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Your Favorite Disney Character is…

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Experiences

Nowadays, trips to the parks with my daughters include stops for some “must see” characters. And the funny thing is, I was the same way as a boy with Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse. How about you? Over the holidays, we grabbed a camera and asked guests at the Walt Disney World Resort about their “must see” characters.

Now it’s your turn. Please tell us about your favorite character in the comments.


  • Hathaway Brown from the Adventurers Club!

  • Emil Bleehall from the Adventurers Club!!!! Best Pigeon call EVER!!! Kungaloosh!

  • Hathaway Browne from The Adventurers Club…..Kungaloosh!

  • I LOVE LOVE LOVE Colonel Critchlow Suchbench. He always found a way to single you out in a crown and make you feel special. I miss you, Colonel.
    Otis T. Wren is a very close second. 🙂

  • My favorite characters are: Hathaway Brown, Samantha Sterling and Emil Bleehall. 🙂 So sad they aren’t around anymore- such great times in a one-of-a-kind environment. Great fun, great memories!

  • Hathaway Brown, Emil Bleehall, Samantha Sterling, Pamelia Perkins, Fletcher Hodges, Otis T. Wren, Graves, Sugar Snapp (and all the other maids), Colonel Suchbench (of course), Babs, Beezle, Arnie & Claude and of course the very talented Fingers Zambezi! Bring back the Adventures Club!

  • Sugar Snap and Buella Belle and the rest of the cast of the Adventurer’s Club!
    Was in Disney about 3 weeks ago for my birthday and my trip seemed so incomplete and kinda depressing without seeing the Adventurers.


  • Graves and the Colonel from the Adventurers Club! We had to visit every time – our two sons grew up looking forward to their visit – it was the highlight of our visit. Please get them back!!

  • Hathaway Brown and all his friends at the Adventurers Club!!!

  • I love all characters – I was so happy to see the seven dwarfs this halloween and Christmas, but became ecstatic when i saw the hag. But this christmas I had toldmy daughter that i would like to see Mickey as the sorceror and we found him at Hollywood studios. Then I turned the corner and saw Lotsa bearand he was awesome – Okay you got me i love them all. Daisey still my fav.
    I would like to see tangle andprincess and the frog. I also am dying to meet Scoop Anderson.

  • Tink & Ariel. Tink is “cliche”, true, but she is such fun and has a personality! Ariel is, in my opinion, the most beautuful Disney Princess. Can’t WAIT until the Little Mermaid attraction opens in Fantasyland in 2012!!

  • Pamelia Perkins — and the rest of the Adventurer’s Club Gang! BRING THEM BACK!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The classic Minnie Mouse of course! The one with the red and white polka dots dress.

  • Eeyore – I watched him on AFV and the bit when he scared a kid is so funny!

  • Mickey is my 1st favorite Character and Mrs. Incredible is my 2nd Favorite Character. cause their inspired me of greatest hero and star.

  • I really like ‘Grumpy’. He shows that even a grumpy old dwarf can have a kind and gentle heart, as he shows at the end of the movie.

  • Hathaway Brown. Kungaloosh!

  • Emil Bleehall from the Adventurers Club and Donald Duck

  • My 3 year old favorite character is Gaston from Beauty and The Beast. We are going in March and she really wants to meet Gaston.

  • Cinderella

  • Emil Bleehall, Hathaway Brown, Samantha Sterling, Pamelia Perkins, Fletcher Hodges, Otis T. Wren, Graves, and the wonderful maids were all so special to me. The interaction and just plain old fun made each and every night at the Adventurer’s Club so very special. And can I say the spirit of the Club has inspired me to step outside my comfort zone and be a little more adventurous. Channeling the spirit of adventure I actually went zip-lining last fall!
    BRING BACK THE ADVENTURER’S CLUB! It was magical. Kungaloosh Forever!

  • Yzma and Tallulah Buttertart (Fabulous Maid of The Adventure’s Club)

  • Hathaway Brown and the gang at the Adventurers Club were always my favorite.

  • Hathaway Brown!! Definately!!!!

  • Nala, because she is awesome and isn’t a princess. She is a QUEEN!

    Honorable Mentions:
    Quorra, becuase she was awesome and Tron was as well.
    Flynn Rider, because he was voiced by the ever gorgeous Zachary Levi.

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