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A Vinylmation Flag Salute at Disney Parks

Steven Miller

by , Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Walt Disney World Resort

Flag Vinylmation Figure – Japan

As mentioned in a previous Disney Parks Blog article, I love Epcot. I served as an attraction manager for World Showcase East operations in 2003. I had a blast working directly with the International Program Cast Members from Mexico, Norway, China and the United States. I learned much from them, and I still correspond with several of them today. That spirit of cultural exchange was always a part of the Epcot philosophy (even when World Showcase was once planned to be a separate “park” located near the Transportation and Ticket Center). My love for all things international is probably the reason why I love the recently released Vinylmation Flag series so much. I spoke with Caley Hicks, the artist behind this series, about its creation.

Flag Vinylmation Figures – USA

“The first figure I designed was the United States flag,” explained Caley. “I thought it would be easy to design but it turned out to be a challenge. I wanted the figure to be authentic like an actual American flag, but getting the flag to wrap around the Mickey Mouse shaped form was difficult. In the end, I think it turned out great but took a little longer than I anticipated.”

This series is similar to other open window box series we’ve released like Vinylmation Sports. The idea was to allow Guests select their favorite country or the country they consider home. The eleven countries of World Showcase were selected as a starting point. The country of Brazil was added as a figure since there are many Guests from that country visit the Walt Disney World Resort.

Flag Vinylmation Figures

“I sought to create balance with each figure I designed,” continued Caley. “I think my favorite example of balance is found with the Canadian flag figure. I like how the final version looks balanced with the stripes and the maple leaf.”

Work on this series began in spring 2010. While Caley designed the figures, Lisa Badeen of Cutesters #1 fame created the packaging. Elements from this series were then used as visual displays in select Epcot merchandise locations starting last September.

Flag Vinylmation Figures Display

I asked Thomas Scott, one of the lead designers for Vinylmation, if we will see additional flags added to this series.

“I think it is fair to say that guests will eventually see some flags added,” said Thomas. “I can’t say which countries right now but there are some that are coming.”

I’m hoping for Slovakia (it’s my heritage, but that won’t happen). You can find these figures at select merchandise locations in Disney Parks or via our on-line Disney Theme Park Store. With all this talk about World Showcase, I need to visit Epcot again. If you need me, I’ll be in the Japan Pavilion (my home away from home it seems).


  • I’m fairly new to Vinylmations, but I’m certainly making up for lost time. I definitely like getting the cute ones, and I would like to know if there are any plans to have a Princess series?

  • I love the flags series I was wondering if you could answer a question for me is the talespins combo coming out the 2 or the 5 cause there are two different dates on the website. Thanks.

  • How come they don’t have one for the Philippines?

  • Absolutely love the vinylmation flag series. We had our first ever WDW trip last August 2010, and just fell in love with vinylmations. Needless to say we went home with about 15-20 of them and can’t wait for our second trip this August to bring some more home. The flag series being just one of a few that we have to bring back with us.

  • I just LOVE this Flag Vinylmation series. Like you, Epcot is my favorite park in WDW, so seeing each of the different flag vinylmation designs brings back specific memories of each of the different Epcot pavillions and the times I’ve spent there. I already have the China, Japan, Canada, and U.K. ones and I might just have to pick up some more when I’m in WDW next week.

    I also really like that photo you took of the Japan vinylmation in the Japan pavillion. Any plans to take similar photos in the other pavillions with their respective flag vinylmation figures? That would be neat!

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