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Update on New Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom Park

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Experiences

The Updated Fantasyland

As many of you know, we’re in the midst of the largest expansion in Magic Kingdom history, which will nearly double the size of Fantasyland. And we’re thrilled about the expansion because it’ll allow us to tell our treasured stories in new ways and give you the opportunity to interact with some of our beloved characters like never before. Today, we’d like to give you a first glimpse of the progress we’re making in bringing these stories to life and a look at some of the art we will be sharing with the media later tonight.

Under the Sea: Journey of The Little Mermaid

First, work is already well underway on many of the experiences we’ve already told you about, so let’s start with Under the Sea: Journey of The Little Mermaid. In this attraction, Ariel and all her friends will entertain you in a ride-through adventure featuring favorite songs from the popular animated feature.

Not too far from Ariel’s new home, construction is underway on Beast’s castle which will stand majestically upon a hill. You will cross over a stone bridge as you arrive at Be Our Guest Restaurant. Set in the halls of the Beast’s Castle, this location will seat up to 550 guests and offer “great food fast” service by day and full table service dining in the evening. Just outside the restaurant, you will also be able to explore Belle’s Village, which includes Gaston’s Tavern and Bonjour! Village Gifts.

Nearby at Belle’s cottage, a magical mirror is the doorway to a captivating new kind of experience, where Belle, Lumiere and guests participate in a lively re-telling of the “tale as old as time.” In Enchanted Tales with Belle, the adventure begins at Maurice’s cottage, where you’ll step through an enchanted mirror that magically transports you to Beast’s library for an interactive storytelling session with Belle.

Additions to Dumbo the Flying Elephant

Just across the way is the brand new Storybook Circus, where we’re doubling the fun by adding another carousel to Dumbo the Flying Elephant. While you wait to board this Fantasyland favorite, you’ll have a chance to join the circus and step inside the Big Top for fun-filled interactive experiences for kids of all ages. Alongside Dumbo the Flying Elephant, the existing Barnstormer is getting a new look as well, featuring Goofy as The Great Goofini. This exciting attraction will take you on a twisting, turning, daredevil, roller coaster “flight” high above the circus fun.

The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

As with any project of this scale, we’ve also continued to look for additional ways to surprise and delight our guests and I think you’ll be pleased. One opportunity we’re especially excited about is the chance to tell Snow White’s story in a fresh new way. The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train will take you on a rollicking, musical ride into the mine “where a million diamonds shine.” The coaster will feature a first-of-its kind ride system with a train of ride vehicles that swing back and forth as they whisk along the track. The journey will be accompanied by music from the classic Disney film and animated figures of Snow White and the Dwarfs.

Our other Disney princesses will also be getting a new home (actually, they prefer to call it a castle) in the all new Princess Fairytale Hall. Aurora, Cinderella and other Disney princesses, such as Tiana and Rapunzel, will greet you in an elegant royal court at the location where Snow White’s Scary Adventures is today. This new experience will be in place of some of the earlier plans we shared regarding opportunities to interact with your favorite princesses.

And Tinker Bell and her fairy friends will be joining the cast at Epcot where they will have special roles bringing the flora and fauna to life during the Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival.

The New Fantasyland will be constructed in phases with most new experiences open by 2013. We look forward to sharing more with you as our work progresses.


  • Do you know when Snow White’s Scary Adventures will be closed? Hoping to ride it again before it is too late…

    • Hey, we haven’t determined a date for this.

  • Can’t wait. 🙂

  • Extremely exciting news, Thomas. Is there any word on approximate phases for things opening? As in can we expect to see something like Under the Sea and the Beast’s Castle to open before Storybook Circus, or vice versa?

    • Thanks, Robert. Keep checking the blog for updates.

  • “Our other Disney princesses will also be getting a new home (actually, they prefer to call it a castle) in the all new Princess Fairytale Hall. Aurora, Cinderella and other Disney princesses, such as Tiana and Rapunzel, [b]will greet you in an elegant royal court at the location where Snow White’s Scary Adventures is today.[/b]”

    So, does this mean that Snow White’s Scary Adventures is being closed permanently?

  • New plans look great. I’m bummed that the Snow White ride is getting the ax, but I’m glad I rode it on my last trip. I’m excited for a new coaster. Is there any idea yet on how “thrilling” it will be? I imagine a Fantasyland coaster would probably be pretty tame, but the Goofy coaster already exists to fit that need so I’m holding out hope that this one will at least have a little zip for us older guests.

    Perhaps it’ll be a slightly-less-thrilling Big Thunder Mountain? Either way, I’m excited as I think the idea of a coaster with a dark-ride influence (by way of the music and such) is great!

  • Thomas,

    Do the plans include eliminating “Snow White’s Scary Adventures” completely, or just a relocation?

