorite park! I would love to see more sea life at Disney. There are so many great animals here but I would love to see what Disney could do with bringing under the sea to you and me! Mix that in with some of Toyko Disney’s Sea Park…..

  • Josh,

    Nope you hit it right on the head, at development there was a planned section of the park called “Beastly Kingdom” where mythological animals were suppose to have been. If you can manage to find a copy of “The Making of Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park” by Melody Malmberg it shows some cool concept art.

    But Kimberly you can still sorta be a hero, next time you are at AK, while you are on the bridge going into Camp Minie-Mickey look off to the side in Discovery River and you will see a rock formation that looks like a dragon head and mouth.

    Hopefully you’ll get brownie points!

  • Kimberly – Far as I’m aware the dragon is a leftover from the old design of the park when it was called Beastly Kingdom. There are a few of these “legend and mythology” animals located still in the park as homage to this:
    •There’s a parking lot area named “Unicorn.”
    •A dragonhead in front of one of the ticket booths at the park’s entrance.
    •Also I seem to remember a cave back when the place opened that had fire and suits of armor outside of it. It could be seen from the boat ride that’s now defunct. Was made to imply a dragon was living in there.

    If I’ve missed anything let me know. Love learning more things about the parks.

  • I’ve been in animal kingdom I have to say the most favorite in the park is the shows the characters
    Landscape attraction and of course the tree of life

  • I’ve been to Animal Kingdom a good number of times and have never found the dragon. Is it on a ride or on a walking trail? I thought it might be like the Yeti – it took my family riding that mountain coaster four times before we ever saw him. The dragon is right there in the center of the logo – but so hard to find inside the park. Please someone tell me where he is located – I will be a hero to my kids!

  • My favorite thing about Animal Kingdom has always been DinoLand U.S.A. All of my favorite Disney rides are in that land. TriceraTop Spin, DINOSAUR, all of them.

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