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Bonjour, Monsieur Taittinger!

What a treat to meet the man behind the bubbly – Clovis Taittinger was aboard the christening cruise for the Disney Dream, and we had the opportunity to talk with him in Pink, the Champagne lounge in The District. Taittinger, one of the world’s finest French Champagnes, created a special label just for the Disney Dream inaugural year.

Aboard the ship, Taittinger is served in all lounges, and the signature cocktail in upscale Remy is topped with Taittinger. In Pink, the ship’s intimate Champagne lounge in The District, the signature drink is Taittinger Prestige Rose, with a pink elephant from the classic film “Dumbo” gracing the bottle.

We met Monsieur Taittinger at Pink. Take a look.


  • Hi Pam – What’s the difference between the Inaugural Champagne and Prestige Rose? Thanks!

    • Inaugural is a brut Champagne, and has the ship on the label; the rose is a pink Champagne with the elephant from “Dumbo” on the label.

  • Does anyone know how much a bottle of each is to take home? 🙂

    • Inaugural Champagne $69, Prestige Rose $91)

  • How can we buy a bottle of the champagne on land?

    • The special label is only available aboard the Disney Dream!

  • Sante!

  • What a wanderfull place PINK is. I just imagine being there with DW zipping some of that Taittinger Champagne. It makes me remeber when we did the wine taisting on the Magic way back in year 2002 (Our first cruise ever).

    Now we are off to the Med this year on Aug 20th as our 3rd DCL Cruise and was wandering if simmilar activities will be held on The Magic; after all we are going to France.

    PS: We will be booking The Dream while on board.

  • That’s cool!!! But I have a question. Does the US Customs lets you take a bottle like that off the ship when you get home?

    • • 1 liter is the exemption (either from ship or Nassau).
      • 2nd liter is exempt if purchased and produced in the Bahamas (Nassau Royal, Local Specialty Rums)
      • The allowance is per person over 21 years of age.
      • If the liquor is purchased at a port of call, then it can be brought back to the stateroom. Liquor purchased at the duty-free shop onboard is held until the last night of the cruise.

  • What a great idea to have special bottles! I really love these short videos that show what the ship is like — it makes me really want to go one day 🙂

  • LOVE the look and feel of this lounge. It’s easily the most enjoyable out of all those found in The District. Such style!

    Ricky B
    Inside the Magic

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