    • Hi Matthew…eliminating. As we considered adding another experience in Fantasyland, we looked for an opportunity to tell Snow White’s story in a fresh, new way. By adding the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, we’re able to add another chapter to Snow White’s story, and give you a new way to experience this beloved Disney character.

  • Wow, I can’t wait !
    Once this is done, I fly over from France and take the greatest vacations of my life 😀

  • This looks great. I wish it could be finished before my next visit in May.

  • So exciting! I’m really looking forward to seeing this spruced-up Fantasyland, and am already thinking about a trip in December 2012. A question: Is Snow White’s Scary Adventure the only attraction being eliminated?

  • Enthusiastically looking forward to seeing these renovations come to life!

    • Me too. Thanks, Douglas.

  • that is going to be so cool to see once it is all finished. we will be there Dec 2011 and hope to see some ofhte new things if they are finished. plus this will give us an excuse to come back in a few years to see all the finisehd projects :> this area is one of our favorites to explore and love the fact you are revamping it a bit to add to the exciting attrctions that are already there :>

  • So, am I reading this right that Snow White’s Scary Adventures will no longer be? That is one of my favorite rides – and my kids loved it too! We only got to go on it once when we were there in October – any time we returned, the ride was closed.

    Also, will Tinkerbell and the rest of the fairies only be in Epcot and only at a certain time of the year? My daughter will be sorely disappointed. We waited for over an hour to see the fairies this year and that was one of the highlights of her trip!

    Okay, change can be good – but don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater, please! I love the idea of adding the other princesses (although Sleeping Beauty has always seemed to be forgotten in WDW) and some of the other things sound great. I’m just sad that some of the things I considered really good are going to be destroyed in the process. I guess I’m glad that my kids got to see it before all of this happened…

    • Tinker Bell and her fairy friends will be joining the cast at Epcot where they will have special roles bringing the flora and fauna to life during the Flower and Garden Festival.

  • what is to become of Tiana’s current meet & greet w/ Naveen?

    • Guests will be able to interact with Tiana and other Disney princesses inside Princess Fairytale Hall.

  • Looks wonderful! I know when our next visit will be!!

  • Amazing, i’ll miss the old fantasy land but this new (yet to come ) one looks amazing 😀

  • What wonderful plans! I love the fact they are expanding Dumbo to 2 Carousels and the incorporation of more Disney stories into Fantasyland! Can’t wait to see the changes and the final result.

    I also like the idea of moving Tinkerbell to EPCOT – the beauty of the flora at EPCOT is a great setting for the fairies. Now, if they would just bring back the original Imagination ride, I’d be set! 😉

  • Oh no what is the last date to experience snow whites scary adventure?

    • No date now, Lindsay. Please keep checking the blog for updates.

  • I hope the Beauty & the Beast bit will be open in summer 2012 It would make my honeymoon perfect 😀

  • I can’t wait! The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train looks like a ton of fun and much better than the dated (and too scary for little kids) Snow White dark ride.

  • I’ll miss Snow White, but, like Mr. Toad, there’s still the original at Disneyland!

    This looks so wonderful. Of course, I’ll always long for the Nautilus, but a new generation has forgotten those Disney classics. This looks really beautiful and I look forward to seeing it someday.

  • So, is Snow White’s Scary Adventure just being destroyed? I thought it was one of the protected attractions.
    Also, will the Princes be with their Princesses in the Fairytale Hall? I absolutly loved meeting Naveen, Flynn, Eric, etc. and would hate it if they were no longer apart of the meet and greet experience.

  • So is this good-bye for Snow White’s Scary Adventures? And that wouldn’t be the Casey Jr. train (ala Disneyland) in the second to last rendering, would it? 🙂

  • I’m excited aboout the new rides. This whole project looks amazing and I cannot wait for it to open. Although seeing MK under construction can be “annoying” at times, I definitely think it’s worth it! Hopefully after this, the next big project will be DHS :-)!

  • This is absolutely wonderful and exciting! What will be losing from Fantasyland for this gain? I know ToonTown is mostly being removed (aside from the Goofy coaster). And where will you be able to meet Mickey and Minnie in this new design?

  • Sounds like WDW has changed the plans to separate the princesses meet and greet and instead keep them together – I like it! 🙂

  • Speaking of these gorgeous renderings, is there any chance we could get a larger (wallpaper-sized!) version of the whole New Fantasyland image? I’ve got a screen that would sure look great with that image on it…

  • These changes/additions sound SO exciting!! I’m so happy Disney keeps updating and adding to the parks. My daughter and I go often and it seems there’s always something new to look forward to! This Fantasyland expansion looks simply awesome. We better start saving to be there in 2013 for the completion!

  • I. Love. This! ºoº

  • Now I know when we’ll set the goal date for our next family trip to Orlando! It’s a big deal to us to make a trip like this since we’re a family of six living a happy rural life with a modest income. We never thought we’d actually go until my oldest daughter ended up with a Make A Wish trip. (She’s through chemo and things look good.) After that I decided that if we do the trip our way we can afford to go again before the littlest one grows past being fascinated by fairies and princesses.

