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Where at Disney Parks Can You Find… Jan. 3, 2011

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Parks

Where at Disney Parks Can You Find This Face?

Now that’s a face for the first Monday of the year, isn’t it? We’re continuing our mystery image series in 2011 with a tough one. It’s in the parks and easy to miss if you’re not observant. Do you know where to find it? Please put your answers in the comments and we’ll update the post with the answer later today.

Expedition Everest in the Asia Area of Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park

You got it, this week’s mystery image can be found at Expedition Everest in the Asia area of Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park. There’s plenty to see around the attraction. The pre-show area begins in a remote village at the base of Mt. Everest and then winds through a travel agency and trading post packed with supplies. What catches your eye here?


  • epcot – japan

  • yay! I got it right! Expedition Everest has the greatest themed queue! I love it =)

  • Am I the only one who think it kinda resembles Imagineer, Joe Rohde?

  • It’s Animal Kingdom Park. In Expedition Everest by Asia area. It’s at stone statue

  • Jungle cruise at Disneyland

  • It’s tiger trek at animal kingdom!! For sure!!

  • Expedision everest in the queue line not on the fp side.

  • Daddy!

  • I think post #5 Joy nailed it, Maharajah Jungle Trek at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

  • Expedition Everest…I’m pretty sure of it.

    • Yes, this was a tough one. Great guess Kelly.

  • expedition everest

    • Perfect.

  • Tough one!
    It might be somewhere around the China Pavillion in EPCOT

  • Animal Kingdom – Kali River Rapids

  • It is the Statue in entrance queue for Expedition Everest before the steps. 🙂

  • I’m thinking it is at the exhibit where the monkeys are at the intersection in Asia in Animal Kingdom.

  • Oh no, I think Jennifer from PA is right, the Maharajah Jungle Trek at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

  • The Jungle Cruise in the Asian Temple scene.

  • Its near the tigers in Asia in the Animal Kingdom.

  • Waiting in line for the Jungle Safari

  • Entrance to Expedition Everest.

    • Nice, Expedition Everest is correct.

  • kali river rapids maybe?

  • It has to be in Asia at Animal Kingdom I think, so either a statue at Kali River Rapids or Expedition Everest.

  • China, in Epcot.

  • No! My 14yr old daughter (Becky) says it is in Expedition Everest!!!!

    • Nice…give her a high-five. Well done.

  • No no no! It’s in the line at Expedition Everest!

    • Yep, you nailed it. Thanks, Tiffany.

  • I think this is Expedition Everest. I think maybe even on the ride itself- unless I’m totally confusing faces here.

  • Is it on the Jungle Cruise in MK?

  • That’s a statue on a wall at the Maharajah Jungle Trek at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

  • Japan Pavillion at Epcot.

  • Expedition Everest

    • Great eye, Rob. You got it.

  • Asia in AK.

  • Epcot somewhere.

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