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Behind the Scenes at Disney Floral & Gifts

Jean Volante

by , Floral Event Manager, Disney Floral & Gifts

When I walked into our shop this morning, I took time to “smell the roses.”

Roses at Disney Floral & Gifts, By: Regina Blaney

Valentine’s Day is my favorite holiday. And even though I have been here at Disney Floral & Gifts for 8 years, I’m always so impressed with the volume of beautiful Disney bouquets we create. Disney has perfected the art of designing and delivering mass bouquets to guests all over Disney property – it’s really quite impressive. So with you in mind, I quickly got a hold of one of our Disney Fine Art photographers, Regina Blaney, to shoot some images to share with you.

As you walk into our shop, the room is filled with roses, mixed floral and rose bouquets that are being prepped and designed for delivery today to the resorts. As we get closer to Valentine’s day, it will get even busier…and it’s wonderful.

Roses at Disney Floral & Gifts, By: Regina Blaney

In a recent post, I featured our “Disney Dozen” rose bouquet. It’s our most popular floral gift which features the wishing rose in the center.

Roses at Disney Floral & Gifts, By: Regina Blaney

Here are the wishing roses, freshly sprinkled with pixie dust by Tinker Bell. Yes, she really does visit our shop each day.

The Wishing Rose, By: Regina Blaney

And take a look at these adorable Minnie Mouse floral bouquets. Guests love these clever designs set in a Minnie Mouse “mug”. Did you notice her skirting. So Disney!

The Minnie Mouse Bouquet, By: Regina Blaney

What makes Disney Floral & Gifts “magical”… one of our secrets is that each bouquet which leaves our shop includes an exclusive card and hidden surprise…

The Disney Floral & Gifts Exclusive Card, By: Regina Blaney

Overall though, we truly enjoy creating a one of a kind special moment just for you…. so you feel special.

The Disney Floral & Gifts, By: Regina Blaney

So now that you’ve seen some of our “behind the scenes” magic, what are some of your ideas to create memorable Valentine’s Day for someone special?


  • I think you’d have to be crazy NOT to want to work there 🙂

  • I just started Floral design classes and loved seeing the arrangements that you make at Disney. Maybe someday My Wish will come true! Happy Valentines Day!

  • Could you possibly include a photo of that special “Mouska-ear” gem that Mickey and Minnie left behind? Is has me intrigued! I live in Australia or otherwise I would get a gift and find out for myself. Pretty please???

  • Maybe I am crazy, but, I want to work there! Designing at Disney seems much more exciting than just at a flower shop.

  • What they did for my wife was lovely, but they did not fulfill all of their promises (even though they documented them on my order).

    That being said, I may give them another chance –> their staff were extremely helpful when setting up my surprise, and what they did do was wonderful.

  • I recieved one of your gifts when we were at Disney for my birthday, they are amazing as all things Disney are. Thank you!

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