  • This looks Absolutely AMAZING! My family & I cannot wait for all of this to be complete!! We are Excited to get the chance to dine at “Be Our Guest” as well as see Ariel. (My 5yr olds favorite princess) Actually with 7 children……I’M SURE WE WILL LOVE IT ALL!!!!! I remember the Magic Kingdom as a child (before Toon Town.) Now at almost 38 & a Mom….I think this is Awesome!! We were there last September & we were Excited to ride Dumbo just to “peak” over the construction wall!! 😀 Haha….. GREAT JOB DISNEY…..OBVIOUSLY WHY DISNEY WORLD IS THE MOST MAGICAL PLACE IN THE WORLD!!!!

  • So.. all this talk about “Disney Memories” this year and Snow White’s Scary Adventures is going to become just that? A Memory? VERY sad.

    And what’s to go in it’s place? Just Meet and Greets? Why not put a new ride in there?

  • I’m upset about the characters houses being demolished…

  • I’m looking forward to the new rides! It will be great fun.

    Is this the end of Snow White’s Scary Adventures? I’m so sad, I was hoping the new rides would just be an addition to the classic rides that are already there. There is something magical about it being original to the park.

    I always look forward to riding the Snow White ride with my little ones, it is a way to introduce the classic rides of my generation to their generation. I wish there were a way I could have a piece of memorabilia from it. I actually feel a little sad.

  • I’m excited about the new stuff, don’t get me wrong. Please don’t kill off the old rides, though. There is plenty of room to build new stuff without doing that. I mean, you guys own like 30 miles in all directions. You should re-consider and move rides to another area if you have to. Why not create a “Classics Land” inside of the Magic Kingdom so that these rides don’t go away forever, in the future? Mr. Toad leaving was bad enough. Now, this one too. I can understand if the ride isn’t loved, like Mission to Mars, but these are great, traditional rides that have been there forever and are getting the axe …

  • 2013 is gonna be a great year for the Disney Parks with all the construction at DCA due to be completed. I’m planning on getting a Premier Pass that year and hitting both resorts!

  • Wow, I’m sorry to hear Snow White’s Adventures is getting axed! Also, confused on whether or not Toon Town is being removed? I thought they were just closing down temporarily for the reconstruction. Will Mickey and Minnie’s house still be around? We love touring their homesteads!

  • We were already planning our next Disney World trip in 2013 to celebrate my oldest son’s 16th birthday…it was his idea! This will be an exciting addition to our trip!! I can’t wait to see the magic that is Disney in this new addition!!

  • The very first picture says Fantasyland Fall 2012, but the next to last sentence say “The New Fantasyland will be constructed in phases with most new experiences open by 2013. Which is it Fall 2012 or sometime in 2013?

  • I hope that Snow White’s Scary Adventure will relocated in the spot where The Dumbo Ride will be once it’s moved over with the other one.

    I’d hate to see it go the way of Mr. Toad.

  • The news of the new Snow White ride will make my 4 year old one happy boy! He’s Dwarf crazy and will be thrilled to take a ride through their mine!!

  • Looks Fantastic!!! Can’t wait until expansion is complete and we can see the final result!!

  • Is Pixie Hollow still in the plans?

    I am so excited about this! This is why I am a DVC member. 🙂

  • Awesome news!!!!
    Very excited about this whole addition.

  • Please tell me that they are not shutting down Snow White’s Scary Adventure! It is vintage and classic. I fell in love with it the first time we went through it. I thought it was one of the oldest attractions in the park and that like Dumbo, it would be there for as long as the park was there. If they are destroying it, I can’t help but feel that if Walt D. were here today, he would not like it one bit. I think he was a man who appreciated art, just like how the style of the Small World ride incorpoarted one of his favorite artists influence.

  • Too bad Disney once again fails our princes. Not a whole lot of stuff for boys, but plenty, plenty of stuff for princesses.

  • Awesome, awesome, awesome. Good to see Snow White’s Scary Adventures is finally leaving. That attraction has overstayed its welcome. I understand some love it for nostalgic reasons, but we have to keep moving forward!

  • I love the idea of adding to fantasyland but hope that Disney remembers the Mouse….it was all built around him and losing his house and Minnie’s house will be tragedy…my daughter even at 12 years old insists on going thru the houses every year.

  • While we are excited about the new attractions, my wife & I are disappointed that Mickey & Minnie’s houses will be destroyed. They should relocate them for everyone to enjoy. They are decorated so nice at Christmas and our kids love going there to visit.

  • Oh, I’m heartbroken at the loss of SW’s Scary Adventures—first, Mr. Toad now this. Glad I got a chance to go on it one last time. What’s next? Peter Pan? God forbid…

  • Respectfully, I disagree with Linda. If anything, the changes from the previous plans have broadened the appeal for all genders.

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