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Where at Disney Parks Can You Find… Jan. 24, 2011

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Parks

Where at Disney Parks Can You Find This?

Look at that…it appears the weight of the world is on this guy’s back, huh? Our Monday mystery image is easy to walk by and miss in the parks – unless you’re observant. Do you know where to find him? Please put your answers in the comments and we’ll update the post with the answer later today.

Disney Outfitters at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

You got it, this week’s mystery image can be found in the front of Disney Outfitters at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. It’s one of many unique places to shop at the park to find authentic African art and imports, like baskets, masks and jewelry. Have you visited?


  • #23 1/2 Thomas Smith
    Did you find out what that is above him?
    (The thing that looks like a butterfly).

  • animal kingdom i think

  • Is he outside of the Island Mercantile in Animal Kingdom?

  • Flaming Tree BBQ in DAK

  • Discovery island in the animal kingdom?

  • Decorative Post Bottom at the BBQ eating area, near shops in Animal Kingdom…:)

  • He’s holding up the post of a store in Discovery Island in Animal Kingdom…my son just took a picture with him this past Thursday 🙂

  • Outside Disney Outfitters in Animal Kingdom holding up a lamp post

  • Also think Pizzafari – I’ve got to be quicker to get on this before everyone else gives away the answer! Nice job everyone!!

  • Discovery Island in Animal Kingdom — the Mercantile maybe?

  • Directly in front of the Disney Outfitters store, above is an owl I believe.

    • Well done, Jason. Had to double-check on what’s above…looks like a butterfly.

  • It’s the base of the streetlights, on the outskirts of the Outfitters’s store, in the Discovery Island’s area, in Animal Kingdom Park. Rigth!!!! Easy, again

  • I has to be in Disney’s Animal Kingdom!!!
    My guess is (due to the color scheme) that it is one of the many figures located in the area that surrounds the Tree of Life.

  • It’s the base of the streetlamps, on the outskirts of the Disney Outfitters’s store, in the Discover Island’s area, in Animal Kingdom Park

  • im pretty sure this is part of the architecture around Disney Outfitters on discovery island!

    • You are correct. Great memory, thanks.

  • Animal Kingdom

  • Got It! Lamp Post in Animal Kingdom. Sits at the base of the lamp

  • Outside Beastly Bazaar in Animal Kingdom…

  • In Animal Kingdom. He has a lamp post on top of him. I took a picture of him last year because he was so cute

  • That’s in the Animal Kingdom 😉

  • Looks like the animals at Pizzafaria – couyld that be it.

  • I meant right….Sorry!

  • i could be wrong on my first answer but i think its definitely somewhere in Animal Kingdom.

  • He appears to be at or really close to Flame Tree BBQ in Animal Kingdom.

  • Animal Kingdom – near Pizzafari

  • Pizzafari in Animal Kingdom?

  • Looks to me like something that would be at Beastly Bazaar (sp?) at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

  • Flaming Tree Barbecue at Animal Kingdom?

  • Somewhere in Animal Kingdom on Discovery Island – maybe there is a light post on top of him? There is so many of those colorful animal carvings at Animal Kingdom, it’s hard to know where each is. 😉

    Discussion Kingdom

  • Yeah, he’s holding up a column at Animal Kingdom. I’ve got a better picture of him, if you need it.

    • Great eye, William. Didn’t think many would get this.

  • The first store in Animal Kingdom on the left?

  • I believe he’s in Animal Kingdom.

    • Nice, Kayla.

  • A bench on Discovery Island in Animal Kingdom.

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